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Elizabeth Blackwell
Number of words: 460 - Number of pages: 2

.... and in the South. In 1847, Elizabeth was admitted to the Geneva Medical School of Western New York. This decision brought about much criticism but Elizabeth persevered and pursued her dream. In 1849, she graduated from Geneva Medical School at the top of her class. After this, she went to Paris (which at this time was the medical Mecca) to take advanced studies, but she was not permitted to study here either. She was then forced to enter a large maternity hospital as a student midwife. Here she contracted an infection and lost her sight in one eye. She the .....

Really In The Works Of John Grisham
Number of words: 1338 - Number of pages: 5

.... He then attended law school at the University of Mississippi. He graduated in 1981, the same year in which he married Renee Jones, who then became Renee Grisham. John Grisham then began to practice law in Southaven, Mississippi for nearly a decade. He specialized in criminal defense and personal injury litigation. In 1983 he was elected to the Mississippi Sate House of Representatives. He served in the House of Representatives until 1990. While at Mississippi State University, he attempted to write two books, neither of which he finished. .....

Samuel Colt
Number of words: 665 - Number of pages: 3

.... went to Amherst Academy in Amherst, Massachusetts. Teen Years When Samuel was a teen he worked at his father's factory. Samuel would often mix chemicals to see their reaction. This was also the time Samuel got interested in guns. He would always take his father's guns apart. One year at the public picnic Samuel filled a beer keg with gun powder and put a long wick on it. Then he put it in the river and lit the fuse, then pushed it down the river. It exploded in the river in front of all the villagers. Early Years in Business Samuel's first model .....

The Life And Work Of Frederick Douglass
Number of words: 1989 - Number of pages: 8

.... Slave Laws, Douglass became in danger of being captured and returned to slavery. He left America, and stayed in the British Isles. There he lectured on slavery, and gained the respect of many people, who raised money to purchase his freedom. In 1847, Douglass relocated to Rochester, New York, and became the person in charge of the Underground Railroad. Here he also began the abolitionist newspaper North Star, which he edited until 1860. In this time period, Douglass became friends with another well known American abolitionist, John Brown. Brown was invol .....

Life Of Hitler
Number of words: 1112 - Number of pages: 5

.... as an effective politician in order to understand how he gained so much power and how he abused that power. Only then will we be able to appreciate the profound evil of Hitler and Nazism. Adolf Hitler: The Man Behind the Mask! Adlof Hitler was born April 20, 1889 to Alois and Klara Hitler and had a little sister Paula and half-brother Alois J.R. and half-sister Angela. Young Adolf was a good student in elementary. Energetic and smart, leader among children his own age. Loved warlike games. Had an outstanding gift as a speaker. It was also discovered Adolf could .....

Napoleon I
Number of words: 1557 - Number of pages: 6

.... the Valence garrison when he became a Lieutenant, but spent most of his time in Corsica, without permission. During one of these visits, Napoleon had trouble with a Corsican nationalist, named Pasquale Paoli, and Napoleon and his family fled to Marseille in 1793. Later in 1793, the beginning of the French revolution, Napoleon led an artillery brigade to push out a British fleet that the Royalists had allowed in. Napoleon's mission was a success, and he was promoted to general, and was assigned to the army in Northern Italy. During the early part of the revolu .....

Mark Antony 2
Number of words: 1239 - Number of pages: 5

.... to Syria where he was soon promoted to a Calvary Commander, and sent off to Judea and Egypt. Antony was later sent to Gaul where he served under Caesar. He was so superior to his peers that at the age of 22 he became Tribune of the People. Soon Antony became a quaestor with a reputation of being a speaker on behalf of Caesar’s interests while he was no there. It was during this period in Rome where Antony met Fulvia. Fulvia also had a hate for Cicero from her last marriage. They soon were married and Antony was making his way higher in the Roman world. .....

F. Scott Fitzgerald
Number of words: 1425 - Number of pages: 6

.... University’s literary magazine, which was edited by his friend and fellow student Edmund Wilson whom Fitzgerald considered his intellectual conscience(_______). Leaving Princeton for the army during World War 1, Fitzgerald spent his weekends in camp writing the earliest draft of his first novel. Demobilized in 1919, Fitzgerald worked briefly in New York for an adversing agency. His first story, 'Babes in the Wood,' was published in The Smart Set. The turning point in his life was when he met Zelda Sayre, herself as aspiring writed, and married her .....

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