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Term Papers on Geography

Number of words: 364 - Number of pages: 2

.... is much cooler than the humid coast, and temperate Tegucigalpa has maximum temperatures varying between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. The rainy season technically begins in May and lasts until October. This means that the interior and Pacific coast are relatively dry between November and April, but on the Caribbean coast it rains all year. The wettest months on the Caribbean coast are from September/October to January/February. The tourist season on the Caribbean coast is between February and April, during the US winter. This is a good time to visit, but prices .....

Ellis Island
Number of words: 1701 - Number of pages: 7

.... to the federal government to build a fort on it. New York Harbor was being reconstructed by the federal government during that time as well. Ellis Island saw little action during the war. The army and navy hardly ever used the island. Sometimes the Army assigned recruits there.In 1835 the Navy opened a weapon head quarters on the island. The navy continued to store weapons on the island until May 24, 1890 when it moved it's storage place for arms. Shortly after this Ellis Island was turned into an immigration center by the federal government. The ch .....

The Pyramids Of Egypt
Number of words: 448 - Number of pages: 2

.... furnished with all the various objects of regular life, the ka could return and continue its life despite the death of the physical body. The Egyptians also had other means of burial practices. Many of the pharaohs were buried in hidden temples. A famous discovery is the one of King Tutankhamen. King Cheops of the Fourth Dynasty chose a plateau in Giza for his pyramid. He followed his father's constructions which was the first real pyramid. The pyramid of Cheops was also known as the Great Pyramid. One hundred thousand Egyptians worked on it for t .....

Tour De Eiffel
Number of words: 427 - Number of pages: 2

.... At 300 meters (320.75m including antenna), and 7000 tons, it was the world's tallest building until 1930. Other points of interest include: It took 2.5 million rivets to build. It also took 300 steel workers, and 2 years (1887-1889) to construct it. It sways no more than 12 cm in high winds! It's height can vary up to 15 cm depending on temperature. It's made up of 15,000 iron pieces (excluding rivets). It took 40 tons of paint! The base of it is 101 meters. Th .....

Number of words: 299 - Number of pages: 2

.... may to august temperatures range from 16 deg c to 27 deg c (that is 60 dea to 80 dea F). In the hot season august to November temperatures range 28 deg c to 32 deg c (85 deg f to 90 deg f ). The country has a wealth of mineral resources , especially copper ,lead, zinc , and coal . Copper accounts for more than 80% of this countries export earnings. The copperbelt where four large copper mines and several smaller mines are located is where most mining takes place it lies north of lusaka along the Zairian border . The many rivers near the mines have valuable potential for hydroelectric power. Its popul .....

Japan: Changes
Number of words: 503 - Number of pages: 2

.... some of the most prepared people graduate from Japanese schools. Before 1945, the over all level of education was much lower than what they have today. Japan now ranks as a economic model of efficiency and quality. Economically, Japan has changed since 1945. Militarily, Japan has changed a great deal. In the past, Japan's military was feared by countries around the world. They had conquered the country with the most people (China) and the country with the most land (Russia). They had a perfect record of winning every war they were ever in. After the U.S. defeate .....

A Trip To Colorado
Number of words: 946 - Number of pages: 4

.... the hum of the engine and an occasional horn disturbed us. We were a man and a boy completely engrossed in the magnificent landscape that surrounded us. It took about three hours to reach our final destination. As we pulled into the drive, I looked up and saw a Stonehenge like structure built from the trunks of thousand-year-old pines. Hanging from the center of the structure was a weathered sign that looked like it hadnít been attended to in years. The tattering of faded red letters told of a life of solidarity, just watching day after day go by and welcomi .....

Utah's State Symbols
Number of words: 2157 - Number of pages: 8

.... (January 4, 1896). Emblem and Motto The Beehive and word "industry" became the official motto and emblem for Utah on March 4, 1959. Industry is associated with the symbol of the beehive. The early pioneers had few material resources at their disposal and therefore had to rely on their own "industry" to survive. The beehive was chosen as the emblem for the provisional State of Deseret in 1848 and was maintained along with the word "industry" on the seal and flag when Utah became a state in 1896. Bird Abundant nesting colonies of the Californi .....

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