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Term Papers on Creative Writing

Creative Story: Joel's Dream
Number of words: 1480 - Number of pages: 6

.... his dream of being a star footballer and also make his wife Sharon very very happy. Sharon was a gold digger and was after Joel for his money, but she did stick by him, they had been married for two years and if Joel got the contract Sharon would be able to move to Milan and have everything and have everything she desired. So obviously she was very determined to see this deal go through. After arriving at the hotel Joel settles in and unpacks before going to the Milan training camp to meet the players and his (hopefully) new manager, Roberto Ravelli. .....

Personal Writing: Ski Trip
Number of words: 328 - Number of pages: 2

.... as enthusiastic toward the surroundings as I was. Their calls became louder, with annoyance. I stepped up to the edge of a great slope. The steepness of this colossal block of snow I stood upon, was frightening. The only was to go was down. I took a deep breath with no worries, for this was not the first time I was confronted with a suicide mission. In a heartbeat, the exhilarating feeling of going downhill on a pair of thin skis took over. The breeze rushed through my hair and flew vigorously. Veering left and right, dodging inanimate objects, and racing .....

A Day In The Life
Number of words: 871 - Number of pages: 4

.... conspiratorial laugh they have all used against me since my time began. I was never considered a cute little sister to be cuddled, but someone who was born to be the butt of their jokes. Once I have showered and dressed, I venture into the kitchen to see if there is a quick breakfast that can be prepared between the time I put the kettle on until the time it boils. My mum will be up to her armpits with potato and carrot peelings and there will be various pans bubbling and hissing on the stove. A chicken, a leg of lamb, or roast beef will be roasting away in .....

Never Trust A Man Who Wears Sunglasses At Night
Number of words: 973 - Number of pages: 4

.... of a wino, take a few swallows and throw the bottle away. He finished his initial search of Central Park and found nothing unusual. he completed his second search of the area, again finding nothing out of the ordinary. Now the waiting began. Vlad was experienced in waiting, one had to be in this profession. exactly a black car rolls into the park. Punctual, Vlad thought, a good sign. Vlad watched as two men emerged from the front seat. Both men had large bulges under their arms. High caliber handguns Vlad thought, very nice, very efficient, very professional .....

My New Car
Number of words: 337 - Number of pages: 2

.... system. The system is devised to protect against Car Jackers. In case of a jacking I can alert others by pressing the alert button and my car will then beep repeatedly and the lights will rapidly flash. The car does so until I repress the alert button. I can also lock and unlock my vehicle plus open the trunk. My car has seatbelts to fit each passenger and for added safety, dual airbags. When I put my car in gear it automatically locks all the doors. This feature is to protect children form opening the doors while the car is in motion. With all these saf .....

Creative Writing: A Dream Come True
Number of words: 973 - Number of pages: 4

.... late as usual. I ran to the bus stop with my briefcase. My tie flew in the morning wind. Only thing that I hoped was that I would not be late to work, I had been warned couple of times about me being late. Luckily the bus too was late as usual. As I was boarding the bus I looked up for a vacant seat. What I saw then was quite unbelievable. Instead of looking for an empty seat I was perving on a beautiful woman. She looked to be in her early 20s. The most outstanding feature she had was her attractive blue eyes. Her clear eyes did really amaze me. She had fair s .....

GIS And My Fields Of Interest
Number of words: 606 - Number of pages: 3

.... usage. And should some maps and information be withheld from the public for safety reasons and/or be treated as a private entity, which can be bought and sold. Some examples of confidential data that can't be released are records in the Internal Revenue Service, Census Bureau, and also the Mineral Management Service. Another holder of private information would be the Department of Defense, withholding war information and military technology. So far the primary legal uses of GIS are the access to information, product liabilities and breaching of contracts. .....

Creative Writing: Apocalypse At The Nuclear Plant
Number of words: 883 - Number of pages: 4

.... it?" Pete asked with a look of haste swimming across his face. Jarvis lead Pete over to the main testing area. "We discovered this late last night. Seems one of the plutonium pieces is…," he paused with a gulp, "changing." "Changing?!?!" "You better believe it because it took me an hour to comprehend what is going on." "What exactly IS going on?" Jarvis explained in his own special slightly whiny voice that he chose to break out only in large meetings but decided to give Pete the thrill of hearing now. One of the experimental pieces of plutonium had bec .....

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