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Klinefelter Syndrome -
Number of words: 930 - Number of pages: 4

.... many boys with this description had 47 chromosomes in each cell of their bodies instead of the usual number of 46. This extra sex (X) chromosome causes the distinctive make-up of these boys. All men have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, but sometimes a variation will result in a male with an extra X. This is Klinefelter Syndrome and is often written as 47,XXY. There are other, less common variations such as 48,XXYY; 48,XXXY; 49,XXXXY; and XY/XXY mosaic. All of these are considered Klinefelter Syndrome variants. The major effect of the extra X chromosome .....

Number of words: 554 - Number of pages: 3

.... The families have home territories that they rarely leave. families may co-operate to catch large animals. es chase their prey. They wear them out in a long chase because they arenŐt very fast runners. Large animals are chased until the es can catch them or until the weaker ones drop back. es donŐt always get their prey, however kangaroos can lean back on their tails and kick hard enough to rip open a Ős stomach. The gestation period of the is about 63 days, and the litters average about 5 to 8 pups. After 2 weeks, the mother will throw up food for the .....

Forensic Science
Number of words: 1603 - Number of pages: 6

.... in an investigation of a crime involving a victim. It is the responsibility of the medical examiner to visit the crime scene, conduct an autopsy (examination of the body) in cases of death, examine the medical evidence and lab reports, study the victims history, and put all the information together in a report to be turned in to the district attorney. Medical examiners are usually physicians specializing in forensic pathology, the study of structural and functional changes in the body as a result of injury. Their training and qualifications most often in .....

Number of words: 416 - Number of pages: 2

.... Respiration). For every paralytic case of myelitis, however, there may be 100 nonparalytic cases. Treatment Because no drug developed so far has proved effective, treatment is entirely symptomatic. Use of moist heat coupled with physical therapy to stimulate the muscles was first initiated by the Australian nurse Elizabeth Kenny, and antispasmodic drugs are administered to produce muscular relaxation. In the convalescent stage, occupational therapy is used. Disease Control Three broad types of the virus have been identified: the Brunhilde (type 1), Lansi .....

Digestive System
Number of words: 1451 - Number of pages: 6

.... Digestion begins in the mouth. Here the food is cut and chopped by the teeth. The tongue helps mix the food particles with a digestive juice called saliva, which is secreted in the mouth. Saliva moistens the food so it can be swallowed easily. It also changes some starches into simple sugars. It is important to chew food thoroughly to mix it well with saliva. Thorough chewing cuts food into small pieces that are more easily attacked by digestive juices. Food should not be washed down with quantities of liquid to avoid chewing. From the mouth the food .....

Reproduction: A Courting To Nature
Number of words: 967 - Number of pages: 4

.... Disney screen-16 writer. Decades ago Konrad Lorenz, a famed Austrian naturalist, made detailed studies of Greylags and afterwards showed no hesitation in using words like love, grief and even embarrassment to describe the behavior of these large, social birds. At the same time he did not forget that all romance - animal and human - is tied intimately to natural selection. Natural selection brought on the evolution of males and females during prehistoric epochs when environmental change was making life difficult for single-sex species such as bacteria and alga .....

Drugs: Glossary And Definitions
Number of words: 421 - Number of pages: 2

.... in the holes of a "brush-heap" like structure of the gelatin. Administered orally. Microemulsion: Microemulsions are thermodynamically stable, optically transparent, isotropic mixtures of a biphasic oil-water system stabilized with surfactants. The diameter of droplets in a microemulsion may be in the range of 100 A to 1000 A. Microemulsion may be formed spontaneously by agitating the oil and water phases with carefully selected surfactants. The type of emulsion produced depends upon the properties of the oil and surfactants utilized. Ointment: Semisolid .....

Renewables, The Energy Source For America’s Future
Number of words: 1078 - Number of pages: 4

.... our current energy dilemma. For the past fifty years, fossil fuels have been the main source of energy in the U.S. They are a great source of power, but unfortunately they also have many setbacks. The finite reserves of fossil fuels are being depleted at a rate one hundred thousand times faster than they are being formed. As supplies decrease we become more and more dependent on the Middle Eastern countries for our supplies of oil, recently, fifty-two percent of imported oil came from such countries. The most significant drawback is the amount of pollution p .....

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