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Term Papers on Geography

The Colorado River
Number of words: 3675 - Number of pages: 14

.... source of furs or mineral wealth. Finding a reliable or accessible water source, and timber for building was difficult to find. There was a lack of land that could be irrigated easily. By the turn of the century, most present day cities and towns were already established. Trails, roads, and railroads linked several areas with neighboring regions. Although the Colorado River drainage system was still not integrated. In the mid 1900's many dams had been built to harness and use the water. A new phase of development occurred at the end of the second W .....

England: History And People
Number of words: 735 - Number of pages: 3

.... are generally attended by the children of the well-to-do, though some pupils receive government scholarships. Most public school pupils live in residential houses attached to the school. Considerable emphasis is placed on sports, especially cricket and rugby. Among the most famous public schools for boys are Eton (founded in 1440), Winchester (1380), and Harrow (1611). Many of those in the higher levels of government or public life attended a public school. The oldest universities are Oxford and Cambridge, founded in the 12th and 13th centuries, resp .....

The Population Growth Rate In India
Number of words: 1549 - Number of pages: 6

.... fact that as persons become more prosperous and better educated they begin to undertake measures designed to eliminate the size of their families. (The obvious exception would be families like the Kennedys who adhere to religious strictures against artificial birth control, but the major Indian religions have traditionally lacked such strictures.) Ironically, the state of Kerala which had long had a Communist-led government had for many years represented a population planning model because of its implementation of programs fostering education and the emancip .....

Number of words: 1609 - Number of pages: 6

.... principal Jewish military group, seized the offensive, scoring victories against the Arab Liberation Army in northern Palestine, Jaffa, and Jerusalem. British military forces withdrew to Haifa; although officially neutral, some commanders assisted one side or the other. After the British had departed and the state of Israel had been established on May 15, 1948, under the premiership of David BEN-GURION, the Palestine Arab forces and foreign volunteers were joined by regular armies of Transjordan (now the kingdom of JORDAN), IRAQ, LEBANON, and SYRIA, with to .....

The Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia
Number of words: 581 - Number of pages: 3

.... became conflicts between Serbs and Albanians. At Kosovo and Metohija, during the Serbian insurrections in the so-called Belgrade Pashaluk (administrative-territorial unit), there was a terror without justification, marked with the obvious plan of the extermination and exile of the Serbs from the entire Old Serbia. During the 1850s and the 1860s, the genocide against the Serbian people was confirmed by a great number of documents, of grievances to the Turkish administration against the crimes of the Albanians and in the reports of the European consuls (Bit .....

Number of words: 451 - Number of pages: 2

.... most of Egypt, which is hot & dry. It is so hot they can't grow crops there, it is wasted land. The climate is characterized by a hot season from May to September, & a cool season from November to March. In the coastal region where it is easy to grow crops, the annual temperatures range from 99 degrees to 57 degrees . Wide variations of temperatures occur in the desert, ranging from 114 degrees during the day to 42 degrees at night. The winter season Temperature often drops to 32 degrees the most humid areas are along the Mediterranean coast wher .....

Number of words: 684 - Number of pages: 3

.... fishing. This is not surprising, because most of is surrounded by the sea, or made up of many islands. The Mediterranean Sea lies to the south, the Aegean to the east, and the Ionian to the West. Besides relying mainly on the sea for food, the Greeks also grew grapes, grain, and olives. Between 2500 and 1200 B.C. the Minoan civilization thrived on the island of Crete. Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, covering approximately 3,327 square miles. They founded one of the most brilliant and advanced civilizations known to that time. Mythology and history bl .....

Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
Number of words: 1215 - Number of pages: 5

.... a little bit about Grace Kelly and Her Dad. So has it that there was an amusing remark making the rounds in 1956 when Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco that her father's domain (John B. Kelly, Sr., was president of the Fairmount Park Commission) was larger than her husband's. Indeed, the Principality of Monaco covers only .6 square miles, but the 4,077.59 acres of Fairmount Park extend over 6 square miles. The road we would be taking was, thusly, called Kelly Drive. The tour then begun at the Philadelphia Art Museum, home of hundreds of phe .....

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