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Rehabilitation Of Criminals: A Waste Of Time Or Worth The Effort?
Number of words: 617 - Number of pages: 3

.... are limited cells in prisons, so the majority of crimes are punished by probation or court sanctions. Even when longer sentences are given, they are rarely served. The average murderer spends about six years in prison. What factors decide the outcome of such individuals? Some experts feel there is no absolute answer, only speculation. There is however, a strong relationship between environment and the outcome of offenders. Low income, poor education,drugs, and family breakdown are some factors that keep repeating in cases of habitual offenders; however, the .....

Communicating To Kids About Divorce
Number of words: 1325 - Number of pages: 5

.... ways that parents can explain to their children that they are getting divorced. Children usually know when their parents aren't happy and may feel confused about the situation. Barb Clark, a divorce counselor and psychologist, suggests different ways to communicate to your children about divorce. She recommends that children need to be told about the divorce before it happens (Divorce: Telling the Children. http://web.tusco.net/pfcs/prog%2033.htm). However, many parents fail to tell their children that a divorce is in the near future. For instance, .....

The Role Of Entertainers As Educators
Number of words: 1915 - Number of pages: 7

.... setting exacting rules for theater performance in the process (Burdick 99). Similarly, Irish monks established singing schools, which taught uniform use of music throughout the church (Young 31). Through chants which were all the same, they spread identical teachings. Christian psalms and hymns in Apostolic times were sung to spread the knowledge and faith of Christianity. In fact, Christianity was promoted from the start by music. Churches were for long the only centers of learning, with monks teaching all lessons through music (Young 39). Through the .....

The Issue Of Premarital Sex
Number of words: 1033 - Number of pages: 4

.... aspects include excitement, foreplay, intercourse, and possible pregnancy or STD transmission. The emotional aspects, however, are not so simple. These three aspects have led to the views held by the different sides to the issue. The power that sex wields can be expressed by comparing it to fire. Fire is good because it heats our homes, cooks our food, and strengthens steel for building. Fire can also be bad because it burns down homes, destroys God's creation, and is painful and scarring. Likewise, sex is also good and/or bad. It is exciting, cement .....

Other Minds
Number of words: 2498 - Number of pages: 10

.... has tended to be defined by scepticism: either it aims to produce sceptical theories or it aims to refute them. And sceptics tend towards extremity in their doubts. It must be stated here and now that there are not, and never can be, any theories that prove demonstratively that other minds exist, or that I know others’ mental states. This is not what should be aimed at in attempting to solve the problem. As Austin puts it "To suppose that the question ‘How do I know that Tom is angry?’ is meant to mean ‘How do I introspect Tom’s feelings?’ is simply barki .....

What Is The Future Of The Family In Canada?
Number of words: 508 - Number of pages: 2

.... where they are changing, it is something the world can adjust to. With families changing in recent decades, data still shows that families are still the most important in people's lives. Following recent studies Robert Glossop said that "Canadians continue to report that the most important things in their lives are their families...more important than their political convictions, their religious beliefs, their jobs, their wages." A Statscan study reported that only forty-five per cent of families are the ‘traditional' type, however, Robert Glossop says the dat .....

Bad Choosers
Number of words: 1783 - Number of pages: 7

.... to war. Men encounter more obligation inside and out of the family. When looking at specific instances, life may equally challenge the two. Both must acquire food. It is noteworthy that men generally eat more than women. United States law mandates that both complete a certain amount of schooling. Both must toil through the identity crisis of adolescence, followed by the mid- life crisis of aging, and lastly, the mortality crisis in their elder years. There is a great possibility that both must appropriate wealth, provided they are not substinence farmers liv .....

Behind Closed Doors: The Correlation Between Multiple Personality Disorder And Child Abuse
Number of words: 1778 - Number of pages: 7

.... Chase and the "Troops" when they are on The Oprah Show? How worried are we for Sybil when we remember Sally Field as Gidget? As grim as this disorder is we often don't realize the severity unless we hear it from "the voices." Using the psychoanalytical approach, I will show how past abusive experiences have driven some to MPD. Citing case studies from such books as When Rabbit Howls, The Truddi Chase Story, Sybil, and Jennifer and Herselves the correlation between MPD and abuse will be made. There are more similarities to these examples than just MPD, all .....

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