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A Critique Of C. S. Lewis
Number of words: 2021 - Number of pages: 8

.... in disputation, and in the dialectic of Reason. . ."2 He began his pursuit of truth as an atheist and ended up as a Christian. His works the Problem of Pain and Mere Christianity dealt with issues he struggled with. Mere Christianity consists of three separate radio broadcasts. One of the broadcasts was titled The Case For Christianity. In The Case For Christianity, Lewis discussed two crucial topics in his apologetic defense of Christianity. They were the "Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe" and "What Christians Believe". This criti .....

Communism - From Marx To Zemin
Number of words: 2273 - Number of pages: 9

.... should be allowed to have control over these things. He went onto comment that the exploitation of the working class must come to an end. That end would be achieved through revolution. Once this was achieved, everybody would work according to their abilities and then be paid accordingly (Capital, 586-617). Soon after, however, technical innovations would create such abundance of goods that "everyone works according to his abilities and receives according to his needs." Soon thereafter, money would have no place in society. People would be able to take what they w .....

Gandhi: A Man With Virtues
Number of words: 964 - Number of pages: 4

.... liberties and political rights to Indian immigrants to South Africa. He then “threw” himself into the struggle for basic rights for Indians. Gandhi stayed in South Africa for 20 years, being imprisoned many times. In 1896, after being attacked and beaten by white South Africans, Gandhi began to teach a method of “passive resistance,” to, the South African authorities. _Part of the inspiration for this method came from the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Christ and Henry David Thoreau, a 19th century American writer, also inspired Gandhi. In 1914 the governmen .....

Book Report On Thomas Jefferso
Number of words: 1062 - Number of pages: 4

.... birth on April 13, 1743 on his father's plantation, Shadwell, in Goochland County on the western edge. The narrative continues on to show Jefferson graduating from William and Mary College, then entering politics in Virginians House of Burgesses in 1769. Jefferson married Martha Skelton on New Year's Day, 1772. With the Virginia legislature from 1776 to 1779, Jefferson formed the groundwork for abolition of entail and primogeniture, for the establishment of religious freedom, and not for the public school system. Jefferson was of course the author of the Decla .....

Muhammed Ali
Number of words: 1576 - Number of pages: 6

.... properly. Clay was a small man when he started boxing as an amateur; he weighed only eighty-nine pounds. Clay would soon become the man to see at the Columbia Gym. Joe Martin’s wife said that Clay was an overall nice guy. He was polite and always did what he was asked to do. He carried his Bible with him all the time, read when he could, and loved it. Throughout his amateur career and high school, Clay worked at the Nazareth College Library. Clay also was viewed as a kid obsessed with boxing. Clay got bigger and stronger as his talents grew. Sometime .....

Raymond Mary Kolbe
Number of words: 1013 - Number of pages: 4

.... the importance of religion and faith. In 1912, after finishing preliminary studies at the junior seminary, Maximilian was sent to Rome where he studied theology and philosophy. Ordained to the priesthood in 1918, Father Maximilian taught Church History at a seminary in Cracow in 1919. Although the Whiskey priest’s history was not crimeless like Father Kolbe’s, he still taught mass proceedings and baptism. After being diagnosed with tuberculosis and surviving a near fatal heart attack, Maximilian was determined to organize the first group of the Militia outside .....

Eva Peron
Number of words: 2056 - Number of pages: 8

.... as the knowledge that at the same time there mere people who were rich". This was maybe one of the first time’s that Eva felt the injustice of the world, that she felt that there had something to be done for those who did not have enough to eat. In 1930 Juana Ibarguen decide to leave Los Toldos and left to Junin with all her family seeking for a better fortune. Evita had this dream of someday becoming an actress and she believed in herself saying that she indeed has vocation. She participated in some recitals and plays from school. By 1935 Eva had made u .....

Number of words: 2872 - Number of pages: 11

.... Thought; it had been his graduate thesis, under Merle Curti, at Columbia University, and it remains one of the most important books on the subject. After graduating, taught briefly at the University of Maryland but soon returned to Columbia, where he taught for the balance of his career. There he wrote not only The American Political Tradition but several other provocative and enduring works. Of these perhaps the most notable was his 1955 Pulitzer Prize-winning The Age of Reform, which introduced his idea of "status politics" -- the notion that people a .....

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