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Pop Art
Number of words: 438 - Number of pages: 2

.... at the Metropolitian Museum of Art. Robert Rauschienburg was also an American pop artist. He was born in 1925, and, like most of the other artists in this essay, still ives. His work may be found at the Whitney Museum of Art and at the Modern Museum of Art. I chose to describe As I Opened Fire, by Roy Lichenstein. It was made in 1964 and is the the third of three panels in a narrative arrangement. As I Opened Fire is magna on a canvas which is 68 X 56. Its composition reminds of a comic book. It shows 2 guns firing of the side of a ship, with letters on .....

The Crucible: Deterioration Of Social Order In Salem
Number of words: 829 - Number of pages: 4

.... fact he needed to tend to his crops. Also, Proctor did not agree with the appointment of Mr. Parris as the newest minister, and therefore did not have his last child baptized. With the latest craze of witchery and swirling accusations, John Proctor was easily indicted of being a messenger for the devil by the testimony of his disillusioned servant Mary Warren, who in the past committed perjury. The court who heard the testimony easily accepts it because she is a church going person, while John Proctor slightly deviates from the norm. This transfer of blame is als .....

Performances Of A Lifetime In Thelma And Louise
Number of words: 1298 - Number of pages: 5

.... positive and negative images of women, reinscription and subversion of patriarchal ideologies. The tension between the film’s uses of narrative and image works to interrogate and problematize both feminist and antifeminist assumptions about gender, power, and subjectivity. In Alice Doesn’t Teresa de Lauretis claims that feminist film theory has gone well beyond the simple opposition of positive and negative images, and has indeed displaced the very terms of that opposition to a sustained critical attention to the hidden work of the apparatus. It has s .....

The Simpsons
Number of words: 360 - Number of pages: 2

.... intended tobe humorous. In general the show is very funny but has some bad language and other offensive material. The fact that the show is a cartoon may be what has kept some people from watching. The cartoon though is what helps achieve many of the humorous aspects. For example a spill of nuclear waste would not be very amusing in a show with real people. The show has the assumption that it is OK if your family argues all the time. It shows this by the little arguments that the family constantly gets into. It also shows that it's pointless to t .....

Hamlet: A Revenge Tragedy
Number of words: 750 - Number of pages: 3

.... about human life and death. Hamlet begins after Hamlet's father has died. This has casted an unwanted and heavy cloud upon Hamlet's soul. Throughout the play Hamlet learns that his father's death was no mistake, but it was Hamlet's uncle's plan to murder him. This, of course, throws a much larger burden on Hamlet's hands and the thirty year old prince becomes insane. Hamlet then seeks revenge. A revenge tragedy is a bloody, violent play dramatizing a detailed, bloodcurdling scheme to avenge some wickedness frequently the murder of a close relative o .....

The Crucible: Struggle For Conformity
Number of words: 449 - Number of pages: 2

.... witchcraft in the woods, their actions are seen as acts of the devil, and unfortunately are not forgotten. Strange things started occurring within the village and witchcraft is deemed culpable. This galvanized quite a disturbance in the village and the girls start making accusations about who is practicing witchcraft. The girls claim in court that they have all been witnesses to these terrible acts and can see the devil inside individuals. The culpability of these devilish occurrences fluctuate drastically and the girls conclude that they would keep .....

A Streetcar Named Desire: Condeming Those Who Treat Others With Harshness And Cruelty
Number of words: 768 - Number of pages: 3

.... you disgust me…"( p.96). To Allan, Blanche seemed to be a person who accepted him for who he was in a society where homosexuals are discriminated against. What Blanche said completely devastated Allan and he found no reason to continue living. Although Blanche had no intentions of hurting Allan, enough damage was done to prompt Allan to shoot himself, his mind and body destroyed. The harsh treatment dealt by Mitch to Blanche near the end of the play is strikingly similar to Blanche's treatment of Allan Gray. Mitch is a friend of Stanley's whom Blanche fal .....

Hamlet: Many Interpretations
Number of words: 385 - Number of pages: 2

.... do so. It is argued that if Hamlet had taken prompt action, Gertrude, Polonius, Ophelia, Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Laertes, and Hamlet himself may have survived. A reason must then be drawn from one's own interpretations of Hamlet. Following two renound interpretations of Hamlet, two major conclusions can be made. First, Shakespeare's tragedy is a work of surpassing interest and genius, and the tragic hero is universally attractive and fascinating. Second, only the naive will start with the assumption that there is one obvious interpretation of the play and .....

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