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Term Papers on Geography

Evolution Of Canada
Number of words: 2088 - Number of pages: 8

.... to the Arctic islands. The Shield, site of once great mountain chains worn down and covered by the sea, contains valuable minerals--gold, silver, platinum, copper, nickel, cobalt, iron, and zinc--making Canada one of the most important mining countries in the world. The Shield's N portion is a treeless plain with permanently frozen subsoil; in its S section are forests. Extending from the Shield's W border to the Canadian Rockies are prairies more than 800mi (1,288km) wide that yield wheat, the dominant crop, and are centers of livestock raising. W Canada .....

The Enigma Of Atlantis
Number of words: 230 - Number of pages: 1

.... items didn't usually record events in history, have you ever heard of passing it on from generation to generation? Have gods ever laid before such cruel punishment on any civilization like Plato claims was laid on Atlantis? To say that there was terrible heat, then tidal waves, and earthquakes during a twenty four hour period of time is unheard of. Atlantis is just an island of the Greek Myths and that's all the island of Atlantis is a myth. The idea that an island almost half the Atlantic Ocean away (Thera) could be Atlantis is insane. According to what Plato said the island Thera was supposed to be .....

The Physical Setting And Economy Of Bangladesh And Singapore
Number of words: 1245 - Number of pages: 5

.... to deminish poverty by contrasting their physical setting, social system, and the economic welfare. Poverty has made development uneven around the world specially in most developing countries. Physical Setting the physical setting which is the geographical setting, of Bangladesh and Singapore have some similarities , but many differences. The similarities basically just show that both of these two countries are located in the south east Asian realm as shown in figure 1. Along with these similarities, there are quite a lot of differences among these two count .....

Egypt: Notes
Number of words: 620 - Number of pages: 3

.... There are also very few grasslands in Egypt. Egypt has about 300 kinds of birds. A long time ago Egypt had ostriches, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and giraffes. Now Egypt has very few large animals. Most people think that the camel came from Egypt but it did not. There have been reports of ostrostriches in Egypt but none have been confirmed. 3,000 years before the birth of Crist the Egyptians had a goverment, built pyrmids and knew how to write. They were also very religious. One of the things that they beleived in was life after death. Before then, in the .....

Culture, And Arts Of Argentina
Number of words: 1339 - Number of pages: 5

.... is uniquely Latin American. A continuing predicament for writers arises from the desire to define a distinct Latin American identity while not appearing narrow or provincial in terms or European literary standards. Latin American writing can be divided into three broad periods: colonial literature, from the time of European conquest to independence; the literature of independence, which began in the early 1800s in most of Latin American; and modern literature, which began in the late 1800s and was accompanied by the comprehension of a distinguishing national .....

Number of words: 2511 - Number of pages: 10

.... south. The maximum distance from the nation's northern border to the southern one is only 130 miles. And the maximum distance from the Mediterranean Sea to the Lebanon-Syria border is 50 miles. In the south, along the border with Israel, Lebanon's eastern border is only 20 miles from the sea. Although a tiny land, Lebanon boasts a great diversity in its landscape which makes it one of the most picturesque countries in the world. The coast line is br oken by many bays and inlets of varying size. At some points, the mountains wade silently right into the sea - .....

Old Madison Square Garden: Fond Recollections Of A True Landmark
Number of words: 1887 - Number of pages: 7

.... residents of the community, but for athletes all over the world. Athletes would come to New York not just for competition, but also for the experiences and different cultures (Jackson 72). Nowhere else in the world do you get what's in New York. How all the different lifestyles can live together in harmony, for the most part, and make New York the greatest city in the world. When the wrecking ball took down Old Madison Square Garden in 1925, people from not just the city, but from all over New York came to pay their last respects to a place that had more meaning .....

The Azores Islands
Number of words: 1524 - Number of pages: 6

.... Miguel is the largest of the nine islands. There are some stories that have been told about this island. One of the tales is about Set Cidades, which is a lake, caught between two mountainsides. When you walk across the lake you see shades of blue and green. The tale states that there once lived a princess whom fell in love with a shepherd. Her father, the king, would not allow them to be together, so he set the princess, who had green eyes, on one mountain top, and the shepherd, who had blue eyes, on the other. They say that their tears of sorrow .....

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