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Term Papers on Geography

The United States
Number of words: 562 - Number of pages: 3

.... resources that provide the basis for a highly productive economy--in fact, is the world's wealthiest nation. For most of the 20th century the country has enjoyed economic preeminence, particularly during the post-World War II era. Yet the population, per-capita wealth, and general welfare are unevenly distributed, with affluent areas often contiguous with areas of poverty. Beginning in the 1970s faced economic difficulties brought on by a high foreign trade deficit, the declining value of the dollar abroad, high governmental spending, and inflation. In the 1980 .....

The European Union
Number of words: 1290 - Number of pages: 5

.... Europe Day on the 9th of May. Each Community had, and still has, its own legal base, a Treaty. The Treaties provide a set of policy objectives or goals, institutions to execute them, a decision-making process, and definition of the legal forms to bring those decisions to reality. Over the years, the Treaties have been substantially amended, affecting the Union's competence, institutional structure, and decision-making processes. Some future objectives of the Union are: - to implement the Treaty of Amsterdam, which revises the basic treaties on which the EU i .....

Number of words: 1641 - Number of pages: 6

.... rolling upland, and the eastern border section comprises part of the Danube Basin, including Vienna. The principal river is the Danube, which enters Austria at Passau on the German border; it continues its southeastern course, past Linz and Vienna, to Bratislava on the Slovakian border. Austrian tributaries of the Danube include the Traun, Enns, and Ybbs rivers. In the south, important rivers are the Mur and the Mürz. In addition to the rivers, the hydrographic system of the country includes numerous lakes, notably in the south central and the northwestern area .....

Number of words: 944 - Number of pages: 4

.... territories, and 2 collective territories. History In ancient times the Celts and Germanic tribes lived in France. When the romans invaded, they called France Gaul. Gaul was eventually annexed. In 400 A.D. the west roman empire's defense began to fall. After that France was an independent country. Hugh Carpet was crowned the first king of France in 987 A.D. In the 1700's the French Revolution started. The end of the French revolution marked the end of absolute power for the French kings. Napoleon seized power in 1799. He founded the first empire in 1804. He wa .....

Mt. St. Helens
Number of words: 333 - Number of pages: 2

.... heard a big boom, Mt. St. Helens had just blew off her top! On May 18,1980, Mt. St. Helens awakened from a short nap. There had been lots of little earthquakes before the eruption. The ash in the eruption reached speeds of 200 miles a hour. Mt. St. Helens was 9,677 feet high before the eruption, after the eruption it was 8,364 feet high. Sixty people died in the eruption. 230 square miles of timber lay dead and burnt on the ground! All the animals had left the surroundings of Mt. St. Helens. Slime was formed in the lakes by Mt. St. Helens by the er .....

Number of words: 656 - Number of pages: 3

.... out of Soninke rule in 1076 when a group of Islamic converted West Africans called the Mandinke overthrew them. Meanwhile, another empire called Mali was slowly beginning to gain power and eventually conquered the Kingdom. An ideal location is what led the ians to be so prosperous. They grew very wealthy from their control of the southern gold fields, and even wealthier from tax collected on traded goods. The people in the gold fields of Wangara happily traded their gold for salt since they needed the salt to preserve and flavor food. Salt also helped replace .....

Is Mesopotamia A Civilization?
Number of words: 775 - Number of pages: 3

.... that the gods lived in the skies or heavens and ruled over the earth and below the earth was a gloomy underworld. According to the Mesopotamian, the gods controlled every aspect of their lives. The gods could bring rain, floods or misfortune to a business or illness to a family. The people were the marionettes of the gods. The Mesopotamian created a strong mythology to explain their gods’ relationship to earth. The Mesopotamian also believed in afterlife. They believed that when they died, they would enter a dark underworld that was a land of no return. .....

Number of words: 4188 - Number of pages: 16

.... by central government, Germany is a federation. The powers of the states cannot be reduced. Each of the federal states and Berlin has its own constitution, a democratically elected Parliament, a government, administrative agencies and independant courts. However, states are binding to the federal constitution, the federal constitution is binding upon the states and the federal parliament is responsible for major legislation and policy. The state parliaments main responsibility is in two major policy areas: education, and law and order. Administration of fede .....

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