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Electronic Commerce
Number of words: 1405 - Number of pages: 6

.... money will motivate more Internet surfers to become on-line shoppers. Electronic money will also make it easier for smaller businesses to achieve a level of automation already enjoyed by many large corporations whose Electronic Data Interchange heritage means streams of electronic bits now flow instead of cash in back-end financial processes. We need to resolve four key technology issues before consumers and merchants anoint electric money with the same real and perceived values as our tangible bills and coins. These four key areas are: Security, Authen .....

History Of The World Bank
Number of words: 1190 - Number of pages: 5

.... investment in the developing world. The initial priority (reconstruction of Europe), ends in 1955 and all lending to Europe ends in 1967 and doesn't resume until 1989 with assistance to Central and eastern Europe. Investment in the developing world is done by lending for projects unable to attract private financing, neoliberal philosophy is followed to decide what is considered economic development. The IBRD is the largest source of development assistance. The IBRD is an official or sovereign lender and operates as a bank, not an aid-giving agency, It is very .....

Number of words: 509 - Number of pages: 2

.... disasters have on life and humans, and then they try to reduce these negative things. When being educated for the job, you will need a bachelor's degree in geology for a lower level job. For higher level jobs, you will need at least a master's degree. There are three different majors that you can use to get into this field of work, they are geological/geophysical engineering, geological and related sciences, and miscellaneous physical sciences. If you want to teach in a university or college you will basically need a Ph.D. There is no special licensi .....

Soft Drink Industry Case Study
Number of words: 4328 - Number of pages: 16

.... Access to Labor 14 Summary of Suppliers 14 Buyers 15 Buyer Concentration versus Industry Concentration 15 Buyer Volume 15 Buyer Switching Cost 15 Buyer Information 16 Threat of Backward Integration 16 Pull Through 16 Brand Identity of Buyers 17 Price Sensitivity 17 Impact on Quality and Performance 17 Substitute Products 18 Relative price/performance relationship of Substitutes 18 Buyer Propensity to S .....

Fiscal Retrenchment And Privatization
Number of words: 574 - Number of pages: 3

.... after school programs, eliminating over 100 city jobs, and much more. The idea of volunteerism became a good way to cut back on paying for services, but still keeps the service going. This was used in helping keep things like neighborhood security and libraries in service. Although the volunteerism was a good way to help, the most significant change was the privatization of services. Privatization “may well be seen by the future historians as one of the most important developments in the American political and economic life in the late 20th century” (Knox, 3 .....

Accounting System Controls
Number of words: 2181 - Number of pages: 8

.... for the internal auditor to follow. All records and transactions are kept on paper and so an auditor has clear and documented proof of what has transpired. Computerized systems rarely have a clear paper trail to follow. Since computers do all of the sorting of the information the company rarely sorts the source documents. Also the computer does most of the calculations and processing so there would not be the amount of documentation that there would be in a manual system. · Another problem of computer systems is the fact that there can be difficulty in .....

Interview With Mr. Smallwood
Number of words: 698 - Number of pages: 3

.... is also used in the study of optics. Finding the tangent to a given curve at a specific point allows us to determine at what angle a light ray strikes a lens, which is also important in determining the direction a moving body is travelling. Calculus is used in maximum-minimum problems such as ballistics. It allows us to determine the maximum range of a canon or other projectile instrument. Plotting the path of a trajectory is all done using Calculus as well. This is a very important application used by the defense department for satellites .....

Productivity On The Rise
Number of words: 514 - Number of pages: 2

.... themselves. The program sets limits, obtainable goals, and eliminates the long-term welfare recipient. A person may only receive welfare for a maximum of twenty-four months, but not necessarily a consecutive twenty-four months. Welfare participants of the Welfare-to-Work program enroll in job training courses that fit their personal skills and receive help in job placement. Once they are in these jobs, the recipients’ opportunities to move up and on with their lives are infinite. The decline in the number of welfare cases show that the Welfare-to-Wor .....

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