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Mimicry In Nature
Number of words: 1457 - Number of pages: 6

.... where dozens of animals (and plants) spend their time masquerading as others. So clever are their disguises that you've probably never known you were being fooled by spiders impersonating ants, squirrels that look like shrews, worms copying sea anemones, and roaches imitating ladybugs. There are even animals that look like themselves, which can also be a form of impersonation. The phenomenon of mimicry, as it's called by biologists, was first noted in the mid-1800s by an English naturalist, Henry W. Bates. Watching butterflies in the forests of Brazi .....

Creation Of The Beach
Number of words: 1256 - Number of pages: 5

.... of this sand and sediment on the shore. Most sediment is suspended in sea water and transported along the coast by the longshore current, a stream of water flowing parallel to the beach that is created by the action of waves breaking at an angle to shore. Longshore transport can deliver up to a million cubic yards of sediment annually to a single beach. In the second process, sand deposited onshore by the longshore current is then oscillated by waves breaking onto and receding from the beach. This continual onshore-offshore movement gradually pushes the sand alon .....

Number of words: 898 - Number of pages: 4

.... was recommended. During that same century, a mechanical device resembling a turnbuckle was used to help stretch the tendons. By this time was pretty well known around the world, using the typical stretching and splinting methods. In the 1800ís plaster of paris was first introduced, and later that same century, the introduction of aseptic technique and anasthesia diminished, but not eliminated infection. As the 70ís and 80ís rolled around, other more reliable methods were depended upon. These new methods were less dependent on wrapping and taping. The .....

Detrimental Effects That Technological Advances In Industry And Agriculture
Number of words: 2080 - Number of pages: 8

.... the environment. For example, Sagan is right on the mark when he indicates that it took the reality that CFCs were destroying the sensitive but protective ozone layer to encourage large chemical companies to begin a gradual phase-out of these substances, even when scientists had already discovered the terrible effects of the chemical combination. Sagan says that to slowly stop usage of such obviously dangerous substances is not enough, for even with current conditions, it is estimated that the damaged ozone layer will require at least 100 years to repair itsel .....

A Study Of Inheritable Traits In Fruit Flies
Number of words: 1423 - Number of pages: 6

.... the Drosophila enter the pupal stage, where it develops into an adult through metamorphosis. Upon reaching adulthood, the flies are ready to mate and produce the next generation of Drosophila melanogaster. During this experiment, monohybrid and dihybrid crosses were conducted with Drosophila melanogaster. Our objective was to examine the inheritance from one generation to the next. We collected the data from the crosses and analyzed them in relation to the expected results. MATERIALS AND METHODS For the monohybrid cross in this experiment, we used an .....

Number of words: 815 - Number of pages: 3

.... more intense , as well as select of a particular colour (or energy). ® travels at a speed of 2.99792458x10^{8} ms^{-1} ® When passing though matter, is slowed down by brief interactions, and so appears to travel more slowly. ® This "slowing down" is accounted for by the index of refraction of the matter. 's properties can at first seem confusing and inconsistent because of the unique nature of light: light has the properties of both a wave and a particle. In some situations, light's behavior is more easily explained by thinking of light as a particle. In .....

Animalia Vertebrata Mammalia Carnivora Canidae Canis Lupus And Animalia Vertebrata Mammalia Carnivora Canidae Canis Niger
Number of words: 2339 - Number of pages: 9

.... wolves are types of Gray Wolves (Canis lupus). In eastern Europe the European Wolf (Canis lupus lupus) can be found even though it used to roam most of western Europe as well. In Spain, two wolves have also been identified-Canis lupus deitanus and Canis lupus signatus. While the first is similar to many of the other European wolves, the latter may be more closely related to the jackal (Canis aureus), than to a wolf. The Caucasion Wolf (Canis lupus cubanensis) is found in many parts of eastern Europe and western Asia. The large tundra wolf of eastern Asia, .....

Dolphins 2
Number of words: 3526 - Number of pages: 13

.... he asked for one last wish: to sing a song and then jump overboard himself. The pirates granted him this wish, and he began to sing a high-pitched song. When he was finished with his song, he jumped overboard and was saved by a dolphin which carried him two hundred miles to shore. Obviously, dolphins and humans have been interacting together throughout recorded history. According to the theory of evolution, it is most likely that the dolphin was once a land mammal. It is likely that sixty million years ago a cow, the distant cousin of the dolphin, decided .....

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