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Term Papers on Geography

Number of words: 465 - Number of pages: 2

.... president can serve one four year term. He appoints a cabinet which has to be approved by congress. Congress is composed of a House of Representatives (199 members) and a Senate (112 members). Land Area The total land area of the country is 440,831 sq. mi. The capital and largest city is Bogota. Population Characteristics, Religion, and Language The population of Colombia (1993 estimate) was 34,942,767, giving the country an overall population density of about 79 per sq. mi. About 95 percent of the people are Roman Catholics. Small Protestant and Jew .....

Atlantis: We Will Ever Know
Number of words: 1001 - Number of pages: 4

.... story. (3) There the legend was passed by word of mouth until an Egyptian priest related the story to Solon, a character in Timaeus. The priest admired the achievements of prehistoric Athenians, because when the rulers of Atlantis threatened to invade all of Europe and Asia the Athenians, on behalf of all Greeks, defeated the Atlanteans to avoid enslavement. (4) The works of Plato opened the floodgates to endless speculation on whether the continent described was fact or fiction. Atlantis has since been placed in Spain, Mongolia, Palestine, Nigeria, th .....

Traveling To Moscow
Number of words: 326 - Number of pages: 2

.... or mini-bus. These vehicles can carry up to 11 people and you don’t need a ticket to ride. You can find these at shopping stores, Metro stations, and other important places, if you see one driving along you can wave it down and it will stop if it has a free seat, there is also a fixed fee of .600-$1.00. There are also regular taxies. These taxies can usually be found just about anywhere in the city. If your good at it try to settle a price with the driver it costs $30 to get from one end of the city to other. Lastly you could rent a car. When you rent a .....

Zambezi Valley
Number of words: 943 - Number of pages: 4

.... center of our solar system. In the heart of Africa everything is sleeping, or so you are meant to think. The ruler of that kingdom is patrolling his territory in absolute silence. His bushy black mane casts a shadow in the pale moonlight. Eyes like those of an eagle penetrate the darkest shadows of the bush. The soft gray pads of his paws tread along the game path barely leaving any evidence of his presence. The great beast strides graciously along before disappearing into black night. He will soon find either a dense thicket or some tall Buffalo grass swayin .....

Number of words: 2035 - Number of pages: 8

.... appointed by the Governor-General in Council. Each of the state has its own judicial system. The Constitution This document was drawn up in constitutional conventions in the 1890s and ratified at referenda in all six colonies. It reserves for the Federal Government the power over defense, foreign affairs, trade and commerce, taxation, customs and excise duties, pensions, immigration and postal services. Other powers are left with the States, but federal law prevails if there is a conflict over concurrent powers. The Federal Government also has the p .....

Number of words: 879 - Number of pages: 4

.... affairs. II. COLONIAL RULE In December of 1553, Valdivia set out for the fort of Concepcion to avenge the death of three soldiers, after word had reached him that the Indians had murdered them. He did not know the Indians had an ambush prepared for him. Valdivia was captured and executed, his entire army was also killed. The Spaniards eventually dominated CHILE During this period CHILE was a Captaincy General of Spain and supposedly governed from Peru, where Spain had a more important government because Peru was rich in Inca gold. In reality, b .....

Number of words: 1846 - Number of pages: 7

.... in the lower east areas of the country and just south of the Danube River. Also the capital and largest city, more than one and a half-million of the Austrian population lives in Vienna. Other cities with more than 100,000 people living in them consist of Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, and Scuzburg. Culture Austrians do not like being classified as Germans, Austria is basically Germanic in language and ethnic association. Some minorities include 40,000 Croats, 70,000 Solvenes, and a small group of Hungarians (11,000) and Czechs (5,000). Most Austrian's live south .....

Report: Guatemaula
Number of words: 422 - Number of pages: 2

.... coast is tropically scorching, with temperatures often hovering around 38 degrees Celsius. The seemingly constant high humidity abates a little in the dry season. The highlands are freezing at night, dank and chill during the rainy season, and warm and delightful in the dry season (October to May). El Petén's climate varies only from hot and humid to hot and dry. Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in Guatemala, and Roman Catholicism is the principal religion. Evangelical and Pentecostal Christian denominations have gained wide followings, while t .....

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