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The Vast Cyber-frontier Is Being Threatend With Censorship From The Government
Number of words: 2556 - Number of pages: 10

.... censorship of pornography, which now is a strenuously enforced crime of distributing knowingly to children under 18. The congress overwhelmingly passed the bill with a landslide 414-16 House vote and a 91-5 Senate vote.2 It seems now that the wide bill might not be what it cracked up to be, as it stands now, anyone who might upload James Joyce's Ulysses could be placed in jail for two years and have up to a $250,000 fine.3 Representatives of on-line services industries were concerned about the bill, and feared they could be held criminally responsible for Inter .....

Is The Internet Bring A New Era Of American Cultural Imperia
Number of words: 2738 - Number of pages: 10

.... and the apparent lack of controllability of the content of Internet has fueled international fears of a new era of American cultural imperialism. According to Barber, this Western tidal wave of cultural biased information and products will create a bi-polar world (Jihad vs. McWorld). However, Barber concludes that unless Jihad’s supporters (e.g. religious organization) embraces the Internets and the new markets it creates, the Jihad’s long-term survivability is low (Barber, 156). Schiller, Barber, and Hamelink maintain an antiquated view of cultural .....

Internet Orientation Project
Number of words: 475 - Number of pages: 2

.... inability to recognize their products pricing and margin structure deteriorates the ability of the representative to offer other low cost substitute items. The new purchasing environment consists of trying to have the parts on the floor when needed, not too early, and never late. Extra stock ends up in inventory, and although labeled as an asset in the books, it is actually a liability. This drives the agent to search for creative ways to control materials. One key way to accomplish this is to utilize distributors that are “committed to long term relation .....

The Future Of Fiber Optics On The Internet
Number of words: 653 - Number of pages: 3

.... than steel. The future of fiber optics is very promising due to the simple fact of how much information they can carry. Two single fiber optics lines carry the equivalent of 24,000 telephone calls at one time. With the introduction of fiber optics into our daily lives, it will greatly improve the quality and speed of the information we receive. With the growth of television and telephone traffic, bandwidth has become a large issue that is seemingly solved with the advent of fiber. Fiber Optics has enormous bandwidth and distance coverage as compared to copp .....

Technology Changes Role Of Database Administrator
Number of words: 1127 - Number of pages: 5

.... also responsible for back-up and recovery, which required many complex utility programs that run in a specified order. This was a time-consuming energy draining task. (Fosdick 1995) Databases are currently in the process of integration. Standardizing data, once done predominately by large corporations, is now filtering down to medium- size and small companies. The meshing of the old and new database causes administrators to maintain two or three database products on a single network. (Wong 1995) Relational database management systems incorporate complex .....

Green Architecture
Number of words: 656 - Number of pages: 3

.... include sustainability, materials, energy efficiency, land use, and waste reduction. Green buildings are not only designed for present use, but consideration is also been given to future uses as well. An adaptable structure can be "recycled" many times over the course of its useful life. If specific technical issues prevent use of the building for a new function, then the materials used in its construction are designed to facilitate ease of recycling and reprocessing of materials. Buildings consume a variety of materials in their construction. Green design re .....

Private Cable TV
Number of words: 3180 - Number of pages: 12

.... between France and the two other countries. What are the main reasons of this delay? Are they political, financial or cultural? We will try to answer these questions in our paper. But we will first define the different technical terms that we are going to focus on. Then we will developp the birth of private channels, their regulations, laws and financing in the different countries. 2. BASICS In our paper you will find the following technical terms: ¥ terrestrial broadcasting: this is the basic technology used to broadcast radio and TV. It«s the u .....

Computers In Math
Number of words: 1114 - Number of pages: 5

.... coefficients, and finally produce the sum. The following steps are the way the computer "thinks" when it is calculating the equation. 1.Select x 2.Multiply x by x and store x2 3.Multiply x2 by x and store x3 4.Multiply x3 by x and store x4 5.Multiply x by 6 and store 6x 6.Multiply stored x2 by 5 and store 5x2 7.Multiply stored x3 by 4 and store 4x3 8.Multiply stored x4 by 6 and store 6x4 9.Add 6x4 10.Add 4x3 11.Subtract 5x3 12.Add 6x 13.Add 4 Binary Coded Decimal One o .....

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