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Poem Analysis The Chimmney Swe
Number of words: 430 - Number of pages: 2

.... to be punishing their child for being so happy by “clothing in clothes of death and teaching him to sing notes of woe.” It is very obvious the sweeper’s feels hate towards his parents for putting him in such sadness, but instead he chooses to hide it by making himself look happy and satisfied. It is clear in the last Stanza that Blake’s criticizing the Church , especially, and the state for letting a lot of these things happen. During this time many children were dying from being, either, worked to death or from malnutrition. Neither the state or the church .....

Everyday Use
Number of words: 522 - Number of pages: 2

.... thinks that, " no is a word that the world never learned to say to her." From her point of view, Dee controls the world with her hands; she can do whatever she wants. Another example that exposes the reality of Maggie is that even her mother treats them differently. Dee is the perfect girl while Maggie is just a normal person. Her mother dreams with Dee; even in her dreams she believes that Dee is perfect. In her dream, there are only three persons: Herself, Dee, and the TV guy. "Sometime I dream a dream in which De and I are suddenly brought together on .....

Number of words: 394 - Number of pages: 2

.... were Antipholous and both servants were Dromio. Is that not ironic? Shakespeare also creates comedy by making fun of other characters. For example, in Act 3, Scene 2, Dromio of Syracuse, servant of Antipholous of Syracuse, is making fun of a woman who thought that he was the other Dromio and tried to "jump his bones". He says, "she is spherical, like a globe. I could find countries in her" (p.36) Dromio finds such countries as England and France. "I looked for the chalky cliffs, but I could find no whiteness in them. But I guess it stood in her chin .....

Number of words: 692 - Number of pages: 3

.... pondering destroys all the work he had done. The “monster” curses Frakenstein assuring revenge on his wedding night. Later another of his friends turns up dead. Victor still made plans to marry Elizabeth with whom he was raised. On their wedding night she is strangled by the monster. He follows the monster pledging to destroy it. The story leads to where he is taken aboard the ship. Soon after the story Victor dies. The monster s discovered on board and announces his plans to kill himself. 3. How would you describe the author’s style? Examine the wa .....

Don Juan As Byron Introspective
Number of words: 1228 - Number of pages: 5

.... title of Lord Byron at the age of six. This him a rank in society and a bit of wealth to go along with it. Byron’s heritage is a colorful one. His paternal line includes the "Wicked Lord", "Mad Jack and "Foul Weather Jack (Grosskurth 6)." The family propensity for eccentric behavior was acerbated by young George Gordon’s upbringing. When Byron was just three his financially irresponsible father died, leaving the family with a heavy burden of debt. Byron’s mother then proudly moved from the meager lodging in Aberdeen, Scotland to England. Youn .....

Taming Of The Shrew (play Revi
Number of words: 0 - Number of pages: 0

.... .....

Macbeth The Witches Role
Number of words: 4734 - Number of pages: 18

.... not wish to disclose to anybody else. It is also a fact, that in Shakespearean times, turbulent and dramatic weather such as this, meant that the earth's elements were uneasy, and foretold that something disastrous was to happen. The evil witches seem to be at ease in weather conditions such as these, and it appears that they also have control over the weather. We see the witches deciding which type of weather they should meet up again in, "when shall we three meet again, In thunder lightning or in rain?" These lines suggest that hey do in fact have control over .....

Dracula-play Review
Number of words: 828 - Number of pages: 4

.... host, and sends word of his escape to his fiancée, Mina Murray. Mina has him sent directly sent home to England. Mina's best friend Lucy, also the fiancée of Jonathan's best friend Dr. Jack Steward falls under Draculas spell once he returns to England. After being bit by Dracula, Lucy turns pale, and her health goes down hill from there. Dr. Stward, her fiancé send for his old mentor, Dr. Van Helsing. Immediately, the doctor realizes what is wrong with Lucy. It is not too late to save her. In order to save Lucy, they must drive a wooden stake through her .....

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