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Term Papers on Book Reports

The Great Gatsby: Jay Gatsby's Great Morals And Lack Of Glamour
Number of words: 703 - Number of pages: 3

.... but it could be assumed that he was doing this for another reason, which may be the need for love. On top of all this, he wants to escape his background and past. Gatsby's life changed from being in the low or middle class to the high class. It is a big mystery of how he receives all this money but it is not from Cody. It is believed that he is a bootlegger. No one was ever sure. In this story, one can relate Jay's character to the author, Fitzgerald. Both want to achieve the American Dream but are unable to do it. All the money in the world cannot change .....

The Killing Floor
Number of words: 620 - Number of pages: 3

.... long, the work is backbreaking, and the position in which he works does not pay very well. However, Frank’s compensation for these conditions are his relationships with the other men whom he lives near and works around. Spending his evenings playing cards and talking with the men introduces Frank to more then just a little relaxation; issues about politics, race relations, and especially the “white man’s union” dominate the colorful conversations. During this time I’m amazed at how Frank refuses to let himself get dragged into blindly believing the popular opi .....

The Scarlet Letter: Pearl - The Living Symbol
Number of words: 694 - Number of pages: 3

.... guilt and its mother's shame hath come from the hand of God, to work in many ways upon her heart, who pleads so earnestly, and with such bitterness of spirit, the right to keep her. It was meant, doubtless, as the mother herself hath told us, for a retribution too; a torture to be felt at many an unthought-of moment; a pang, a sting, an ever-recurring agony, in the midst of a troubled joy! Hath she not expressed this thought with the garb of the poor child, so forcibly reminding us of that red symbol which sears her bosom?'"(110-111). Pearls gestures .....

Rip Van Winkle As A Folktale
Number of words: 1060 - Number of pages: 4

.... times. Poor Rip was at last reduced to despair, and his only alternative was to escape from the labor of the farm and his wife. This was the start of his long, endless journey to a mysterious future... Two of the elements in folklore is the use of supernatural and journey. Rip went on a adventure up the Kaatskill Mountains. The adventure consisted of some unusual happenings especially meeting up with the supernatural. The first element of a folktale, journey, ties in the second element, the supernatural. Irving displayed this when Rip met up with a ghost. .....

The Glass Menagerie
Number of words: 505 - Number of pages: 2

.... does not fit in with the people of her time. Laura exhibits very negative thoughts and feelings about herself. Laura assumes that everyone notices her flaws and dislikes her because of them. Laura fears that she will grow up to be an old maid. She does not relate to other people well because of her shyness and unpopularity. Her only pleasures consist of being home with her family, her glass collection, and her father's records. Laura's insecurities are manifested whenever she confronts an unfamiliar situation and that causes her to become physically ill. La .....

Critiscisms Of My Antonia
Number of words: 1334 - Number of pages: 5

.... pattern in his life about his Antonia. This is so because the collection of books that make up the novel, My Antonia, is about Willa Cather; the narrator's idea of what and to what point Jim Burden remembers. Miller also states that the novel "lacks focus and abounds in irrelevancies." (Wells 1) This is due to the fact that Cather didn't provide and consistent character portrayal throughout her novel. Another critic, Kim Wells, asserts Miller's opinion on the novel. Because as he states the novel has many "variations from a theme." (Wells 1) For ins .....

Findley's The Wars: Analysis
Number of words: 860 - Number of pages: 4

.... avoid crises. Finally, Findley’s theme is that war is one horrible tragedy after another for all who are involved. Robert Ross could have been any soldier in the First World War by another name. He went through many of the same problems and was faced with many of the same dilemmas all soldiers went through in that time. Robert had to frequently deal with the death and mutilation of his friends and fellow soldiers. He also experienced the horrors on the battlefield, for example when “chlorine and phosgene”(p.75) was used at the beginning and “mustard gas”(p .....

The Veldt By Ray Bradbury
Number of words: 461 - Number of pages: 2

.... our children". Later in the story the parents discuss the problems of the incredible house and nursery, "The house is wife, mother, and nursemaid, Can I compete with it?", and the father has a generic answer "But I thought that's why we bought this house". The parents in the story look upon their children's needs as services instead of ways of expressing any love or care. In the story we never learn anything about the children except for their obsession with the nursery, "I don't want to do anything but look and listen and smell; what else is there .....

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