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The European Monetary Union And The Euro
Number of words: 2394 - Number of pages: 9

.... levels of unemployment in some parts of Europe because countries will no longer be free to devalue their currencies in order to maintain their international competitiveness. Are these fears justified? The force of the skeptics argument depends crucially on the time frame under consideration. First by removing the possibility of devaluation can a single currency condemn a region or nation to permanently higher unemployment than it would otherwise have? The answer is No. In the long-run both a nation's unemployment rate and its real exchange rate (that is the pric .....

The Fed And Interest Rates
Number of words: 1144 - Number of pages: 5

.... can stabilize if they are increasing too rapidly. The Fed does this by selling securities on the open market. This, in turn, reduces bank's reserves and forces the interest rate to rise so the banks can afford to make loans. People seeing these rises in rates will tend to sell their low interest assets, in order to acquire additional money, they tend move toward higher yielding accounts, also further increasing the rate. Soon this small change by the Fed affects all aspects of business, from the price level to interest rates on credit cards. Rises and .....

The Tobacco Industry
Number of words: 1143 - Number of pages: 5

.... conveyor. As tobacco falls to the bottom conveyor, the pile is flipped and the bottom of the pile is inspected. Damaged and foreign material is removed from the tobacco piles at this point. In order to regulate the flow, material is blended and entered on the line into bulk feeders. A weighing belt system helps maintain a consistent even flow rate through the process. The ordering cylinder is the next step in the automation process. Here steam, heat and/or water depending on the brand and quality of the crop is applied. This conditioning process helps to mak .....

The Real Rules Of Retirement For Women (and Men Too!)
Number of words: 3728 - Number of pages: 14

.... problem is that Social Security was meant to provide only a bare minimum of a "floor of protection" in 1996, the average Social Security benefit for retired female workers was $7452 a year, ($621 per month) $143 above the official poverty level of older adults and almost $1,400 less than a minimum-wage income. The fact that so many elderly women rely on Social Security as their only source of income is one of the major reasons why so many elderly women are poor. Private pensions --the second leg of the retirement stool can provide an important source of inco .....

Efficient Market Theory: A Contradiction Of Terms
Number of words: 754 - Number of pages: 3

.... investment stock at any given time accurately reflects the real value of that stock. The price for a stock reflects its actual underlying value, financial managers cannot time stock and bond sales to take advantage of "insider" information, sales of stocks and bonds will not depress prices, and companies cannot "cook the books" to artificially manipulate stock and bond prices. However, information technology and market dynamics are based upon the workings of ordinary people and diverse organizations, neither of which are arguably efficient nor consiste .....

International Business Ventures
Number of words: 2585 - Number of pages: 10

.... multinational corporation lies on the shoulders of it's management. International management and organization-design expert Henry Mintzenberg says every CEO has three essential duties: direct supervision, development of the organization's strategy, and management of the organization's boundary conditions. Top management's responsibility at and beyond the organization's boundaries is largely a communication responsibility; however, no commonly accepted model exists for decision, execution, and assessment of communication opportunities. Within even some of th .....

Oil Corporations: Who Are The Greenhouse Gangsters?
Number of words: 945 - Number of pages: 4

.... most responsible for global warming, should be taking the first steps in the transformation of making the climate cleaner and more economically friendly. In hopes to decrease the amount of global destruction the Greenhouse Gangsters produce and distribute, climate justice aims to hold the fossil fuel corporations accountable for global warming, urging these corporations to stop what they are doing to the environment and start taking action to clean it up before it is too late. The concept of climate justice encourages people to realize what is happening to the pl .....

How Do Dixons And Tandy Add Value To The Products They Sell?
Number of words: 1109 - Number of pages: 5

.... from both stores. The computer was the most difficult part of the system to match, as the Dixons systems came with some added bonuses such as extra multimedia software and Internet capability. I therefore reduced the price of the Dixons machine to account for these differences, by deducting the price that it would cost to upgrade on the Tandy machine. So, to give the Tandy computer Internet capability would cost 150, so that was deducted, and the multimedia software would have cost 50, so that was deducted. The computer specification I aimed to have as a .....

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