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Term Papers on Poetry and Poets

Robert Frost's Use Of Nature In His Poetry
Number of words: 423 - Number of pages: 2

.... when it is stated "Though as for that, the passing there / Had worn them really about the same" (line 9-10). It seems as if he is expressing an "inability to turn his back completely on any possibility" (Barry 13) of returning when the poems reads "Oh, I kept the first for another day!" (line 13). He also knew that the possibilities of him actually returning to ever walk the path not chosen were very slim. He made a decision and "took the other" (line 6) path. It is obvious that these two roads in the woods symbolize paths in life and choices that people make .....

"Dover Bitch": Mockery Of Victorian Values In "Dover Beach"
Number of words: 352 - Number of pages: 2

.... faithfulness in the women's unfaithfulness is also a reaction to the Victorian idea that the wife should be there for her husband. It could also be a scary reality in Hecht's mind that times were changing and women wouuld not be at every beaconing call of their husband. Hecht reinforces his Ideas of change by taking Arnold's "...the cliffs of England stand, glimmering and vast" and transforms the Victorian idea of women into "...cliffs of England crumbling away behind them,". This supports the idea that Hecht is aware of the changes that are happening and he i .....

The Poetry Of William Blake
Number of words: 619 - Number of pages: 3

.... are a few themes developed in "The Lamb." Blake describes the lamb as symbol of childhood innocence. He also questions about how the lamb was brought into existence, which mentions another theme of divine intervention and how all creatures were created. The poem is nothing but one wondering question to another (Harmon, p. 361). "The Tiger" by William Blake describes the tiger as being an symbol of evil. This is displayed when Blake says "What an anvil? what dread grasp, Dare its deadly terrors clasp?" By repeating variations of the word "dread" in t .....

Beowulf: First Literary Superhero
Number of words: 455 - Number of pages: 2

.... his blood in this violent scene. He later bleeds to death. “Saw that his strength was deserting him, his claws Bound fast, Higlac's brave follower tearing at his hands.”(line 464-466) Beowulf's unusual and courageous method of killing Grendel demonstrates his bravery and physical strength. Before, Unferth had taunted Beowulf about his foolish bravery but when he and all the rest of the Geats saw that Beowulf's strength and power were worth boasting about, they were humbled. To prove Beowulf was powerful, he hung Grendel's arm, claw, and shoulders from the raft .....

Merry-Go-Round: Critical Analysis
Number of words: 646 - Number of pages: 3

.... leaning in "intent, lips parted" with their "brief smiles float towards the watching crowd". The last three stanzas show the emphasised view of the cynical adult who is simply observing the children from a detached outside viewpoint. For example, "almost I see the marvel they see" is informing the reader that he is "almost" caught up in the enchantment as the children are. McAvley's clever use of diction and imagery add to the enchantment of the merry-go-round as the children see it as a magical fantasy world. It is continually likened to another world. For examp .....

Analysis Of Plath's "Daddy"
Number of words: 568 - Number of pages: 3

.... a dominating male figure. The passage seems to show that the speaker has reached a resolution after being kept under a man’s thumb all her life. In lines 71-80 the speaker compares her father and her husband to vampires saying how they betrayed her and drank her blood--sucking her dry of life. She tells her father to give up and be done, to lie back" (line 75) and in line 80, she says, "Daddy, daddy, you bastard, Plath’s attitude towards men is expressed in this passage through her imagery of the villagers stamping and dancing on the dead vampire. The speaker sa .....

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening: An Analysis
Number of words: 530 - Number of pages: 2

.... about being lost; so his concern may have been why his thoughts were voiced through his horse. Yet, he made no attempt to leave the woods immediately. We learn that the speaker's character is similar to the tone of the poem. For instance, the topic of the poem is about a snowy evening in the woods, which could be viewed as pleasant and easy going as oppose to a hot summer evening in the city which is most often busy and frantic with lots of things to do. In addition, the speaker is obviously a loner, in that he takes this journey by his self. That is an e .....

A Valediction Of Forbidding Mourning: The Truth About Mourning
Number of words: 860 - Number of pages: 4

.... it will be a time for them to part. Therefore, I ask, "aren't we all guilty at one point or another while in a love relationship of trying to convey a message to a loved one and they in turn have misinterpreted that message?" The poem begins "As virtuous men pass mildly away, And whispering their souls to go." Here the persona is trying to convey to his lover that she should deal with his leaving as though it is a death. Not a death in which she should be sad, but of a death of a man that was a very good human being who will go peacefully and calmly to heaven. A .....

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