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The Birth Of A Nation: The Pros And Cons
Number of words: 2331 - Number of pages: 9

.... is. The reasons for this can possibly be summed up in saying simply, Birth of a Nation. Although this is regarded as his masterpiece, if it was never made, it is quite possible that his name would have remained as known as Beethoven. The problem is that it is such an amazing movie on a technological and aesthetic level, but looking at Birth of a Nation in a moral sense, it is almost embarrassing to mention it. There are a handful of reasons for this, but first in order to get a proper perception, one must first learn a bit of history. The Birth of a N .....

The Big Chill: Symbolism
Number of words: 393 - Number of pages: 2

.... realization that a certain part of their lives was dead, or frozen. This could refer to Alex, who had killed himself. Or it could refer to their friendship, which pro bably dwindled down from an occasional phone call to a seasonal letter or card, and eventually to virtual non- communication. The title could even have yet another "hidden" meaning. It could refer to the group's total loss of communication with Alex. This could have led to the point where nobody was able to see anything wrong with him, because they just were not a round to. .....

The Crucible: An Analysis
Number of words: 444 - Number of pages: 2

.... Some of these women have very young children, who would be scarred for life because of the horror in the town, at their early age. Some of the youngsters themselves are being put on trial, as the witches' familiars. It is also an ordeal for the girls, because they are finally having power thrust upon them, after being shunned all their lives, because they are both female and children. By giving the pointing finger to the girls, they suddenly have the highest status of any in the town, with as much responsibility and reverence as the minister. They be .....

Julius Ceasar: Overview
Number of words: 566 - Number of pages: 3

.... men. The armies of Brutus and Cassius set up camps near another city and knowing that Antony's soldiers are coming, they decide to march toward the enemy at once. The fighting begins with the confrontation of the two sides, as Cassius' and Brutus' armies arrive. Antony and his partner challenge the assassins to fight, and the bloody battle begins. The armies of the conspirators fall into vulnerability many times, and their side does poorly, losing many men. Cassius hears mistakenly that one of his important soldiers has been captured, loses hope, and commits .....

A Clockwork Orange: Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish
Number of words: 962 - Number of pages: 4

.... the lead characters. These crimes are drug induced. Before going out, the gang goes to the "milk bar" for some "milk plus" which is riddled with amphetamines. The first violent act came not more than ten minutes into the movie. It was when the boys, led by Alex, beat a helpless wino that asked them for some change. The gang then strode away as if nothing occurred. They struck him repeatedly with canes and they kicked him a few times to the job. Next, the boys went to see a rival gang. This other group was in the middle of raping a woman when Alex and Comp .....

Shakespeare In Love: A Great Movie
Number of words: 1245 - Number of pages: 5

.... like doing what makes us happy despite what others think is morally acceptable. The use of the Globe Theatre expresses the difference in times, but the importance of entertainment. The film demonstrates the way plays were acted out solely by men. This illustrated the lack of belief that a woman could put on an act as well as a man. However, in this movie, the part of Juliet winds up being acted out by a woman much to the surprise of the audience. In response to this the people are appalled and feel that she should be punished for taking on t .....

Oprah Winfrey And Jerry Springer: Fact Or Fiction
Number of words: 521 - Number of pages: 2

.... a powerful and positive influence on her audience. Most any age group can usually view the material contained in her shows; or she warns of the material that may not be suitable for young audiences. Jerry Springer, on the other hand, hosts a talk show that relies on issues that deal with sex or scandal, with topics such as cheating spouses, sexual triangles, and lying friends. Many of his guests use colorful, vulgar language and many times the show erupts in a violent argument or physical fight. Rather than laughing or crying with his audience, Jerry is usual .....

The Crucible: John Proctor Is A Tragic Hero
Number of words: 1446 - Number of pages: 6

.... tragic hero for Miller was relaying the characteristics of John Proctor. It was essential that Proctor be viewed as the so called "good guy" in the plot, one who stands out or the audience can relate to. He is described as a "farmer in his middle thirties" with a " powerful body" and a "steady manner", and is already being established as the protagonist in which we sympathize with.(p.19) Miller's choice to describe him in such a fashion is very significant. By describing the tragic hero as a "strong, steady, farmer" the dramatic effect is even greater. Who el .....

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