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The Death Penalty
Number of words: 1349 - Number of pages: 5

.... to be paying for. I would rather hear of their death then to know that they are, some nights, eating meals just as good as what I am having, you need to remember what these people did. I do not feel comfortable with the idea that some person that killed or raped or robbed some innocent person could be released out of jail for “good behavior”. As said in the Bible, “Whomever sheds a man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed” (Genesis 9:6). This has been taken to signify “Let the punishment, fit the crime.” The Risk of Executing the Innocent. I really do feel .....

Gore Vs. Bush On Education
Number of words: 919 - Number of pages: 4

.... “There’s no reason for us to be next to last in the world in math, and there’s no reason for us to be last in physics.” Gore too believes in the importance of college, but doesn’t say math and science are the key elements to attending college. He notes that money is what keeps kids away from college. He proposes to make it easier for parents to save for their children’s college tuition with tax-free and inflation free savings, the National Tuition Savings program. Gore wants to make two years of college free with more student loans with lower costs, and expanding .....

Gun Control
Number of words: 447 - Number of pages: 2

.... It is a proven fact that handguns have been the murder weapon of choice. Guns are involved in half of all homicide cases. People believe that society has relied on weapons that create harm and criminals. Therefore, these weapons should be outlawed. However, law abiding citizens have the right to protect themselves against danger. Due to the ownership of guns, burglaries have reduced considerably. A gun is a tool, guns don't kill people. People kill people. The matter depends on who is using the gun, and what situation it is involved in. Purchasing a .....

Political Leaders In The 20th Century
Number of words: 1252 - Number of pages: 5

.... will begin with Harriet Tubman, a woman consider to be a hero of helping slaves to freedom. Harriet fits Wells definition of a leader by having followers. Her followers were the slaves' she lead to freedom. The ones that had the drive to go North to be free. She leads them to freedom by helping them escape to the North. Even though each slave was in great danger of being caught trying to flee. Harriet never lost a person she was trying to bring to the North. She helped many slaves to freedom. Freedom is a goal Harriet had that was shared by mos .....

Aircraft Law: Liability
Number of words: 919 - Number of pages: 4

.... contemporary society. Concern for this immense growth and the accompanying implications produced the impetus to devise a means to ensure orderly and appropriate development. Thus, "The general policy of the world community in regard to emerging issues of air law demands the maintenance and promotion of a balance between technological advance in aviation and the preservation of a wholesome environment by providing adequate policies and prescriptions." (2) The initial governing treaty passed in 1929 is known as the Warsaw Convention. This is a multilateral tr .....

Gun Control: Against
Number of words: 562 - Number of pages: 3

.... people of the country owning guns to protect what they think is right. The constitution gives the people the right to bare arms and protect themselves. Any law against guns should be unconstitutional but the laws were made because it is what some people want. The ban on assault riffles took effect in the may of 1994. “Nineteen assault-style weapons and broad categories encompassing many more semiautomatic firearms...” were among the many weapons that were banned. The guns that were banned were only used for three percent of all gun related crimes in 1993. .....

The Death Penalty
Number of words: 597 - Number of pages: 3

.... efforts bore fruit. Michigan first abolished the death penalty in 1847. Various public opinion polls report that more than 70% of Americans favor the death penalty for murder. By 1991, some 2,350 persons were under the death sentence in 36 states. The death penalty should be moral because, " a life for a life." Is the death penalty immoral? Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole is a realistic alternative for the small number of offenders who are likely to be executed in any given year. Justice does not demand death but justice does deman .....

Dispossable Animals
Number of words: 5500 - Number of pages: 20

.... the harmful effects they might cause on humans, even though the physiological differentiation between humans and the animals they use is drastic. On a daily basis most people do not see their own degree of unintentional support towards this global dilemma, but when compiled on paper one must question how mankind can, with conscience, commit these acts which shame us as human beings. Animals possess the same kinds of feelings and emotions as human beings, and without anesthesia, they are subjected to the pain as well. Mankind often fails to give animals the .....

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