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Number of words: 3747 - Number of pages: 14

.... their transmutation, employing quicksilver in the process of separating gold and silver from the native matrix. The resulting oxide was supposed to possess marvelous powers, and it was thought that there resided within in the individualities of the various metals, that in it their various substances were incorporated. This black powder was mystically identified with the underworld form of the god Osiris, and consequently was credited with magical properties. Thus there grew up in Egypt the belief that magical powers existed in fluxes and alloys. Probably such .....

Number of words: 1951 - Number of pages: 8

.... for females and twenty-two years for males. Type II affects people over sixty years of age. There are several immunological abnormalities associated with psoriasis. Early psoriatic changes occur in advancing lesions before the accumulation of inflammatory cells. These changes are mediated by activated CD4+ T lymphocytes and can be detected before visible pathology to the skin occurs. Activated T lymphocytes exhibiting an increase in HLA-DR and IL-2R can be seen in close proximity to Langerhans cells in the dermis before lesion formation. Since Lan .....

Nucleic Acids
Number of words: 425 - Number of pages: 2

.... contains about 10 base pairs. 4. The amount of guanine is usually equal to that of cytosine. The monomers of RNA and DNA are called nucleotides. Each nucleotide has three parts: A Five Carbon or Pentose Sugar The sugar will be one of two very similar pentose rings. Ribo contain the sugar ribose. Deoxyribo contain the sugar deoxyribose. The only difference between these two sugars is that deoxyribose contains one oxygen atom less than ribose. Pentose sugars are essential because they are involved in linking different nucleotides together by condensation reacti .....

Household Waste!
Number of words: 520 - Number of pages: 2

.... and find a can of the powder, Ajax. The can use to have a piece of tape to cover the top but now it has been lost; a potential problem. The can has an expiration date on it, 9/98. This expiration date may be incorrect because that piece of tape to cover it has been lost for some time now. II Windex In the cupboard in the upstairs bathroom is where we keep the Windex. The Windex is blue and clearly labeled, with no chance of any person mistaking it for something else. The top part is tightly screwed on with Windex filled to of the original volume. I canno .....

Mitosis In Cancerous Cells
Number of words: 1530 - Number of pages: 6

.... in order for the cell to divide and replicate normally. Very often a cell loses its regulation, and begins replicating out of control, that is it becomes cancerous. Abnormal cell growth is often known as cancer. During which, cancer cells do not respond normally to the body's control mechanisms. They often divide excessively, invade other tissues and, if unchecked, can kill the whole organism. Researchers studying cancer cells in culture have found that they do not respond to the normal signals that stop growth such as contact inhibition. They continue to grow u .....

Number of words: 1990 - Number of pages: 8

.... they enforce pesticide regulations. With the assistance from other organizations such as the Senate Agriculture Committee (SAC), National Academy of Science (NAS), National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and Consumers Union (CU), the EPA has made a notable progress. Throughout the years, consumers have pushed for research of the chemicals and substances that produce agricultural and what these do to our internal system. Congressman, James J. Delaney was also convinced that too many pesticide chemicals were found in foods. So in 1958, the House Selec .....

Discoveries Of Scientists Of The "Age Of Reason"
Number of words: 516 - Number of pages: 2

.... angered. While Copernicus's book was not a revolutionary book, it was, however, a catalyst to make other minds ponder the new Heliocentric theory. After Copernicus's death there were three other scientists which helped credit the Heliocentric theory. Tycho Brahe was the first, he played with the idea that the planets all revolved around the sun, but the sun instead revolved around the Earth(still Geocentric). After Brahe's death Johannes Kepler took the notes and data that Brahe had taken. Kepler came up with the idea the it would be even more mathem .....

Power Of The Atom
Number of words: 699 - Number of pages: 3

.... there own two legs, and a horses. Something needed to be done. It took way too long to get into contact with people, and it took the same amount of time to get a response. In 1886, a man by the name of Alexander Graham Bell developed an interesting object, that gave you the capability of talking live with one person, other then yourself. This object later became known as the well respected telephone. Although when Bell first invented the phone there were many kinks that needed to be worked out. And over time, after being constantly worked with and being revise .....

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