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Term Papers on Poetry and Poets

Philip Larkin's "Sad Steps" And Sir Philip Sidney Of Sonnet 31 From Astrophel And Stella: The Moon
Number of words: 543 - Number of pages: 2

.... whom that love doth possess?” (line 13-14). Sir Philip Sideney believes that the answers to these questions can be found out from the moon, for the moon is omniscient. He further believes that the moon “can judge of love”, and can solve his love troubles, as a “ lozenge of love” (Sad Steps, line 11) would. Sir Philip Sidney's attitude toward the moon is quite serious, which is also the tone of the essay. He takes the moon very seriously, as if it were divine. He adds character to the moon, as if it were a person. He describes the moon's “love acquainted e .....

Phillis Wheatley: Black Or White Poet?
Number of words: 1239 - Number of pages: 5

.... Earl of Dartmouth.” In this paper, I will compare these views and express my own interpretation. In the poem “On Being Brought from Africa to America,” Wheatley writes of being brought from her homeland to America. She lived as a domestic slave to a wealthy family in Boston where she was educated and made into a better person. In the poem, her use of such words like “scornful eye” and “refined” suggests acknowledgement on the part of the poet in regards to racial injustice. “Scornful eye” as Wheatley uses the phrase refers to the racial discrimination that exi .....

"He Is More Than A Hero": The Love Of Lesbos
Number of words: 382 - Number of pages: 2

.... tongue is broken." She wishes that she had the same relationship with her love that he has. The Greeks believed that love was so strong of an emotional feeling that it could have physical effects. In the poem, the speaker becomes ill from loving so much. She is hurt inside because she is not with her love, and the emotional pain transforms to physical effects. "I drip with sweat; trembling shakes my body and I turn paler than dry grass. At such times death isn't far from me." The speaker goes so far as to consider dying because of the emotional pain s .....

The Point Of View In "Porphyria's Lover"
Number of words: 1386 - Number of pages: 6

.... yet to come. These turbulent words help give the poem a gloomy feeling. When Porphyria arrives at the speaker's cottage, she is dripping wet. The speaker makes it an important point to describe her after her arrival. The description of the articles of clothing that Porphyria is wearing helps the reader know that Porphyria is from an upper-class family. She was wearing a cloak and shawl, a hat, and gloves. It is apparent that the speaker works for Porphyria's family. He lives in a cottage, somewhat distant from the main house. The cottage is cold until Porp .....

Stoutenburg's Reel One: An Analysis
Number of words: 553 - Number of pages: 3

.... "but there wasn't much blue in the drifts or corners: just white and more white…" (lines 13-15). It feels that once the movie is gone so is all the excitement in his life, that through the movies he can explore something that he cannot in real life. Stoutenburg or the person he is writing about does not seem to want to live outside of this fantastic dreamscape. Although Stoutenburg is with his girl friend throughout the whole poem, he does not make mention of her until the second body paragraph, "I held my girl's hand," (line 9). He is so caught up in .....

Marking Time Versus Enduring In Gwendolyn Brook's "The Bean Eater's"
Number of words: 517 - Number of pages: 2

.... values as well as their lack of saintliness. They are unexceptionl, whatever message they have for readers. The isolated routine of the couple's life is something Brooks draws attention to with a separate stanza: Two who are Mostly Good. Two who have lived their day, But keep on putting on their clothes And putting things away. (5-8) Brooks emphasizes how isolated the couple is by repeating "Two who." Then she emphasizes how routine their life is by reating"putting." A pessimistic reading of this poem seems justified. The critic Harry B. Sh .....

Poetry: The Sky Is Filled With Laughter
Number of words: 118 - Number of pages: 1

.... The sun was hidden for many days But once again the sky turned blue And all the little children came out To play, with the sky so blue With its pretty picture of laughter Haiku I went on a walk And saw all that I can see From flowers to trees The grass was bright green And the flowers w .....

Criticism Of "The Sick Rose"
Number of words: 894 - Number of pages: 4

.... relationships between words as opposed to their "corresponding realities" (40). For example, he states that the "flower or the fruit is a variant of the worm's dwelling constructed through destruction. Thus, as a word, worm is meaningful only in the context of flower, and flower only in the context of worm" (41). After Riffaterre's reading and in terpretation of the poem, he concludes that "The Sick Rose" is composed of "polarized polarities" (44) which convey the central object of the poem, the actual phrase, "the sick rose" (44). He asserts that "because the .....

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