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Term Papers on Creative Writing

Creative Writing: The Case Of The Broken Hutch
Number of words: 5097 - Number of pages: 19

.... my own schooling either out of my pocket or by getting student loans. When I first started working for this company they were short handed and all the employees at the store I started at were new to each other. That is they had worked for the company at other stores but had not worked together. I was hired when the manager went to his yearly manager meeting in Reno. When I was hired I was hired on as a delivery driver. The delivery driver is responsible for all of the deliveries and pick-ups of store merchandise. The only training that I received .....

Creative Writing: The Present
Number of words: 1038 - Number of pages: 4

.... used to all the buzz going around. It made Billy nervous. That was all everyone talked about on the small shaded streets of Prince Rupert. "Billy, Billy!" Henry yelled. Snapping out of his dream world Billy relied "What?" "Go down town and pick up some eggs would ya?" "Yeah sure Dad." As he walked down the street Billy pondered if he was really doing the right thing. He had convinced himself that since Christmas was the time for giving and he was just getting a little extra cash so he could give some more to his girlfriend; he was .....

House Burning Down
Number of words: 1222 - Number of pages: 5

.... We had no idea what had happened. The next morning I really don't remember very clearly, but what I did was reading the news paper and coming across an article about a house burning down not to far from mine. I really didn't know what exactly to think at that time until it all clicked upstairs. The noise the night before had been the house burning down and the natural gas line exploding. Later in the article it said that our block of houses wouldn't have any natural gas heating until the line was repaired. The first thing I did was run to the kitchen, finding m .....

Road Trips Revisited - A Route 66
Number of words: 1057 - Number of pages: 4

.... at the time and the exact meaning of "Get your kicks on Route 66" eluded me too. I remember browsing through a book in a bookstore, Route 66 - The Mother Road by Michael Wallis, and being fascinated by the pictures, the small towns, the old gas stations, the hamburger joints and the old signs. This was what had always fascinated me on the road too, more than the National Parks, Disneyland and the skyscrapers together! I finally bought the book last year and the Route 66 mystery started to unfold. My wife and I took a road trip from Phoenix to Detroit last June .....

My Leadership Ability And Working Well With People
Number of words: 504 - Number of pages: 2

.... These examples prove that when you are a leader people do notice. Being vocal on the football field and basketball court are also examples of my natural leadership. Saying something that needs to be said or leading by example prove my teamwork abilities. I have participated in many community service activities in my community through school and church. I am a member of my schools Service Club. One of our activities was to buy gifts for needy children. I also raked leaves for seniors and delivered food to their homes. I was also involved in a dance ma .....

Personal Writing: My Grandfather
Number of words: 334 - Number of pages: 2

.... Such as hold a rifle so steadily that he never missed a target. I have also read newspaper articles, about the hands that were so great they led the baseball team in an undefeated season. Grandfather’s hands pitched fourteen “no-hitters” in a role. When I hear all the wonderful things about them, I have to believe them, because all I remember are crooked, old tree trunks. I’ve always wanted to see his hands when they actually looked like hands. In ten months, my grandfather will take my small hand in his and guide me down the aisle, only to give me away .....

Personal Writing: Fickle Fisherman
Number of words: 541 - Number of pages: 2

.... getting bored and drowsey I heard a yelp and the old man shot up. He had a bite! As he was fighting it he started talking and telling me how to catch a REAL fish not the guppy in my bucket. As he talked and talked the fish got closer and closer and he netted it up and took a look. The fish was about half the size of mine but it was a carp not a catfish. I gave a little laugh and continued and he tried to explain...."well you see boy, a carp is a hell of alot harder to hook than a catfish. Carp don't just eat everything they see, they're very selective. So i .....

Slow Ride
Number of words: 601 - Number of pages: 3

.... fun and impress those girls in the back seat. I was pulling hand-brake turns, pretending that I was in a Formula one racing car, screeching the tires and driving on the wrong side of the road. I was taking hairpin turns thirty kilometers over the speed limit. "I'm in England!" Jack would yell as he poked his head out of the sunroof. Though I could barely hear him above the blaring music. I felt care and worry free. We were headed for the first party of the school year, and rather quickly at that. I was so preoccupied with the road and talking to my passenger .....

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