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Adam De La Halle And Ars Antiqua Time Period
Number of words: 554 - Number of pages: 3

.... melody line, but it may be played by two or more instruments. Many of the songs that were originally monophonic were easily transformed into homophonic by add extra voices or instruments. Polyphonic is the type of music we hear today. Polyphonic is when there is a melody line accompanied by harmony. A considerable amount of Adam de la Halle's polyphonic work was designed for plays. One of Adam's manuscripts contains the oldest known existence of the sharp sign. In 1872 his music was officially published. Ars Antiqua Time Period Ars Antiqua is Medieval Latin .....

Count Basie
Number of words: 427 - Number of pages: 2

.... chord progressions and blue notes, certain flatted notes in a musical scale. After World War II ended in 1945, changes in the economy and in Americans’ musical tastes sent most of the big bands into commercial decline. Eventually, the changed economic realities of touring with a band affected Basie, and in 1950 he was forced to dissolve his large ensemble. For a time he toured with a small group of six to nine players, but by 1952, he had reassembled his big band. This time, written arrangements were normal, and the band had a different sound and style than it h .....

2Pac Shakur
Number of words: 528 - Number of pages: 2

.... later dropped. November 19, 1993, he was convicted of sexual assault (“Death”). In November 1994, Tupac himself was shot during an attempted robbery outside a music studio in New York. Tupac did, however, mention this; “Thug life to me is dead. If it's real, let somebody else represent it because I'm tired of it.” Shakur told Vibe Magazine. “I represented it too much. I was Thug Life”(“ Associated”). Tupac had a very promising career. His first album “2pacallyps Now” was very successful. Not too late after that his movie “Juice” was released in 1992. He .....

The Beatles
Number of words: 508 - Number of pages: 2

.... that fans continue to enjoy and bands continue to model, even today. One of their greatest albums was the creative Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. This particular album was admired for it's harmony and lyrics, the added use of electronic music techniques, and the addition of the Indian sitar sound. Though the songs were inspired by simple, everyday things, the album was acclaimed as the pinnacle of rock-and-roll's new elegance. The album's finale, John Lennon's, "A Day in the Life", is the album's most disputed track and its most musically ambitious .....

Jimi Hendrix
Number of words: 978 - Number of pages: 4

.... Johnson. He slung his guitar over his back and left home to enlist in the 101st Division of the Air Force (the "Screaming Eagles"), where he served as a parachute jumper until an injury led to his discharge. Hendrix then began working as a session guitarist under the name Jimmy James, playing behind such marquee acts as Sam Cooke, Ike and Tina Turner, and the Isley Brothers. After gigging extensively with Little Richard in 1964, Hendrix became entangled in a contract dispute with the mercurial artist and left to form his own band, Jimmy James and the Blue Flame .....

Behind The Doors
Number of words: 3007 - Number of pages: 11

.... when Jim was four, the Morrison family was driving through a desert in New Mexico when they came upon a car wreck. “The first time I discovered death,” said Morrison, “me, my mother and father, and grandmother and grandfather, were driving through the desert at dawn. A truckload of Indians had either hit another car or something – there were Indians scattered all over the highway, bleeding to death. So we pulled the car up…I don’t remember ever seeing a movie, and suddenly, there were all these redskins, and they were lying all over the road bleeding to death. .....

Music In Therapy
Number of words: 3378 - Number of pages: 13

.... before receiving a Bachelor of Music Therapy degree. Academic course-work may include a thorough study of music, psychology of music, music in therapy, influence of music on behavior, psychology, and anatomy and physiology. Clinical fieldwork may include patient assessment, designing treatment goals and objectives and evaluating patient progress. After the six-month internship is completed, a music therapist applies to become registered with the National Association for Music Therapy (NAMT). Once registered, the next step is to successfully complete a Nati .....

Hip Hop Music
Number of words: 943 - Number of pages: 4

.... Rap and hip hop music consists of DJ’s and MC’s who would "Cut ‘N’ Mix" or talk over music that they played. Another technique that formed is scratching’. This means forcing the record back and forth against the needle. A hip hop artists that made it big in the eighties was Afrika Bambaataa who was the leader of the ‘Hip-Hop’ culture. This man organized Zulu Nation which was an organization of break dancers. Run DMC were the first Black rap artists that gained the interest of all races of people. The hip-hop culture is still thriving in the nineties an .....

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