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Kurt Vonnegut And Slaughter-Ho
Number of words: 3915 - Number of pages: 15

.... Air-Raid shelters; women, children, old men; dead from concussion, fire or suffocation. Civilians cursed us and threw rocks as we carried bodies to huge funeral pyres in the city." Freed from his captivity by the Red Army's final onslaught against Nazi Germany and returned to America, the soldier - Kurt Vonnegut Jr. - tried for many years to put into words what he had experienced during that horrific event. At first, it seemed to be a simple task. "I thought it would be easy for me to write about the destruction of Dresden, since all I would have to do would b .....

Fear In The House Of Usher : E
Number of words: 995 - Number of pages: 4

.... feelings from the house. He describes the windows as being “vacant” and “eye-like”, adding to the all around eerie feel the house gives off. The narrator, upon seeing the house, is immediately driven to superstitious descriptions despite his attempts to remain rational. Because the reader sees everything through the narrator, the evil supernatural imagery that is conveyed can only be interpreted as a foreshadowing of what is to happen to the narrator in the story. When he says things like “the insufferable gloom pervading my spi .....

The Night Journey In Heart Of
Number of words: 866 - Number of pages: 4

.... although both are equally characterised with physical and mental traits by Conrad. The reader is involved with the interaction between the two characters. As I support the thesis that man moves from innocence to experience and becomes acquainted with evil in the novella, I have interpreted the character of Marlow as the embodiment of good, and Kurtz as that of evil, (although not entirely). The events of the night journey of Heart of Darkness are described through the character of Marlow who acts as a mediator as he tells the story. Depth and meaningfulness .....

Beowulf - A Noble
Number of words: 433 - Number of pages: 2

.... arm is ripped off causing a slow and painful death.Even though Beowolf didn't do this heroic and noble act for the reward ing Hrothgar gave him a sword and eight horses with golden cheek plates. The second act of Beowolf's conflict with grendel showing his nobility is not with Gredel himself but with Grendels mother. After Grendel was killed his mother was very angry and killed a knight in king Hrothgar's court the same way her son had. King Hrothgar was very disturbed by this and didn't know what to do. He called for Beowolf and told him of a dangerous s .....

The Grapes Of Wrath 3
Number of words: 467 - Number of pages: 2

.... characters of the novel, the Joads. Setting the tone of the novel in the readers mind is another function of Steinbeck's intercalary chapters. In chapter three, Steinbeck emaculatly describes the long tedious journey of a land turtle across a desolate highway. From the onset of his journey, the turtle encounters many set backs. All along the way he is hindered by ants, hills, and oak seeds under his shell. The turtles determination to reach his destination is most apparent when a truck driven by a young man swerves to hit the turtle .....

Oedipus - Fate
Number of words: 914 - Number of pages: 4

.... destiny and his father's name. When Teiresias tries to warn him by saying " I say that you and your most dearly loved are wrapped together in a hideous sin, blind to the horror of it" (Sophocles 428). Oedipus still does not care and proceeds with his questioning as if he did not understand what Teiresias was talking about. The tragic hero must learn a lesson from his errors in judgment and become an example to the audience of what happens when great men fall from their lofty social or political positions. According to Miller, a person who is great, who is admi .....

Antigone Essay
Number of words: 555 - Number of pages: 3

.... help bury her beloved brother. She becomes nasty and malicious because she is unable to forgive them. Antigone’s obstinacy also becomes very apparent in the prologue when IsmÍne tried to talk the former out of burying PolyneicÍs because the former would be killed. Of course, as head strong as Antigone is, she wouldn’t be talked out of breaking the law that Creon passed. Even though Antigone knows the consequences, she buries her brother. She has done this because Antigone would rather die in honor than live a life of shame. This tragic flaw .....

Huckleberry Finn
Number of words: 739 - Number of pages: 3

.... of bad luck when you'd killed a spider."(Twain 5). In chapter four Huck sees Pap's footprints in the snow. So Huck goes to Jim to ask him why Pap is here. Jim gets a hair-ball that is the size of a fist that he took from an ox's stomach. Jim asks the hair-ball; Why is Pap here? But the hair-ball won't answer. Jim says it needs money, so Huck gives Jim a counterfeit quarter. Jim puts the quarter under the hair-ball. The hair-ball talks to Jim and Jim tells Huck that it says. "Yo'ole father doan' know yit what he's a-gwyn .....

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