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Term Papers on Creative Writing

Personal Writing: "Jen"
Number of words: 554 - Number of pages: 3

.... start. A few moments later she comes back and says "Happy Birthday" as she hands me a backstage pass. The first band just started to play and she kept talking but I couldn't hear her. If it was because of the music or just how shocked I was. Anyway she started to walk away and she motioned for me to follow her. In my state of shock I followed her through the crowd to their dressing room backstage. Being backstage was the experience of my life; I never wanted to leave. Everything was free and to me at the time the two best things were I was underage and .....

“Noises In The Dark”
Number of words: 2468 - Number of pages: 9

.... bed was only made for two, you know." Timmy's lips bunched together and his large, round, blue eyes rimmed with tears. "Besides, you've slept with us for the last three nights already. Don't you think it's time you stayed in your own bed?" Timmy shook his head "No". "There, there kiddo," his father soothed, sympathetically tousling the soft locks of blonde on Timmy's head. "Where's my tough little soldier, huh?" Timmy averted his eyes, attempting to avoid his father's smiling face. "I don't wanna be a soldier." His lower lip puffed out in an expression .....

Tomato Fishing
Number of words: 289 - Number of pages: 2

.... five bell peppers, several herbs and a peach tree named Packwood (named after creeping under my skirt once too often). Everything was going along nicely. Then we went on vacation.... We came back to find a sea of green. Tomatoes covered everything. We had to transplant two of the eggplants, and we lost the one with the red and white stripes. Most of the herbs had disappeared. The peppers and Packwood were ok, but we hadn't planted any tomatoes in that box. But the tomatoes in the next box over were trying to invade it. Tomatoes overflowed everywhere. After a few weeks of picking, I notic .....

Creative Writing: An Unforgivable Choice
Number of words: 2180 - Number of pages: 8

.... and where's your m other?” Lucinda asked. “My mother said that I was old enough to take care of my self. So my mother sat me on the train and said that if there came any of the cruel men I should hurry out, and I don't believe in Santa. But if you do he properly heard you lien, I'm 7” Jason said “Would you like to buy some christmaspresents with me?” Lucinda asked. “I don't know -maybe some of the shopasistents will recognise me, and I'm really not supposed to go with strangers” Jason said. “Well, only you can decide if I'm a stranger” Lucinda said very tempting .....

What Is Freedom
Number of words: 385 - Number of pages: 2

.... people, make it sound like a hacker is someone who destroys precious information in which they have spent so much of their valuable time retrieving. I feel that is just a bunch of (excuse my vulgarity) crap. I feel people should have the right to know what they want to know without being accused of breaking and entering, and trespassing in someone else's computer. I think people are just getting defensive when I seem to know more than I should know. Like, a teacher or someone that has supposedly had high level of training, or is an expert in a subject, feel .....

Person Essay On Charles
Number of words: 609 - Number of pages: 3

.... I told him sure. So he did and that's when he told me he had an itching disease and I wouldn't be able to stop scratching his back until it stopped itching him. Well, with a little alcohol in me I believed him. I laid there for 2 ˝ hours before I realized he had fallen asleep and went to sleep myself. On Monday on school I saw Charles and asked him how his itching disease was. He just looked at me grinned and chuckled. That's when I realized he had pulled a fast one on me. It didn't take me long to realize that Charles had some crazy antics up his s .....

Creative Writing: Letter To Principal
Number of words: 631 - Number of pages: 3

.... of my precious lunch period. Mr.Johnson, this is just not a suitable lunch arrangement. I must mention of second problem with lunchtime, this is even more pressing than the first. Lunch Prices have been growing drastically and with no reason at all, this could mean the school is pressed for money so you look for the simple solution and make us, the consumers, pay more. I have heard that this large amount of extra money is going towards better quality food; get real folks how can you improve the quality of fries and pizza? And what can the students do ab .....

Creative Writing: Terror On Halloween
Number of words: 839 - Number of pages: 4

.... now and beckoned them to come inside. "Just wait here", she said as she ran up the stairs and into the bathroom where Sal was still combing her hair. "Sal what should I give those two boys", asked Jess. "I dunno give them one of those chocolate things near the fridge", Sal replied. Jess turned and went back down the stairs into the kitchen to find the bars. "Are you still there boys?", she yelled. But there was no reply. Jess stopped and went back to the front door. To her surprise the boys had vanished and there was no sign of them. Fine she t .....

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