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Alcoholism - Pros And Cons
Number of words: 1033 - Number of pages: 4

.... cancer, but it probably does increase the carcinogenic effects of other substances, such as cigarette smoke. Daily drinking increases the risk for lung, gastric, pancreatic, colorectal, urinary tract, liver, brain cancers, and leukemia. About 75% of cancers of the esophagus and 50% of cancers of the mouth, and throat are attributed to alcoholism. (Wine appears to pose less danger for these cancers than beer or hard liquor.) Smoking combined with drinking enhances risks for most of these cancers dramatically. When women consume as little as one drink a day, they .....

Number of words: 508 - Number of pages: 2

.... just try to cut down on drinking and think that this will help. Studies show that nearly all ics who try to merely cut down on drinking are unable to do so indefinitely. Instead, cutting out is nearly necessary for successful recovery. has direct toxic as well as sedative effects on the body, and failure to take care of nutritional and other physical needs during prolonged periods of excessive drinking may further complicate matters. Some cases even require hospitalization. The effects on major organ systems can be dramatic. A wide rang of digestive-systems ca .....

Agencies Of The United States
Number of words: 2543 - Number of pages: 10

.... of the Cuban missile crisis. The decisions he made were helped immeasurably by intelligence gathered from reconnaissance photos of the high altitude plane U-2. In understanding these agencies today I will show you how these agencies came about, discuss past and present operations, and talk about some of their tools of the trade. Origin of the CIA and KGB The CIA was a direct result of American intelligence operations during World War II. President Franklin D. Roosevelt recognized the need to coordinate intelligence to protect the interests of the U .....

Interracial Relationships
Number of words: 1591 - Number of pages: 6

.... about 50% of African Americans and 15% of whites reportedly study together and a percentage close to that also eat together. Socially, there has been a steady focus of opinion on a variety of racial issues. Since 1972, surveys have asked whether the respondent would favor a law making inter-racial marriages illegal. "Since 1901, there has been a ban on these interracial marriages in Alabama" (Afgen). In 1980 the results showed that 30% of whites and 18.3% of African Americans favor such a law. By 1994, data showed 14.7% and 3.2% respectively. Similar trend .....

Fidel Castro's Reign In Cuba
Number of words: 3347 - Number of pages: 13

.... the tiny rebellions that had sprouted began to grow. Meanwhile the U.S. government was aware of and shared the distaste for a regime increasingly nauseating to most public opinion. It became clear that Batista regime was an odious type of government. It killed its own citizens, it stifled dissent. (1) At this time Fidel Castro appeared as leader of the growing rebellion. Educated in America he was a proponent of the Marxist-Leninist philosophy. He conducted a brilliant guerilla campaign from the hills of Cuba against Batista. On January 1959, he prevailed and ov .....

Is Sex Eroding Moral Values?
Number of words: 1797 - Number of pages: 7

.... but it seemed to serve our culture well over a long period of time. But what we have now, for the most part, is the "decision-making approach" (Kilpatrick, 16). In one form or another, sometimes as a course in itself, sometimes as a strategy in sex education classes, sometimes as a unit in civics or social sciences, it has set the tone for moral education in public and even private schools. "The shift from character education to the decision-making model was begun with the best of intentions. The new approach was meant to help students to think more independ .....

School Girls
Number of words: 250 - Number of pages: 1

.... silence and compliance.” (pg.35) The hidden curriculum is a theory that boys often get more attention than girls in the classroom, and that even if it is negative attention, the girls learn that they are not as important, and they eventually give up hope, and stop speaking out in class. “Educators reward assertiveness and aggression over docility, the very behavior that is prized in girls becomes and obstacle to their success.”(p.36) This means that while girls are acting the way a teacher would like them to, the boys that are more aggressive get the attention, and the girls lose their self-esteem. “Ch .....

Censorship In The United States
Number of words: 607 - Number of pages: 3

.... material. We are being told what we can and can not see and that is a travesty. Government organizations, such as the FCC, routinely and systematically >subjugate and suppress the freedoms that we have to express ourselves as >backed by the Bill of Rights. They edit radio broadcasts, place “black-bars” over televised images, and even try to refine works of literature so that they meet certain “standards.” As US citizens, we should be appalled that such practices are allowed. Not only are we deprived of rights, be we are denied wants. If I want to go home an .....

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