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“Buddhist Economics”
Number of words: 782 - Number of pages: 3

.... and government, and the art of gaining weight. To sum it up we are a bunch of rich fat people who have no concern for culture. The Buddhists believe being rich is more than material possessions and I agree. In this essay they also commented that “simplicity and non-violence” are closely related. I agree with that belief as well. I liked how E.F. Schumacher explained the importance of consumption and how it effects pressures put on society. Although people in less industrialized countries have greater worries like poverty, they don’t have as much of a pro .....

Growth Of NYS Business
Number of words: 1344 - Number of pages: 5

.... and food stuffs. In 1836 four-fifths of the tonnage over the Erie Canal came from western New York (North, 105). Much of this cargo was in the form of agriculture goods. The farmer become a shrewed businessaman of sorts as he tended to produce whatever products would leave him the greatest profit margin. The rise of the dairy industry was by far the most significant development in the agricultural history of the state between 1825 and 1860. Farmers discovered that cows were their most relliable money-makers, since both the domestic and foreign mar .....

Evaluating Financial Performance Of GTE
Number of words: 349 - Number of pages: 2

.... drives the Debt-to-Capital Ratio to 61%. Cash flow exceeds interest expense by a comfortable five times. Revenue growth from new and enhanced services increased 35% last year, to $1.2 billion and has grown 35% annually. GTE’s Return on Equity was 40% that far exceeds rest of its major competitors listed. The company’s boosting margins and overall returns are clearly pictured from the Net Profit Margin of 2.1%, a nice 36% improvement over the prior year. The company announced a plan to streamline its telecom operation by reducing expenses by $1.1 billion. The art .....

The Wrong Way To Sell A New Idea
Number of words: 653 - Number of pages: 3

.... two-thirds, on average, from 31 percent of the total tax burden to around 50 percent. This tax increase on businesses would result from the loss of deductions for state and local taxes and for employee fringe benefits, among other things. Though businesses will try to pass on these costs to consumers and employees-by raising prices and trimming fringe benefits, for example-shifting the nations tax burden to the business community will not produce successful tax reform. Next, the flat tax initially would raise taxes on the middle class by 20 percent. On a .....

The Goods And Services Tax
Number of words: 1829 - Number of pages: 7

.... the consumers the fairness of the GST implementation. * Increase the Real purchasing power of consumers.('Tax Reform. Not a new tax. A new tax system', from the Regulation Impact Statement for the Introduction of a Goods and Services Tax). The Goods and Services Tax is the necessary change that Australia needs for a new tax reform. Australia's current taxation system is complex, unfair and in need of a quick replacement due to it being out-of-date. The current taxation system incurrs both economic and social disadvantages on the country, .....

The Unemployment Rate
Number of words: 4371 - Number of pages: 16

.... unemployed people may also feel that it is unmeaningful to live. As a result, they will commit suicide to solve the problem. Moreover, the high unemployment rate results in the increase of the rate of crime. There was an unemployed man who stole rice because he was too hungry and he did not have money to even buy food! We can know how serious the unemployment rate is. By the way, higher unemployment rate causes lower purchasing power of people. A lot of kinds of business are affected. Many people lose confidence in economics of Hong Kong. They do not believe u .....

Inaccuracies Of The Consumer Price Index(CPI)
Number of words: 452 - Number of pages: 2

.... The CPI assumes that this does not occur and therefore it overcompensates the standard of living. Secondly, because the base period was over a decade ago, the quality of the products has increased significantly, and therefore the prices should be higher. The CPI, however, assumes that the increases in prices is a result of inflation rather than quality improvements which is false. Here also, the CPI overstates the rate of inflation. Many consumers do not mind the overcompensation of the CPI because in most cases it means more money in their pockets, but there a .....

Farm Subsidies - A Necessary Evil?
Number of words: 1178 - Number of pages: 5

.... In 1916, the number of people living on farms was at its maximum at 32,530,000. Most of these farms were relatively small (Reische 51). Technological advances in the 1920's brought a variety of effects. The use of machinery increased productivity while reducing the need for as many farm laborers. The industrial boom of the 1920s drew many workers off the farm and into the cities. Machinery, while increasing productivity, was very expensive. Demand for food, though, stayed relatively constant (Long 85). As a result of this, food prices went down. The small farm .....

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