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Rodin's "The Kiss"
Number of words: 1487 - Number of pages: 6

.... alloyed to enhance their chemical, mechanical, or physical properties, which can improve strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, toughness, etc. Bronze is stronger than brass or copper and is commonly composed of 90% copper, 5% tin, and 5%zinc. These percentages can be altered to suit desired characteristics. Bronze has a tensile strength anywhere between 30,000-40,000 lbs./square inch. This high tensile strength makes sculpting easier. (Kazanas p.15) Since bronze is an alloy, we do not know the exact composition of the bronze used in “The Kiss” first han .....

Impressions Of Television
Number of words: 812 - Number of pages: 3

.... teenagers watch about an hour less per day." "Early experimental researchers compared the play of children who had seen aggressive behavior on television with the play of a control group of children who had watched nonviolent programs. Concern was intensified by findings that indicated a higher level of aggressive play in the violent- television group"(encarta). All you have to do is surf saturday morning cartoons to see the violence. The ninja turtles are a phenomenon that has captured the imaginations of movie, Comic, and even cartoon fans across several ge .....

Hamlet: Video Comparison
Number of words: 548 - Number of pages: 2

.... the kiss, Hamlet realizes what might be going on and asks where Polonius is. Hamlet then realizes that he is in the room and continues his charade of acting mad. I think that this interpretation is the best one because it reflects my view of this scene as well as what I think Shakespeare's intentions were. Another version was the with Lawrence Olivier. Compared with the other two, this version didn't quite seem as realistic. When Hamlet enters them room, it seems like he already knows what's going on, and that Polonius and the King are in the room. You can .....

“Agamemnon”: Clytaemnestra
Number of words: 1462 - Number of pages: 6

.... absence. It is, therefore, in this first address to Clytaemnestra that it is learned that power is a main component of her character. When Clyteamnestra explains that she is lighting the alters because the war against Troy is over, which she knows because of the torch signals, she say that they are her, “proof, my burning sign…the power my lord passed on from Troy to me!” (Line 318-319) Even though the Chorus did not initially believe her report about the victory at Troy, this does not compromise the respect and fear they feel for their queen. They ju .....

Macbeth: Symbolism Of Blood
Number of words: 1065 - Number of pages: 4

.... changes, from honor to treachery and treason, to guilt. First he is a brave honored soldier who saves his country by killing the enemy who committed treason (how ironic). But as the play progresses, he matures into a treacherous person who soon becomes identified with death and bloodshed even his own pity and guilt for himself . The first reference of blood is one of honor, and occurs when Duncan sees the injured sergeant in Act 1 scene 2, and says, "What bloody man is that?". This is symbolic of the brave fighter who been injured in a valiant battle for .....

Analysis Of A Cartoon Regarding The Vietnam War
Number of words: 382 - Number of pages: 2

.... time as well, and the third head represents Vietnam. This was represented as a group of monolithic communists. Another myth present was "Peace with Honor". This was President Richard Nixon's slogan while negotiating with North Vietnam to withdraw their troops. As the war went on and we continued to lose more and more men, the American public wondered why we didn't just withdraw our men. The American public saw this war going nowhere. An explanation given as to why we were unable to withdraw our men was because we couldn't lose our honor. The American gov .....

Richard III: Impact On The Audience
Number of words: 576 - Number of pages: 3

.... helpless children who actually have the true right to the throne. This would make any audience hate the man, however, Shakespeare gives Richard a string with which to pull at the audience’s heart: his grotesque deformities and the effect they have on Richard and his life. Richard uses this string to his advantage during the first thirty-five lines of the play. How could anyone hate a man who pours the disappointments of his life out to them? Richard might be a great warrior and the main man during times of war, but during times of peace he is disregard .....

Oedipus Rex: Classic Example Of Irony
Number of words: 374 - Number of pages: 2

.... mother . His wife Jocasta knew all of the latter but had no idea that Oedipus was her son . Through a series of questions and answers she comes to find it out and because of it kills herself . Oedipus on the other hand was a little slower to realize the truth because of his fault of denial ,and that wasnt even his main fault ,he was much slower to catch on .But finally he did . But before he did he blinded himself in grief because of Jocasta killing herself .Now all this may not seem ironic but let me explain.... Though Oedipus could physically see he couldnt "se .....

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