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Fraternities: Hazed & Confused
Number of words: 1480 - Number of pages: 6

.... and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia on December 5th 1776. After half a century of existence, it became and has since remained a scholarship honor society. Throughout the nineteenth century, many new fraternities were founded, but none of these were permanent. Then, in 1825, the Kappa Alpha Fraternity (now Kappa Alpha Society) was born at Union College. Two years later, Sigma Phi and Delta Phi had been founded at the same college, constituting the so-called Union Triad which was, in a large measure, the pattern for the American Fraternity system. By the end of .....

Sponsors And Sports
Number of words: 1382 - Number of pages: 6

.... their logos in sports. Beverages, fast foods, credit cards, automobiles and a wide variety of companies spend their money on sports related ventures. They spend big dollars to name stadiums and arenas after their companies. Television gives these companies even more chances to influence the public with commercials that companies might sometimes pay up to $1 million for. The uniforms that the players wear are now being made my different manufacturers whereas five years ago each league had all their teams wearing the same brand. The equipment being used .....

Number of words: 1334 - Number of pages: 5

.... and ruled from Britain. The occupation had begun hundreds of years before, but from the end of the 18th century, a distinct Irish nationalism began to evolve. From 1801 onwards, Ireland had no Parliament of it's own. It was ruled by the Parliament in Britain which consisted of the House of Commons and House of Lords. Meanwhile, in the 1840's, a small group formed out of the Young Ireland movement. The leader, Thomas Davis, expressed a concept of nationality embracing all who lived in Ireland regardless of creed or origin. A small insurrection in 1848 failed .....

Education Of The Gifted And Talented Student
Number of words: 1670 - Number of pages: 7

.... First and foremost, who are our gifted and talented students, and for what reasons do we classify them in this way? There is great diversity among gifted and talented children, and as with any child, each exhibits unique qualities. Yet, there are fundamental characteristics that are commonly associated with giftedness and are generally observed in different levels in most of these children. An article in the Instructor categorizes these qualities as "..creative, perfectionistic and intellectual" and asserts that gifted and talented children exhibit adv .....

Taoism 3
Number of words: 3170 - Number of pages: 12

.... My parents could say that this philosophy has made me lazy, believing that I can go through life, living peacefully and harmoniously, in nature, with out a care in the world. I don't really believe this, but some of Chuang Tzu's arguments have either made me strongly agree with what he was teaching, or go into the opposing view and really make me want to seek out more to life, than just my surroundings. As a philosopher, Chuang Tzu has been under attack from the beginning. It has been said that "scholars at the time could neither figure out what to do .....

Population Statistics Of Mexico
Number of words: 910 - Number of pages: 4

.... its traditionally high birth rate, and its sharply reduced death rate. Many more people are being born, than dying. This causes a great increase in population each year. Since the 1930's, improved living conditions and expanded health services has cut the death rate by more than half, thus causing the population to increase every year since the 1940's. Perhaps now the Government's only chief problem is trying to provide housing , jobs, and schools for the rapidly increasing population. Therefore the government has tried to tell people to limit the amount kids th .....

The 1966 Impala Vs. 1996 Impala SS
Number of words: 667 - Number of pages: 3

.... built the Impala SS in 1996 with many standard options. It came with bucket seats, a console, automatic transmission, shifter on the floor, leather seats, seventeen inch aluminum rims, all season radials, and the LT1 engine(commonly in the Corvette). This car was built with all kinds of safety equipment, emission systems, and a computer to control the entire car. The emission system on the car is approved for 1998 emission standards. The safety equipment on the Impala SS is lap/shoulder seat belts, dual air bags, and crumple zones. The computers on today .....

Number of words: 991 - Number of pages: 4

.... be those in opposition to peace, either to obtain power or to ultimately corrupt utopia," states Dave Roediger in the Haymarket Scrapbook. Even though remains a theory, the idea itself has existed for over two hundred years, not only outlasting civilizations, but thriving throughout time. The French Revolution, begun in 1789, had a strong pro-anarchist element. Anarchists also played a substantial role in the revolutionary movements in Russia in 1905 and 1917 (Pleck 69), but were suppressed, often ruthlessly, once the Bolsheviks consolidated power. " The Span .....

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