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The Causes Of The Asian Crisis
Number of words: 1036 - Number of pages: 4

.... Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore then Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. These countries achieved very remarkable rates of growth and development. They built high quality manufacturing industries from clothes to computers. (What went wrong? Hoover Digest 1998 No.3 William McGurn) In the paper written by William McGurn "What went wrong?", he explained that the people's minds in Asia only understood the word miracle and the banks failed to recognize the risks and credits of the bloom. The banks also failed to realize that they were only being us .....

Number of words: 1057 - Number of pages: 4

.... can be accessed by millions of people all time, it would be a great incentive for such a business like Amazon to do business over the Internet. The Internet can help Amazon in number of extraordinary ways. First, the Internet is an excellent way to make business information available to possible consumers. Say a person hears about a product that Amazon produces and would like to know more information about that product. Well, through Internet access, that person can easily locate the Amazon web site and browse through the information needed. Amazon has the desc .....

The Bubble Economy Of Japan
Number of words: 4675 - Number of pages: 17

.... agreement stated that the exchange rate of Japan and Deutschmark can appreciate against the U.S. . Since then the yen value began to appreciate, Japan was going through a period of trade balance adjustment. While Japan is prepare to go through a period of trade balance adjustment, it will also suffer a period of recession, so the government strongly encourage business activities to strengthen the economy in order to prevent backwash effect. It was this event which boost up the GNP and raise the exchange rate. With this exchange rate advantage it stimulate bu .....

Employment Skills
Number of words: 708 - Number of pages: 3

.... to comprehend and use written materials including things such as graphs, charts, and displays. One of the newest things we can add to communicating skills would be the Internet, since it is so widely used all around the world - you should have a good understanding of what it is and how to use it. Think. Thinking critically and acting logically to evaluate situations will get you far in your job. Thinking skills consists of things such as solving mathematical problems, using new technology, instruments, tools, and information systems effectively. Some exa .....

Why Launch An Advertising Campaign
Number of words: 1518 - Number of pages: 6

.... to. Fore example, different methods of advertising would be needed if you were to advertise to parents than to the children. For a lot of products their are a lot of age groups that you need to advertise for and these must be taken into consideration. We must analyse the different market segments that are applicable to Pakanawa and investigate how we can exploit these different market segments. An ad campaign is a very sensible idea because no-one will know about our products without the use of advertising. This means that we must concentrate .....

Verification Of Employable Skills
Number of words: 278 - Number of pages: 2

.... of being able to work with my fellow peers. If we did not work well together we would not have had a winning season. As well as playing soccer, I played saxophone in my eighth grade band. We all had to work together to be able to perform efficiently in the many concerts we consummated. Coming in after school for practices and smaller practices during the school day all helped us to unite and play music. This skill will enable me to work with other people, no matter what my personal feelings for them may be. Being able to use technology will be a profound advantage when I begin working. Many jobs now, a .....

Government Spending & Budget
Number of words: 2618 - Number of pages: 10

.... will do the job (Holding 14). Meanwhile, an ABC poll from November reported that over 70% of those polled disapprove of the current performance by Congress, and most blamed politicians for failure to take action (Cloud 3709). These accusations of failure to follow through come with historical proof that Congress and Clinton have failed to compromise and resolve the issue. After all, current budget plans are dependent on somewhat unrealistic predictions of avoiding such catastrophes as recession, national disasters, etc., and include minor loopholes. History .....

Colgate Palmolive
Number of words: 709 - Number of pages: 3

.... Colgate-Palmolive. By 1967 Colgate-Palmolive was on a roll with sales passing the 1 billion dollar mark. In the years after, Colgate began acquiring major companies and expanding its product line with the purchases of Hill's Pet Products in 1976, the Mennen Company in 1992 and in 1993 acquired the liquid soap brands of S.C. Johnson. Before the purchase of Mennen Co. in 1992, Colgate Palmolive had no major presence in the deodorant industry. With the purchase of Mennen Co. they held 16% of the deodorant market but had to compete with Proctor and Gamble, .....

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