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Number of words: 610 - Number of pages: 3

.... from Apollo. He explains to that the only way for Thebes to find salvation from an undoubtable demise is to identify and remove the killer of King Laius. gladly accepts this challenge, for he feels that he will not only be protecting the city, but also protecting himself from a potential killer of kings. gives a speech to the people explaining the situation and repercussions of any unwillingness to cooperate. Still, no one speaks. At this point, Creon suggests that Tiresias the prophet be brought in. This decision yields an undesired result to . After many .....

Communication Analysis: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
Number of words: 1058 - Number of pages: 4

.... around, and they do not like feeling that way. In men’s eyes, it makes their wives out to be taking the role as their mother. Men left home and married for many reasons, including getting away from their bossy mothers. This creates a great tension between the two that ends with a faulty relationship lacking in communication. Women often times try to communicate but the men just do not let it happen. Men will fake listening to conversations, saying things like “yeah” and “uh-huh.” This is not too hard for women to notice and their feelings are hurt mos .....

Romeo And Juliet
Number of words: 607 - Number of pages: 3

.... he hopes that the marriage will end the hostilities between the two houses. When he says "Shall Romeo by my letters know our drift, and hither shall he come; and he and I shall watch thy waking, and that very night shall Romeo bear thee to Mantua." (Act 4, Scene 1), he tells Juliet how everything will be all right. Unfortunately, for all his good intentions the play still ends in tragedy. Friar Lawrence is a man who is not afraid to take risks when he feels it is neccesary to help someone. For example in Act 2, Scene 6, when he marries , he is risking his rep .....

Hamlet: Finding Courage To Die
Number of words: 520 - Number of pages: 2

.... any goodness or take his own life. Hamlet has a very intense, philosophical personality. For this reason, he cannot take his life because he does not know what happens after one dies. He is not positive of an afterlife, therefore he doesn't have the courage to end his life. "Now might I do it prat," (Beaty, 1363) is a soliloquy in which we see a shift in Hamlet's rationalization. Hamlet, as his fathers only son, is seeking revenge for his fathers death, but is afraid that a quick death for Claudius would not be enough. Hamlet feels that waiting until Claud .....

Madness In Shakespeare's Hamlet
Number of words: 750 - Number of pages: 3

.... Ever since the death of King Hamlet young Hamlet has been what appeared to be in a state of madness. In a discussion between Hamlet and Polonius Hamlet questions Polonius by asking him "have you a daughter."(Act II, Sc.2, 182) In this discussion Hamlet shows antic behavior towards Polonius by mocking him when Hamlet would usually show great respect for him because of he age and heis high position in the court. This sudden question to Polonius has caused Polonius to believe that Hamlet has a form of love-sickness and that Polonius is sure to t .....

King Oedpius: Oedpius A Person Of Great Importance
Number of words: 1163 - Number of pages: 5

.... over the country. Would a "good" man do this, lacking any evidence but his own suspicions? Would a "good" man wish his own brother-in-law dead when no one could even testify to his guilt? Would a "good" man threaten a timid shepherd with pain and death merely because he was hesitant to reveal the harsh realities of Oedipus' life? Oedipus' tale of meeting Laius is another troubling point. In Colonus he states in plain terms that King Laius would have murdered him had he not killed Laius. In his initial speech to Jocasta on Laius' death he tells a different .....

Springer Vs. Winfrey: The Battle Of The Talk Show Giants
Number of words: 704 - Number of pages: 3

.... man who cut off his genitals because he claimed his homosexual neighbor was stalking him. Shocking, but the list of dangerous love triangles, broken homes, devil worshipers and the popular talk topic of the Klu Klux clan goes on. The Springer show is a display and misuse of societies’ moral tragedies. Yet people love to be voyeurs to the moral dilemmas of others. Oprah Winfrey was once a follower of the same trash TV format, but her long running popular TV talk show changed for the better. Like the Jerry Springer show, the Oprah Winfrey show takes ta .....

Macbeth: Macbeth's Decent Into Hell
Number of words: 609 - Number of pages: 3

.... because he thinks that Banquo might figure out what Macbeth is doing and get Macbeth murdered for treason so Macbeth hires three hitmen to kill Banquo which they did successfully also at the same time the third assassin killed the other two assassin's. Macbeth's conscience then got the best of him because he saw the 'ghost' of Banquo. It wasn't really a ghost because everyone can see ghosts and Macbeth was the only one who really saw Banquo. This shows that his mind was playing tricks on him because he felt guilty. To me his feeling guilty showed that he s .....

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