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Stressed With Stress
Number of words: 1269 - Number of pages: 5

.... relationships, and looks are more stressful things to teenagers than parents. However, adults tend to face such stressors as meeting deadlines, fear of failure, anger, and frustration at the workplace. Everybody is effected by stress when it comes to things like wars, pollution, poverty, overcrowding, and crime. It is important to learn how to live with these situations, because it is nearly impossible to get through life without encountering them. Most people know that stress could be bad, but how bad? Physicians have proven that stress-related disorder .....

Restraints On Alzheimer Patients
Number of words: 1132 - Number of pages: 5

.... treatment such as clear communication are all common methods of treatment for the confused patient (p.65). At that time in my nursing career in the mid-90s, I was a new graduate nurse; I had minimal experience dealing in the clinical setting with confused patients and the use of restraints. However, I have had theory on the subject "restraints", and was familiar with the types of restraints, such as; physical, chemical, manual and mechanical, but I was unfamiliar with the proper use of these devices. I decided to educate myself further on this issue and wa .....

What Is Angina? And What Is The Cure?
Number of words: 824 - Number of pages: 3

.... the same disease leading to heart attacks. Coronary artery diseas refers to those syndromes caused by blockage to the flow of blood in those arteries supplying the heart muscle itself, i.e., the coronary arteries. Like any other organ, the heart requires a steady flow of oxygen and nutrients to provide energy for rmovement, and to maintain the delicate balance of chemicals which allow for the careful electrical rhythm control of the heart beat. Unlike some other organs, the heart can survive only a matter of minutes without these nutrients, and the rest o .....

Teenage Years
Number of words: 647 - Number of pages: 3

.... room, chewing on our cud, while the hay of knowledge is force fed to us as we are trying our hardest to gulp it down as more and more is shovelled in. Another great source of pressure is ourselves. We try our hardest to be accepted among a certain group or circle. Whereas most of the time we are rejected and we become depressed. Depression, another problem, along with ignorance and apathy that thwarts our lives. A wise man when questioned about his view on ignorance and apathy, said "I don't know, and I don't give a damn. We find outlets for our emotions through .....

Artificial Heart Devices
Number of words: 1801 - Number of pages: 7

.... age of sixty-five. If perfected, it would enable us to save thousands of human lives. In considering the full impact of artificial heart devices on society, we must not narrow our thinking to include only the beneficial possibilities. There exist moral, ethical, and economic factors that accompany these new innovations to humanity. Who will receive these brilliant inventions? Obviously not all of the patients will get transplants, so selection criteria must be established. The high price of artificial heart devices and their implantation will eliminate .....

Number of words: 1643 - Number of pages: 6

.... Work ? Antibiotics can be bacteriostatic (bacteria stopped from multiplying) or bactericidal (bacteria killed). To perform either of these functions, antibiotics must be brought into contact with the bacteria. It is believed that antibiotics interfere with the surface of bacteria cells, causing a change in their ability to reproduce. Testing the action of an antibiotic in the laboratory shows how much exposure to the drug is necessary to halt reproduction or to kill the bacteria. Although a large amount of an antibiotic taken at one time might kill the .....

Number of words: 577 - Number of pages: 3

.... to starve for oxygen and gasp for it, but when he/she cannot breathe, the body is starved for oxygen and suffocates. This is not merciful by any means, (). There is also another point that has to be looked at which is future medical advances. It would reduce pressure on scientists to come up with cures and symptomatic treatments for those of us who do want to live, no matter the circumstances. It would have to be thought of through a different point of view, think about the past. If had been legalized 40 years ago, there is a good chance that hospice care .....

Number of words: 685 - Number of pages: 3

.... Today, in spite of the drugs that have allowed many schizophrenics to live at home or in the community, a significant number of people admitted to mental hospitals are victims of the disease. According to the Encyclopedia Of Health, schizophrenics account for nearly 40% of admissions to state mental hospitals, 30% of psychiatric admissions to Veterans Administration hospitals, and about 20% of admissions to private psychiatric hospitals. Schizophrenia is incurable. Its cause or causes are yet unknown, and it is impossible to predict what course the .....

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