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War Between Sexes
Number of words: 1237 - Number of pages: 5

.... injustice between sexes and the biological difference between the genders, she conflicts with feminist arguments such as equality of men and women, sexual freedom, and ability of both sexes going any place any time. Academic Feminism is lost in the mist of social constructionism and we are not the products of the environment. Furthermore, according to Paglia men and women are in a war in which men are masculine, fighting for their identity. Women are trying to explain to men that they are different; they are women. The author delivers her message regarding .....

1950’s Youth Culture
Number of words: 1778 - Number of pages: 7

.... y’all started wearen’ ‘em so baggy from, but I don’t like it," he shouted in his southern accent. The females were not as revealing as the modern women are. Longer dresses and dressier shirts were their style. The ‘Beatnik’ generation was forming out of Grenitch village in Manhattan which the style was more of a depressing look. They wore mostly black or darker colors. I watched a movie called ‘The Wanderers’ to try to take a look at how they dressed and the portrayal was what I just described. The type of children that the fifties brought out was a com .....

Rights Of Egyptian Women
Number of words: 1671 - Number of pages: 7

.... A woman could own property and manage it as she saw fit. One example of this, the Inscription of Mes, provided scholars with proof that women could manage property, institute litigation, and could act as a witness before a court of law. Surviving court documents not only showed that women were free to take action with the court, but the documents also show that they frequently won their cases. They could also enter contracts and travel freely, unescorted, throughout the state. This is a great contrast to women in Greece, who were required to act through a male .....

The Media And The Fear Of Victimization
Number of words: 325 - Number of pages: 2

.... is that crim e figures do not agree with the reports. She also commented on the fact that the media loves to report crimes (34%) of victimization when the victim is a white woman and her is assailant is black. The reality is however that blacks are more often victimized by blacks. The rate of black on white crime is now where near 34%. This predisposes white women to the fear that they will be victimized by a black person, thus creating a bias towards blacks. In regards to the candidate as a professor I feel that she didn't involve the students enough. .....

Is Monogamy The Best Form Of Marriage?
Number of words: 569 - Number of pages: 3

.... advanced" cultures have moved away from the strict life-long monogamy. Sociologists, Ford and Beech, have found that only twenty-nine of the one-hundred and eighty-five contemporary cultures studied, less than sixteen percent restrict men and women to a single partner for life. However, less than one-third of the twenty-nine monogamous cultures completely disapprove of both premarital and extramarital relations (Francouer 72). For centuries, marriage was a dynastic affair, arranged by the parents and families. During the Middle Ages, they thought of marriage .....

Good Communications Skills
Number of words: 617 - Number of pages: 3

.... I also was taught how to take steps outside of my comfort zone, and speak in front of others on a variety of different topics. In turn, I learned how to listen to other people and react to them in a friendlier way. Dale Carnegie reiterated this quote in his book The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking. "Expressiveness is the result of earning the right and having an eager desire to share the message with the audience." Basically, he taught me to be myself, put my heart into everything I say, make my voice be heard, and be honest with myself and others. .....

Public School Issues
Number of words: 548 - Number of pages: 2

.... a more balanced view of history that represents the experiences and perspectives of marginalized groups.” Critics of this multiculturalism movement have opposing views. Many see the program as divisive and even ”anti-American” because it encourages students to find their ethnic identity instead of trying to identify with a united American culture. It is also a common belief that a “alternative” cultural education would impede the progress of the basic learning skills that were the backbone of the educational process. I strongly believe multicultural educat .....

Slavery - Causes
Number of words: 642 - Number of pages: 3

.... become more independent. Indentured servents were also dying of many diseases, which was caused by harsh conditions. The immigration of servents thus declined, becuase of the people in England being informed of the harsh treatment in the colonies. The society was where the land was easy to find, while the labor was most scarce. Indentured servitude, was a form of labor which was declining, and the need for labor increased rapidly. In the 1600's, when tobacco was founded by John Rolfe, tobacco became the main source of income for most of the colonists. .....

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