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Birmingham Steel Corporation
Number of words: 1795 - Number of pages: 7

.... Birmingham, Alabama; Kankakee, Illinois; and Seattle, Washington. There is also a rolling mill in Joliet, Illinois; a rebar distribution operation based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (PESCO); steel distribution depots in Baltimore, Maryland, and Oakland and Fontana, California; and a steel scrap recycling and processing facility in Jackson, Mississippi. The company operates two high quality bar, rod, and wire production facilities in Cleveland, Ohio. Through its subsidiary, Birmingham Southeast, LLC, the company specializes in producing merchant products at facili .....

The Fed And Interest Rates
Number of words: 1075 - Number of pages: 4

.... and forces the interest rate to rise so the banks can afford to make loans. People seeing these rises in rates will tend to sell their low interest assets, in order to acquire additional money, they tend move toward higher yielding accounts, also further increasing the rate. Soon this small change by the Fed affects all aspects of business, from the price level to interest rates on credit cards. Rises and falls in the interest rate can reflect many changes in an economy. When the economy is in a recession and needs a type of stimulus package, the Fed m .....

Russia' Economic Transition
Number of words: 2425 - Number of pages: 9

.... inter-continental trading and production, was adapted for use in the Russian economic zones. The theory was as follows; Areas which surround the capital (core region), usually rich in one material or another, would be used for the extraction of raw materials. These materials would then be shipped back to the capital in order to be manufactured into goods. From there, the manufactured products would be shipped back to the surrounding regions (periphery region) for resale. The citizens of Russia were surviving on this system, but barely. The Core-Periphery policy .....

Time For More On The CD
Number of words: 611 - Number of pages: 3

.... whole entertainment business is ruled by trends and, quality seems to have gone out of style To simply lower the price of a CD is a commonly suggested solution, naturally advocated by the buyers. But no business favors such a remedy. Not only since it reduces their income but also because it sends out the wrong signals to people. It gives the impression that the product is worth less and that the customers have been charged too much before. And if the price can drop by ten per cent this year people might expect it to drop another ten per cent next year. A b .....

National Income As An Indicator Of Standard Of Living
Number of words: 955 - Number of pages: 4

.... in a country. This is why this statistic is widely used in the USA and Japan. However, there are some criticisms of National Income statistics. The first major criticism is that of accuracy due to difficulties in the measurement. E.g. Second hand deals go unregistered. The second criticism which is linked to this is that sales in the black economy will also go unregistered even though they may have significant effects (both good and bad) on a personŐs standard of living. For example, if drugs were being sold on the black market this may lead to a rise in .....

The Use Of Credit Cards
Number of words: 465 - Number of pages: 2

.... charged $15 per month for late fee to people who paid their bills just one day after the due date. Visa, on the other hand, was charging the penalty fees for as little as a dollar over the limit, plus an interest of up to 24.9 percent per year. In the second quarter of 1995, overdue payments as a percentage of outstanding balance hit 3.267 percent. That is the highest mark since recession of 1991. "The picture is, some consumers are very, very deeply in debt," says Charles McMillion, chief economist with MBG Information Services. A swipe of the c .....

A Financial Evaluation Of General Electric Corporation
Number of words: 1529 - Number of pages: 6

.... I had recently begun to invest in the stock market, unfortunately with minimal education and understanding of the ways to evaluate a company and its strengths and weaknesses. I therefore saw it as appropriate to research and evaluate a firm that I currently hold stock in. The original purchase price of fourteen (13) shares of General Electric at $75.25 per share was $990.25 on 24 September 1998. The current price as of 20 March, 1999 was $112.00 per share of a current portfolio value of $1456.00. this represents a net profit of $465.75 or a profit of forty-se .....

Employee Assistance Programs
Number of words: 1572 - Number of pages: 6

.... patients have alcohol related problems. Alcohol is involved in 47 percent of all industrial accidents and half of all auto fatalities. The cost totals 86 billion dollars per year due to decreased productivity, treatment programs, accidents, crime and law enforcement. Although it is most costly at the top alcoholism/drug abuse affects employees at every level of an organization. One company found that in the pervious five years each worker with an alcohol/drug related problem missed 113 days of work and filed $23,000 more in medical claims than the average .....

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