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Franz Joseph Haydn
Number of words: 2391 - Number of pages: 9

.... sang. This was his beginning in music. Later on, he received an education from his uncle where he gained more of an interest in music. Participation in a choir gave him the opportunity to go to Vienna and there, he studied the piano sonatas of Emanuel Bach and was given the chance to finally get a chance to compose; something he had always wanted to do. This is when the first string quartet was developed. Later on, he was employed by the Esterhazy family and was given the chance to conduct an orchestra and write symphonies. It was at this time and place th .....

Harriet Tubman
Number of words: 1153 - Number of pages: 5

.... also led an estimated 300 slaves to freedom including her mother and father and six of her 11 brothers and sisters.       Adult Years Harrietˇ¦s first rescue was in Baltimore, where she led her sister, Mary Ann Bowlet and her two children to the North. In 1849, Harriet was to be sold to a slave trader. She was taken from her husband and didnˇ¦t know where she was going to end up. She escaped that night. She traveled only when it was dark and slept during the day. She would hide in haystacks, barns, and houses. Harriet would always carr .....

Napoleon Bonaparte
Number of words: 1485 - Number of pages: 6

.... the counter- movement of the army under attack form the complication, which requires dispositions and and brings on crisis from which springs the result or Denouement (Gray 6)". Napoleon thought himself to be invincible and God-like. He felt that he had a destiny to be one of the greatest military leaders to ever live. The man thought that he could not be killed on the battle field, he was right. He went from a soldier to the Emperor of France in just ten short years; he fell in less than three. Napoleon led an army of six-hundred-thousand men into Russia .....

John A. MacDonald
Number of words: 419 - Number of pages: 2

.... Assembly of the Province of Canada. All through the 1860's, he worked in support of the Confederation, he made up an agreement called the British North American Act which was an agreement to united the five provinces in the Maritimes. After this he was appointed Prime Minister of Canada and then won the federal election the next year in 1867 for the Conservative Party. He wanted to build a strong nation so he began the Intercolonial Railway in 1871 that ran from Halifax to the Pacific Coast, and included Canada's two new provinces Manitoba and British Columbia .....

Adolf Hitler
Number of words: 1218 - Number of pages: 5

.... show them his ways. Those who agreed with him believed he was a powerful protector. Hitler speeches led to an uproar of "Heil, Hitler!" Hitler knew what he wanted, and he wouldn't let anything come between himself and his goal. Unfortunately his aims had no limit in terms of what he would do, and he overestimated the resources and abilities of Germany. Even though there were many experts in many different fields, Hitler wouldn't listen to any of them. He followed in his own thoughts and judgement. His generals gave out a lot of advice but Hitler rarely liste .....

Similarities Between Neil Armstrong And Leif Ericson
Number of words: 602 - Number of pages: 3

.... church in Greenland and its foundations can still be seen in Kagsiarsuk. There are a few different versions of how Leif came around to discovering America. According to the “Saga of Eric,” it occurred on of his return trips from Norway. His ship was blown to the south by a wind from the north. Since Leif was on a different longitudinal course without knowing it, he continued on his westward way. He overshot his home land and ended up being carried west by favorable winds to the New World. Another saga is called “The Songbook,” says .....

Grace Kelly
Number of words: 879 - Number of pages: 4

.... of the acting profession, but then his daughter had always been a mystery to him. Being so energetic and outgoing himself, he found it hard to understand a daughter who enjoyed sitting still, reading or writing. Grace begged him to enroll her in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and he reluctantly agreed. Her mother also disapproved of sending her to New York. She worried about the dangers lurking in wait for an innocent girl in New York City, but Sending Grace to the Academy proved to be a valuable decision. Grace loved the Academy an .....

On J.j. Thomson
Number of words: 1294 - Number of pages: 5

.... particle. Yet many physicists, including J.J. Thomson, thought that all material particles themselves might be some kind of structure built out of ether, so these views were not so far apart. Experiments were needed to resolve the uncertainties. When physicists moved a magnet near the glass, they found they could push the rays about. Nevertheless, when the German physicist Heinrich Hertz passed the rays through an electric field created by metal plates inside a cathode ray tube, the rays were not deflected in the way that would be expected of electricall .....

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