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Term Papers on Book Reports

The Magic Circle
Number of words: 402 - Number of pages: 2

.... Peter is one of her patients. The Ugly one cures him and they become friends. Peter teaches her all he knows about the devils. Peter is a normal young child who keeps his faith in The Ugly one till the end. Peter turns into a strong young man who is very knowledgeable about anatomy and demons due to his studies in books. Bala was the neighbor who convinced The Ugly One to heal people. The Ugly One was not sure if the Bala was good or evil because of her name. The letters in Bala’s name were so similar to the Devils’ names. Bala treated The Ugl .....

Odysseus: Summary
Number of words: 1163 - Number of pages: 5

.... manager to complain about the sink. The manager told him that in Cuba they are only allowed two hours of running water a day, and the two hours didn't start until later that afternoon (Ward 41). Odysseus' mouth was so arid he needed water immediately. He left the hotel and started strolling down the streets of Havana, when he decided to rob a store to get water. Odysseus entered the next store he approached, grabbed a bottle of water and ran out. Seconds later an alarm went off. Hearing sirens he ran as fast as cheetah onto a side street where he hid behind a .....

Book Report On The Outsiders
Number of words: 2 - Number of pages: 1

.... .....

All Ouiet On The Western Front: What Opinion Of War Does This Book Present
Number of words: 907 - Number of pages: 4

.... behind. After enlisting most understand that they’re leaving those old lives behind for years at a time. They suffer knowing they are in a sense trapped. Paul Baumer says, “Beyond this our life did not extend. And of this nothing remains” (20). The army became the most important thing now. Nothing else counts. Nothing else can count. By enlisting in the army, they chose to give up everyday pleasures. No matter how bad they want out, they’ve made a commitment and must stick to it. It doesn’t mean the soldier’s are treated badly or even that they didn’t like the a .....

Touch Wood: Rene
Number of words: 847 - Number of pages: 4

.... and then Hungary to find a freer, better life. They settled in France and thought they¹d be safe. Then Adolf Hitler, a German man who hated Jewish people, started trouble all over again. First, seven synagogues were blown up. Then, the Germans created a curfew prohibiting Jews to go during certain hours. Any Jew caught in the street after curfew would be taken as hostage. Also, all Jewish people must wear a Star of David on their shirts. An ordinance is created requiring all Jewish firms to be registered. Then the Jewish are forbidden to go to most .....

The Concubine's Children: An Analysis
Number of words: 1140 - Number of pages: 5

.... The author has told the story in a detached fashion, with the narrator rarely reacting personally to the events, even when they recount horrific events. This style of writing often cheapens the content of the story, making it seems rather impersonal, even for nonfiction. The book itself was written recently, using the author's grandfather's letters as a guide. The author wrote the book in an attempt to better educate herself about her Chinese heritage, and about a nation that seemed foreign to her, a place "you'd find yourself if you dug a hold .....

Attitudes Toward Marriage In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales
Number of words: 1438 - Number of pages: 6

.... abuses of marriage, including Nicholas' interest in astrology and Absalon's refusal to accept offerings from the ladies, as well as the behaviors of both with regards to Alison. Still, Alison does what she wants, she takes Nicholas because she wants to, just as she ignores Absalon because she wants to. Lines 3290-5 of the Miller's Tale show Alison's blatant disrespect for her marriage to "Old John" and her planned deceit: That she hir love hym graunted atte laste, And swoor hir ooth, by seint Thomas of Kent That she wol been at his comandement, Whan t .....

Cannery Row By John Steinbeck-
Number of words: 414 - Number of pages: 2

.... that supplied animals for educational purposes, like dissection. He would go down to the tidepools and collect all sorts of critters like squid, octopus, and sea cucumbers. When Doc had to leave for La Jolla on a collecting trip, Mack and the boys decided to give him a surprise party. They bought beer, plenty of Old Tennis Shoes (Old Tennessee, a blended whiskey). The whole town was going to be there, and in the minds of Mack and the boys, it was going to be a grand party. However, the party started before Doc even got there. The guests arrived at West .....

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