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Term Papers on Health and Medicine

Angina Pectoris
Number of words: 4452 - Number of pages: 17

.... are being developed constantly, and yet, coronary heart disease remains the number one killer in the world. The media today concentrates intensely on drug and alcohol abuse, homicides, AIDS and so on. What a lot of people are not realizing is that coronary heart disease actually accounts for about 80% of all sudden deaths. In fact, the number of deaths from heart disease approximately equals to the number of deaths from cancer, accidents, chronic lung disease, pneumonia and influenza, and others, COMBINED. One of the symptoms of coronary heart dis .....

Marijuana As A Medicine
Number of words: 1163 - Number of pages: 5

.... modern science has developed a synthetic form of THC, the active chemical in marijuana. However, this synthetic drug, called Marinol, is useless for most everyday treatment because it has the unpleasant side effect of being a powerful sedative. A member of Milwaukee's AIDS community, said that a friend of his was taking Marinol to increase his appetite: “He spends the whole day laughing and watching movies...He can't even drive a car because he's so out of it.” (3/25/97) In addition to that, Marinol only comes in pill form, which makes it useless for patien .....

Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy
Number of words: 1341 - Number of pages: 5

.... (Feldman 148). The term “syndrome” was named after Karl Friedrich Freihess Von Munchausen, an 18th century figure known for telling extremely tall tales of his adventures. In 1977 an English pediatrician by the name of Meadow first described “,” when he discovered that the mothers of his epileptic patients were inducing their children’s seizures. Due to the extremity of the abuse, nine percent of Munchausen victims die at the hands of their perpetrator, which is the child’s own mother ninety-eight percent of the time (Feldman 147). MSBP is a perplexing a .....

Dealing With Death
Number of words: 456 - Number of pages: 2

.... those people crying get on with there lives and deal with my problems later. I found that this isn't always the best way to deal with a friend dying either, because I end up shutting people out. This is just another way to deal with death and I'm not saying it's the best way to deal with death just the way I dealt with it. No matter how you deal with death you must learn to live with the fact that someone you know is now no longer around. You must go on with your life and learn how to have fun with that person around anymore. Some people may take longer .....

Number of words: 736 - Number of pages: 3

.... form long chains of cells. Another serious case of causing diseases is tooth decay and ulcers. Tooth decay leads to cavities, which means is arises the film on our teeth. People with diets high in sugar have a higher chance of getting tooth decay or cavities. The sugar us turned into lactic acid, the acid leads to a lost of calcium and if followed by the breaking down of the tooth. Scientists have found that most stomach ulcers are the result of l infection. Many of us once believed that stress was the caused of ulcers. It is possible that the stressful envi .....

Euthanasia: A Question Of Ethics
Number of words: 1619 - Number of pages: 6

.... of course, that the treatment offers the patient no overriding benefits. The physician must refrain from ordering painful tests, therapies, or surgical procedures when they cannot alleviate suffering or contribute to a patient's improvement or cure. Perhaps the most familiar contemporary medical example is the treatment of burn victims when survival is unprecedented; if with the treatments or without them the chances of the patient's survival is nil, mercy requires the physician not to impose the debridement treatments , which are excruciatingly painful, whe .....

The Causes And Effects Of Anorexia
Number of words: 691 - Number of pages: 3

.... is mainly a young females' disease. This is not necessarily true. In fact, studies within the past few years show that male anorexia is about as widespread as in females. In actuality, 80 percent of the people diagnosed with anorexia over the age of 45 are males(Heywood, 1996). Other misconceptions are that anorexia is only common with younger people and that anorexia is not a real disease at all, just a staple of obsessive teenage girls. Another widespread misconception about the disease of anorexia is that it is a new disease. Actually, doctors say that an .....

Number of words: 2109 - Number of pages: 8

.... has become very dim with the crime and corruption in today's world, we can't afford to throw lives away because some think they're meaningless. If we continue to accept the merciless killings and suicides of the helpless but powerful, the light will soon burn out. There will be no energy in the world. and doctor-assisted suicide should not be accepted or allowed by the government and people of the United States. Statistics show that seventy-three percent of the U.S. population approved of some form of . This is used constantly in debates to pass laws for mak .....

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