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Filipino Food For Thought
Number of words: 1397 - Number of pages: 6

.... Dinner is served. It wasn't this easy during the time of our grandmothers although there were many improvements in the culinary arts. Women still had to slave over hot stoves, go to the market each morning to buy fresh ingredients and transform it to the sumptuous meals we all enjoy. Hard as it was to prepare food, this was the daily chores women did together that has bound them into one close-knit family. Yes, modern equipment have made lives so much easier, but some things in life that can't be replaced by machines. In addition, some very important things ar .....

Marketing Of Honda Motorcycles
Number of words: 1671 - Number of pages: 7

.... declines an the scale economy disadvantages in technology, distribution, and manufacturing. The BCG report showed that success of the Japanese manufacturers started with the growth of their own domestic markets. The high production for domestic demand led to Honda experiencing economies of scale as the cost of producing motorbikes declined with the level of output. This provided Honda to achieve a highly competitive cost position which they used to penetrate into the US market. " The basic philosophy of the Japanese manufacture is that h .....

Has The De Beer Diamond Lost I
Number of words: 1136 - Number of pages: 5

.... which has no other similar alternatives. Monopolies are created by barriers which restrict the entry of new organisations (McTaggart et al, 1999). In a perfect monopoly, the seller has total control over the quantity of goods or services available for sale and the price at which the items are sold (Butterworths Business .. Dictionary, 1997). De Beers Consolidated Mines Central Selling Organisation has had a monopoly on the selling of rough diamonds since the 1930ís. A monopoly industry is characterised by having no close substitutes. Although there are subst .....

Economic Value Added
Number of words: 1959 - Number of pages: 8

.... service equity, is not profit at all. Until a business returns a profit that is greater than its cost of capital, it operates at a loss. Never mind that it pays taxes if it had a genuine profit. The enterprise still returns less to the economy than it devours in resources….Until then it does not create wealth but destroys it" (Ehrbar 2). EVA is a measure of wealth creation or destruction after all costs are capitalized. Companies use EVA as a measure of corporate performance, as an incentive system and as a link between shareholder and management/emp .....

Academic Attitude
Number of words: 980 - Number of pages: 4

.... become "active" (Sale 14). Therefore, by making her knowledge active, the student is able travel past the surface and explore the information in a deeper sense. In doing this, learning does not become a habit. Rather, instead of memorizing material to perform well on a test, or regurgitate it into a paper, the pupil synthesizes the information presented, relating it to other things, hence, learning about the subject. Information, then, is no longer strictly exchanged from teacher to student. It allows the learner to open her mind, liberalizing it, allowing de .....

College Stress 2
Number of words: 1421 - Number of pages: 6

.... in their academic performance.boy working very hard late at night and skipping meals to study. The yield of this consists of constant headaches and backaches, and getting really depressed because the student could never reach their goals of perfection. Dr. Hans Selye describes stress as a side effect produced by any situation to which you respond in any way. It is the nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it. The demand may be pleasant or unpleasant, or damaging. The damaging type of stress is called distress. Within our body, when the a .....

Number of words: 760 - Number of pages: 3

.... issue of abortion, by examining there own code of ethics. I attended Catholic Schools for most of my life, and had Catholic beliefs and ideas rammed down my throat for so long, that for a while I decided what ever The Church believes, I am going to believe the exact opposite. So for many years I believed in abortion, and thought of it as no big deal, and thought that if I was ever placed in a situation that abortion was an option, that I would just go ahead and do it, but now that has changed. I took a morality class my junior year of high school, and one da .....

The Atomic Bomb Anad Nuclear Bombs
Number of words: 668 - Number of pages: 3

.... between neutrons and uranium or plutonium atoms cause the atoms to split into pairs of nuclear fragments, releasing energy and more neutrons. Once the reactions begin, the neutrons released by each reaction hit other atoms and create more fission reactions until all the fissile material is exhausted or scattered. This process of fission releases enormous energy in the form of extreme heat and a massive shock wave; this is the intense explosion. In addition to its nearly unimaginable destructive force, consisting of pressure waves, flash burns, and high .....

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