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Term Papers on Geography

Number of words: 1430 - Number of pages: 6

.... outsiders, and willing listen to their ideas. People believe that many of these traits came from the Celts who came in 1000 B.C. and ruled until A.D. 137. They seem to have many things in common with the Irish and the Scots because of this. Including a bagpipe-like instrument called a Gaita. The language of Galicia is different from the rest of Spain also, they speak a variation of Castillian which has some French tones as well as Portuguese. They have their own favorite foods also, which consist mainly of seafood. Some of their specialty dishes are: mer .....

Number of words: 1099 - Number of pages: 4

.... when they opened the doors because of the rush of the people getting off, they would often be trampled. When they reach the train station Soribor Station. They were hurried along so fast that they never realized that the station was fake and was just connected round to deportation centers. The hands on the clock did not move, and the timesheet arrivals were fake also. When they first arrived at , the victims were checked in and given an I.D. number. The I.D. number was then tattooed onto their body, usually the arm. Over 404,000 I.D. numbers were given out .....

The Civilization Of Ancient Egypt
Number of words: 4529 - Number of pages: 17

.... and historical writing have made Egypt a subject of general public interest. The image of Egyptian history moves continually closer to reality as new facts are discovered and new kinds of research--anthropological and other--supplement more traditional archaeological techniques. Egypt's well preserved pyramids and cemeteries on the dry desert, and sturdy stone-built temples, have been studied by archaeologists since the early 19th century, but river-plain town mounds and all sites in densely settled northern Egypt now receive more attention than previously. F .....

Number of words: 1032 - Number of pages: 4

.... with forests. The country has some deposits of gold, silver, and copper. About 77% of the Nicaraguan population is mestizo (people of mixed white and Native American descent), about 10% is white, and the remainder is Native American (4%) and black (9%). The population of Nicaragua is 3,745,000, yielding an overall density about 75 per sq. mi. Approximately 60% of the population is concentrated in the western part of the country, and more than 55% is urban. Political Divisions and Principal Cities Nicaragua is divided into six regions and three special .....

Australian Immigration And Its Effects
Number of words: 1167 - Number of pages: 5

.... Asian seafarers are believed to have traveled to Australia to trade on the north shores. Experts are not sure, but they believe that these seafarers are the ones who first introduced the dingo into Australia almost 3,500 years ago. The dingo rapidly became the top predator and is probably the cause of the disappearance of the Tasmanian wolf and the Tasmanian devil from Australia. They will hunt down almost anything but they are not known to attack humans. They will attack kangaroos, wombats, rabbits, and even lizards. After the settlers arrived and the sheep .....

Number of words: 2056 - Number of pages: 8

.... The principal minerals are petroleum, nickel, copper, zinc, iron ore, natural gas, asbestos, molybdenum, sulfur, gold, and platinum; in addition extensive beds of coal, potash, uranium, gypsum, silver, and magnesium are found. Fresh water covers an estimated 756 276 sq km or 7.6% of Canada. The many rivers and lakes supply ample fresh water to meet the nation's needs for its communities and for irrigation, agriculture, industries, transportation, and hydroelectric power generation. Canada has four principal drainage basins: the Atlantic Basin which dra .....

Iraq: A Country On The Rise
Number of words: 1808 - Number of pages: 7

.... and occasional heavy snows. Iraq has few natural resources, consisting of Crude oil, natural gas, various phosphates, and sulfur. Their maritime (ocean) clams are just the continental shelf on their coastline, and twelve nautical miles beyond that. Iraq and Iran have just recently restored diplomatic relations in the year 1990, but are still trying to work out written agreements settling their disputes from their eight-year war concerning definite borders, prisoners-of-war, and freedom of navigation and sovereignty over the Shatt-al-Arab waterway. In Ap .....

Number of words: 1260 - Number of pages: 5

.... on this coast and further up the Guadalquivir River is the ancient transportation center Seville. Some other major rivers in Spain are the Douro, Tagus, and Ebro rivers. Spain's currency is the peseta and is currently equal to one hundred centimos. The exchange rate has one U. S. Dollar for 134.61 pesetas. More that thirty-nine million people reside in the country of Spain. That is because it is made up of a large ethnic diversity. Its location between Europe and Africa has resulted in a great mixing of races and cultures. The only distinct minority group gen .....

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