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Human Evolution
Number of words: 2656 - Number of pages: 10

.... hominines—the practice that is followed in this article. An examination of the fossil record of the hominines reveals several biological and behavioral trends characteristic of the hominine subfamily. Bipedalism Two-legged walking, or bipedalism, seems to be one of the earliest of the major hominine characteristics to have evolved. This form of locomotion led to a number of skeletal modifications in the lower spinal column, pelvis, and legs. Because these changes can be documented in fossil bone, bipedalism usually is seen as the defining trait of the subfamily .....

Number of words: 835 - Number of pages: 4

.... after Neptune for which Neptunium was named. In 1940, at the University of California at Berkeley, he bombarded a sample of Uranium with deuterons, the nuclei in atoms of deuterium, transmuting it into plutonium. Shortly after, Seaborg was able to isolate plutonium 239, an isotope used in atomic bombs. Plutonium is a highly dangerous and poisonous element because it rapidly gives off radiation in the form of alpha particles. Alpha particles, which are identical to the nucleus of a helium atom, consist of two protons and two neutrons tightly bound together. .....

Number of words: 2685 - Number of pages: 10

.... and Government coverup of UFOs. "National Security Agency, or NSA, an acronym often assumed by insiders to mean 'NEVER SAY ANYTHING' , (Stacey 40) " has been blamed for millions of UFO governmental cover-ups around the nation. "Our problem is with government secrecy, because it widens the gap between citizens and the government, making it much more difficult to participate in the democratic process (Stacey 40)," says Steven Aftergood while addressing UFO secrecy. The UFO enigma, or as it is formerly know as the "'Cosmic Watergate' : the ongoing cover-up of the .....

Number of words: 682 - Number of pages: 3

.... simple things, such as tripping or dropping things. Twitching or cramping of muscles and abnormal fatigue of the arms and legs may soon follow, causing difficulty in daily activities, such as walking or dressing. In more advanced stages, however, shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing and swallowing ensue, until the body is completely taken over by the disease. Intellect, eye motion, bladder function, and sensation are the only abilities spared. Where and how this deadly disease originated is unknown, but it was first identified in 1869, by the noted .....

Hypnosis 2
Number of words: 1809 - Number of pages: 7

.... the brain waves given off during these states. When the subconscious (subcon) or “Alpha” mind is responding, different commands, or suggestions, can be implemented into the mind. The subcon mind can then execute these imbedded commands without any intervening of the conscious mind and body (Hunter). Hypnosis was first confirmed to be real by a Swedish therapist named Anton Mesmer around 1775. After publishing papers describing the Alpha Mind State, he named the entire process “Mesmerism”. When a person was hypnotized, they were considered .....

Effects Of Smoking
Number of words: 389 - Number of pages: 2

.... it can also attack your pocketbook. The costs of a single pack of cigarettes has raised substantially in recent years, from 1.75 in the late '80s too nearly over $3.00 now, that’s over $20.00 a carton. Think if you smoked two packs a day for 30 years, multiply that by the price of a pack a cigarettes (think about the fact that the price is almost certain to rise within that time), that’s a lot of money. Then you have the cleaning and air freshening bills about every 2 or 3 months. There would be cost to burns on your clothing and furniture. Sm .....

Number of words: 391 - Number of pages: 2

.... The most important salts are mercuric chloride HgC12 which is a corrosive and violent poison. Mercurous chloride Hg2Cl2 which used to be used in medicine. fulminate Hg(ONC)2 used as a detonator in explosives and mercuric sulfide HgS used as a high-grade paint pigment. Organic compounds are important and dangerous. Methyl is a lethal pollutant found in rivers and lakes. is a virulent poison and is readily absorbed through the respiratory tract, the gastrointestinal tract, or through unbroken skin. It acts as a cumulative poison since there are fe .....

Internet History Report
Number of words: 946 - Number of pages: 4

.... of the seventies, the protocol was generally referred to as just the Network Control Protocol or NCP. The term Internet was probably first applied to a 1973 research program that culminated in a demonstration system in 1977. It demonstrated networking through various mediums, including satellite, radio, telephone, ethernet, etc. using packet switching. And this formed the roots of the Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). But it was not until 1983 that all nodes on ARPANET were required to use TCP/IP to connect to it. Also in 1983, the .....

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