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Term Papers on Creative Writing

Creative Writing: The Cure To AIDS
Number of words: 372 - Number of pages: 2

.... tubes. There was no HIV virus in them. Triumphant cries filled the room. Everybody was extremely satisfied with the results, especially I. I was shouting: “I made it! I really made it!” That was only the first test and was followed by a series of painstaking animal and human experiments. Fortunately all of them proved successful. The agent I discovered was an antidote to HIV-the virus that causes AIDS. It was called DAA- Dessy AIDS Antidote and blocked the reproduction of HIV in human cells. Thus it was the most effective drug ever synthesized. It would .....

Personal Writing: The Day Of Surprise
Number of words: 906 - Number of pages: 4

.... extremely generous kids would even attach candy to the cards. It didn't matter if you hated each other, on Valentines Day everyone put aside their differences and even presented cards to the children nobody liked. That one day of love seemed to unify the worst of foes through love and forgiveness. I could hardly wait for that day to come. As the night before Valentines Day had rolled around, anticipation had escalated to an all time peak. Nevertheless, it was all set aside as my parents once again started to fight. My brother and I were sent to the car i .....

Personal Writing: Childhood Invents That Influenced Me
Number of words: 795 - Number of pages: 3

.... ten children would sit around and listen to the teller with great attention and tension. As a rule, for the best effect, these frightful stories were told at nighttime in the garden. Everybody tried to look very brave, including me. However, in the depth of my heart, I was afraid of darkness. That’s why each time I returned home I did not walk, but ran with the feeling that heroes of the stories would come alive and make terrible trouble for me. I don’t remember how long these story-telling sessions went on, maybe a few months during the summer. It wa .....

Personal Writing: First Day At Oxford High School
Number of words: 570 - Number of pages: 3

.... fields put together. This made me even more nervous. Inside the gigantic school, I felt like a midget compared to the older kids, who seemed like giants. Finding the rooms where my classes were being taught was like solving a maze. The building had three stories and each level had over twelve classrooms. I had a different teacher for each class, unlike Oxford Middle School where I had only a couple of teachers. The teachers did not seem as gentle and caring as the teachers did in middle school. I only had five short minutes to change classes. When t .....

My Lost Love
Number of words: 2099 - Number of pages: 8

.... we went to Vinnie Vicci's Italian restaurant. The date was perfect and the person I was with made the date seem like Heaven. We dated non-exclusively for about one month. On our one month anniversary, I gave her my letter jacket which I earned playing varsity football. And while I did that, I asked her to date exclusively. She answered my question so fast I didn't realize that she said yes. We started going out together almost every weekend and talked on the phone all night and walked with each other to class everyday, and I gave her a ride to and from school .....

Personal Writing: "Lost In The Mess"
Number of words: 362 - Number of pages: 2

.... the already limited open space. Accessories lost in the thick brown carpeting, necklaces, earings, barrettes and more strung out from end to end of my room. Fallen pushpins in the bed from the cluttered bulletin board above, suspended by one thin wire, swaying with the slightest breath of air. An overwhelming stench, sweaty tennis socks, last night's dinner, or the mildewed plant, I couldn't figure out where it came from. Spider webs neatly spun where the walls and ceiling meet gave a gloomy feeling to the whole room. Shoes more shoes then I ever knew I own .....

“The Night”
Number of words: 1024 - Number of pages: 4

.... came but it seemed like an eternity. By the time I sat through six hours or boring nonsense at school, I knew the fun was coming, slowly but surely. I Finally got on my trip down to my buddy Scott’s house, it seemed like a long trip because I had to ride my bike there. But he lived right down the road so it wasn’t that bad. Also I knew that it would all be worthwhile when I arrived there and we went to Mandys. After a while of watching television, Scott and I decided to go on down Mandys. We got down there after walking down to pitch black, roughed up ro .....

Creative Writing: The Quest
Number of words: 889 - Number of pages: 4

.... are around the corner over there." Dumbfounded by the stupidity of this woman, my friend and turned around and walked away, laughing. When we were out of earshot, in a mocking tone, I said to my friend, "Hi, I'm an American, I'm a dumb-ass!" With that defeat behind us, we continued on our quest for some American money. Eventually, by wandering aimlessly about the mall, we managed to find an information desk. I walked up to the woman behind the desk, and said, "Hi, would I possibly be able to exchange my Canadian money for some American money?" .....

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