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Milton Friedman
Number of words: 1162 - Number of pages: 5

.... simply put, he is wrong. The following are some of the arguments he has put forth: 1. Interacting with the community will help the firm in the long run by attracting desirable employees. 2. Corporate charitable contributions can be deducted for income tax purposes. 3. Corporations are spending the money of their stockholders without their permission. 4. A manager is responsible only to his employers and not the community. All of the above may sound bad, but the intentions behind them are not entirely falsified. It would be selfish of us to assume that a .....

Euro Heralds New Era
Number of words: 395 - Number of pages: 2

.... will be slowly fazed in. The new euro notes and coins will not be issued to replace the Irish pounds, Portuguese escudos, Austrian schillings until 2002. The currency will however come into effect immediately for non-cash transactions ranging from government bond issues to credit card and check purchases. Euro figures will appear along side national currencies on pay checks, phone bills and bank statements. The United States dollar will now have a strong competator in the currency market. The euro-zone will be a powerful player in the world maket with its 20% of .....

Remembering The Depression
Number of words: 521 - Number of pages: 2

.... had to take in Washing and Ironing to support the family. She started a business of making Pumpkin Tarts and selling them to everyone. It was a big hit out there in Arizona. They would even take the tarts out to the fields to sell them to the labors (workers). My Grandmas Brother helped out to support his family; everyday after school he would work down at the grocery store. Mostly everyone in the family had some type of job to help keep the family going and working at there hardest to maintain the money situation. While all this was occuring the main t .....

Blue Collar Student: Are Jobs Good Or Bad?
Number of words: 532 - Number of pages: 2

.... his own. Jim could go to the movies, buy a new pair of shoes, or do whatever he wants to do with it. Jim worked hard for his money and after all, it is his money. Another alternative to spending this hard earned money is to save it in a bank and use it for college. This is all fine and dandy but what about school and the homework teachers send home. If a student does have a part time job when will he get this work done. Part time jobs can take away the precious time that students need to study and do homework. Let's just say for instance that our friend Ji .....

Number of words: 375 - Number of pages: 2

.... out that it was self-defeating. Leisure is even considered an "evil temptation" (Bedford and Colbourne 235-238). Marge Piercy, a modern day poet, essayist, and novelist, attempts to explain why work is desirable on contemporary terms in her poem "To Be of Use." To Piercy, hard workers who really persevere are admirable because of the fact that the world is full of temptations to stop working, or to not work altogether. This admiration for determination is apparent because work is as "common as mud," and it must be done sometime (Piercy 242-243). Wendell Be .....

Costs In The Long-Run
Number of words: 330 - Number of pages: 2

.... in a new short run situation with its capacity constrained to 2,000 sheets per minute whether it employs 5,6 or 10 men. Decisions in the long-run are investment or planning decisions relating to the scale of production and decisions in the short run are to do with choosing an output level within the capacity constraint. With this introduction to the firms costs and output decisions we can now apply them to see how firms decide on the output to produce in order to maximise profits, the combination of actors of production to employ and how outpu .....

Minimum Wage Legislation
Number of words: 936 - Number of pages: 4

.... will continue to find themselves handicapped in the job market as long as the minimum wage legislation remains in affect. In society today the demand for "unskilled" workers is low and the supply is high, therefore there is a surplus of unskilled workers in the job market. The effect of a surplus drives down an individuals reservation wage, as they are willing to do and take anything for work. Minimum wage only makes this fact more severe, as it increases the supply of workers. Minimum wage increases the cost of doing business, and unfortunately in today's eco .....

Individual Retirement Accounts: Why Bother?
Number of words: 1722 - Number of pages: 7

.... Taking money out before the age of 59 1/2. 3. Penalties for leaving money in too long. Many people often live their lives without considering how they plan to retire. People do not realize that the idea of living solely on the benefits of social security is not realistic. In order to secure a comfortable future, people must have some type of additional income. Sacrificing a small amount of money into an IRA at a relatively early age could make a considerable difference in the lives of people upon retirement. When planning for retirement, .....

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