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Number of words: 1067 - Number of pages: 4

.... American Indians who used field tools that were curved at the lower end. The French word for the similarly shaped shepherd's crook, hoquet, was attached by French explorers who watched the Indians' ball-and-stick games. Although the original game called for nine men on each side, the number of team players involved could vary from one community to another. Soon a committee met in Montreal to establish regulations for seven-man teams. The positions agreed upon were goalkeeper, two defensemen, three forwards, and a rover who alternated between offense and defense .....

Body Piercing Will You Conform
Number of words: 423 - Number of pages: 2

.... you guesses it 'body art'. So here comes the nose ring, and extreme for a while attention fetching, absolutely, did it stay on top, absolutely not! The next step up the extreme ladder was the naval ring. It was different from the eyebrow ring in tht it was very much a female ring. Few men got into naval piercing as it had very soft femminine tones associated with it. Eyebrow, chin and facial piercings all arived on the same boat when there were still tremors in the Richter scale form the last punctures. The last piercing, whch wasn't of and entirely crude n .....

Case Study For Human Resources
Number of words: 1706 - Number of pages: 7

.... of job security.) · Affirmative Action Legislation · Gender Discrimination · Age Discrimination · Race Discrimination · Disability Legislation · Civil Rights · Wrongful Discharge · Job Performance Evaluations · Seniority · Communication Skills · Education · Strategic Planning · Company Mission The following criteria shall be used to uphold the stategic plan and goals of the company in evaluating employees: Education: Due to the high technical nature of the aerospace industry, Walker feels strongly about employees possessing an advanc .....

Number of words: 453 - Number of pages: 2

.... with dolls and participate in sports are trained for anything. Men can do a great job raising their children and providing basic needs, support, and love, but a man can never be a mother. A good example of this is Joel Chaken from New York City. He quit his job as an engineer to stay at home with his baby. His wife was an attorney. After a while he felt isolated at home all the time, and ne wanted to join a support group for new mothers who felt the same way. He was kicked out because he was not a mom, he was a superdad. Men need support groups of thei .....

Nuclear Weapons: Destructors Or Saviors?
Number of words: 722 - Number of pages: 3

.... of the naive (no insult intended) or too optimistic. Assuming all nations dismantled their nuclear weapons tomorrow; the world would be peaceful: no more nuclear weapons, no more eminent destruction, no more bad guys. What? Exactly! How can we eliminate the evil side of humans, their inherent dark side? This leads to the reason supporting the maintenance of existing, and the development of future nuclear weapons. When a nation, terrorist group, or someone with ill intent secures sole-control of nuclear capabilities, the world will be at the mercy of this .....

Methods Of Therapy
Number of words: 4743 - Number of pages: 18

.... The disorders with which psychologists deal, are usually that of the brain although the problems caused by this area are in no way limited to mental areas; mental problems almost always cause physical ailments. When we think of therapy after an accident of some sort such as an automobile collision, we generally tend to term this physical therapy. Following a similar thought process then, would lead us to believe that there is a term for mental therapy, and there is, Psychotherapy. The text book defines psychotherapy as "a systematic interaction between a th .....

Grand Slam Record!
Number of words: 391 - Number of pages: 2

.... Green said. "Especially with the Dodgers and their illustrious past." Beltre hit his first career slam in the fifth inning off Jesus Sanchez in Los Angeles' 12-3 win over the Florida Marlins. Green capped the Dodgers' grand day with a bases-loaded shot in a seven-run ninth inning off Antonio Alfonseca. Slams were part of an even bigger inning in Milwaukee, when Snow capped an 11-run sixth inning with his shot off Valerio De Los Santos. The Giants beat the Brewers 16-10. Hunter, who entered the game in a 3-for-24 slump, hit his third career grand slam in the t .....

The History Of Greek Culture
Number of words: 1032 - Number of pages: 4

.... Herodotus, (“The Father of History”) traveled throughout the civilized world and recorded the manners and customs of elder nations. About 450 BC, a group of philosophers, the Sophists, became prominent. They were groups of teachers, and scholars of theories of knowledge. They invented what is known in literature as rhetoric, or the art of composing and delivering persuasive speeches. The Sophist movement contributed to the rise of prose over poetry in Athens, as shown with the attached pictures. The ancient Greeks did not establish one unified country. I .....

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