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The Awakening: A Woman's Fight For Independence
Number of words: 824 - Number of pages: 3

.... with that as their life. Society portrays this to be a woman's rightful job and duty. A woman should act and look "proper" at all times. This is what Edna is fighting against in this novel. She feels that, though many women agree with this "known" rule, it isn't fair. For six years Edna conforms to these ideas by being a "proper" wife and mother, holding Tuesday socials and going to operas, following the same enduring schedule. It is only after her summer spent at Grand Isle that her "mechanical" lifestyle becomes apparent to her. She sees how much sh .....

Amory Blaine's "Mirrors" In Fitzgerald's This Side Of Paradise
Number of words: 1475 - Number of pages: 6

.... creates an image of himself that he maintains until he becomes bored or finds a new personality to imitate. Amory does not know who he really is, what he truly feels, or what he thinks. He merely cultivates his personality du jour depending on how he believes he would like to be. Essentially, Amory is shopping at a personality store, trying each one on until he can find one that fits. This personality imitation began when Amory spent his adolescent years in the presence of his flamboyant mother, Beatrice. Beatrice raised Amory to be what she wanted .....

The Secret World Of Walter Mitty: Walter Mittys Life Sucks
Number of words: 228 - Number of pages: 1

.... wife is always nagging him. She thinks he's always sick. She likes it because she can control him. She want's him to be at her feet. And she wants him to think she's superior. The lady on the street thought he was crazy. She probably thought he was a sick, big, wimp, and a loser. Maybe she thought that that was a guy who never scored in his life. To put it in another word he was just a funny looking, crazy, sick, loser of a guy. The parking attendant thought he was dangerous in a car. He thought Mitty could be pushed around. And should be walking instead of driving, but even then he could be dange .....

Jane Eyre: The Preserverance Of The Personality
Number of words: 2290 - Number of pages: 9

.... she paints, the way she interprets her story. The shocking account of that extreme terror and brutality she suffers from John and Mrs Reed (the book flung at her, shut up in the red-room) points out that the fountainhead of her emotional life is the experience of oppression. Yet, her little self is full of fiery energy (as one of the servants observed: "Did ever anybody see such a picture of passion!" ), which like a volcano erupts at times in the form of revolt against the "tyrants". It seems that the child's most burning question is what kind of role she pl .....

Marcus Brutus-the Tragic Hero
Number of words: 637 - Number of pages: 3

.... up to the ghost of Julius. Caesar tells his old friend “Though shalt see me at Philippi.” Brutus is startled by this and isn’t sure what was meant by this. Will Caesar live again or is this some kind of omen. Brutus and his troops March to Philippi. After Cassuis dies, Brutus and his troops are winning, although Brutus don’t realize it. Brutus decides to take the cowards way out of this and kill himself, rather than be drug through the streets of Rome. Strato holds out his sword as Brutus runs about and kills himself. Brutus’ tr .....

Great Gatsby
Number of words: 397 - Number of pages: 2

.... the reader to incorporate the story into their own past and past relationships, ultimately putting the reader in Gatsby's shoes and seeing what the reader would do in the same situation. It raises a great debate; should people live their lives yearning for something in the past? Is it acceptable to live one's whole life on a past experience or memory hoping to reach back in time and pull the past to the present. Is it healthy? In this case, Fitzgerald is saying no its not healthy. He says it ruins a person and things change. Is Gatsby great? In some ways he is, .....

Hesse's Siddhartha As It Parallels Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs
Number of words: 1822 - Number of pages: 7

.... true enlightenment through the words of others but that it must be experienced empirically. Siddhartha therefore rejects the life of a Brahmin to become a Samana (a wandering person who gives up material possessions for his faith). After he tires of this life, he moves on to learn the art of love from a woman named Kamala and the art of business from a man named Kamaswami. He lives his new life for many years but then begins to feel that his mind has become stagnant and that he needs something new in his life. He abandons the surroundings he now finds decad .....

Hypocrites In Huckleberry Finn
Number of words: 915 - Number of pages: 4

.... homes in town, however they are still back country people who only view their home as having style for the things inside. In the parlor of this house "there [are] beautiful curtains on the windows, white with pictures painted of castles."(101) The curtains painted with castles give the family a false feeling of being elite. When you think of castles you think of queens and kings and aristocracy. Ironically they think of others who lack the few finer things like curtains with castles on them to be lower class then themselves. These minor details make them .....

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