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Term Papers on Computers

The Computer Underground.
Number of words: 4290 - Number of pages: 16

.... of the CU and how the CU is viewed by different organizations, as well as some of the processes by which it came into being. What the CU is has been addressed by the media, criminologists, secuity firms, and the CU themselves, they all have a different understanding or levels of comprehention, this paper attempts to show the differences between the views as well as attempt to correct misunderstandings that may have been propagated by misinformed sources. The differences between the parties of the CU such as, "hackers," "crackers," "phreaks," "pirates," and virus .....

Software Piracy And It's Effects
Number of words: 1051 - Number of pages: 4

.... else and using it without paying for it. Up to 13 Billions dollars are lost in computer piracy yearly and in order to overcome these cost the company are force to rise the prices of their product. Brand name are properties of their respected companies and they have the right to protect their properties. Understanding of the IT background of the Issue Software is contained on disc or on a CD-ROM. Pirates copy can easily be made of Software on disc by copying from one disc to another disc. For CD-ROM one needs a CD-ROM burner or one copies the content onto a l .....

Knowledge Is Power: How To Buy A Computer
Number of words: 1563 - Number of pages: 6

.... one purpose; to run programs. Some programs require more computing power than others. In order to figure out how powerful a computer the consumer needs, therefore, a person must first determine which programs he wants to run. For many buyers, this creates a problem. They cannot buy a computer until they know what they want to do with it, but they cannot really know all of the uses there are for a computer until they own one. This problem is not as tough as it seems, however. The consumer should go to his local computer store, and look at the software that' .....

Digital Block For A Function Generator
Number of words: 2356 - Number of pages: 9

.... frequency and symmetry are also built into this control block. Therefore it is clear that the digital block can be divided into 4 distinct blocks, each with its own functionality. These blocks are the control module, counter module, filter control module and 8-bit D/A. The D/A chosen is the DAC0801LCN. Itís specifications can be found in the appendix. The layout of this design is shown below. The interconnections will be discussed later but the thickness of the lines indicates the number of bits in the bus lines. As the name suggests the .....

Why Y2K?
Number of words: 1386 - Number of pages: 6

.... computers that they contact or link to Via the internet that are NOT compliant? They'd only be spewing in garbage the computer cant use, and can may even screw up compliant computers as well. I know what your thinking: "Its not going to happen, someone is going to make some "wonder program" that will fix all the bugs" Well let me tell you something...There are over 500 programming languages, many in foreign languages. Other programs like BASIC and Cobol, are still being used, and those that know it are either Retired, Senile, or dead! In Some cases, the source .....

Technology To Improve Education
Number of words: 643 - Number of pages: 3

.... and grading. While these tasks are very important, they only show a small part of what technology can do for a school. Technology must go further than simply keeping attendance; it must focus on keeping students interested and productive. Since computers and the Internet have expanded in such a way in which education can be delivered to students, it is currently possible to engage in "distance education through the Internet. Distance education involves audio and video links between teachers and students in remote areas. Video conferencing allows groups to c .....

A Look Into The Computer Virus
Number of words: 720 - Number of pages: 3

.... 1996) Most viruses are created out of curiosity. Viruses have always been viewed as a well written, creative product of software engineering. I admit there are many out there who create them out of malice, but far more people are just meeting a challenge in software design. The people who make anti-virus software have much more to benefit from the creation of new virii. This is not a slam, just an observation. A common type of virus would be a Trojan Horse, or a destructive program disguised as a game, a utility, or an application. When run, a Tro .....

Computer Crimes: Laws Must Be Pass To Address The Increase In Computer Crimes
Number of words: 1905 - Number of pages: 7

.... are becoming more aggressive. Computer Criminals tend to usually be "between the ages of 14-30, they are usually bright, eager, highly motivated, adventuresome, and willing to accept technical challenges."(Shannon, 16:2) "It is tempting to liken computer criminals to other criminals, ascribing characteristics somehow different from 'normal' individuals, but that is not the case."(Sharp, 18:3) It is believed that the computer criminal "often marches to the same drum as the potential victim but follows and unanticipated path."(Blumenthal, 1:2) There is no act .....

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