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Term Papers on Poetry and Poets

Analysis Of Langston Hughes'"The Negro Speaks Of Rivers," "I, Too," And "Mother And Son"
Number of words: 616 - Number of pages: 3

.... to come, and determination to go on until that time finally arrives. All things that have been experienced, all hard rains of troubled times, have added to his river, his soul, and helped make him who he is. Without these times, both the good and the bad, he would not possess the beauty of who he is, knowing the limits and possibilities of his body and soul. In "I, Too," Hughes portrays utmost assurance and serenity. He accepts the ways of today, but has faith in a change for tomorrow. He does not offer much complaint; he goes his own way abidingly, but k .....

Dylan Thomas's Use Of Language
Number of words: 1955 - Number of pages: 8

.... into that Good Night" is addressed to Thomas' father, giving him advice on how he should die. The poem is a villanelle, which is a type of French pastoral lyric. It was not found in English literature until the late nineteenth century. It derives from peasant life, originally being a type of round sung. It progressed throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to its present form. For Dylan Thomas, its strictly disciplined rhyme scheme and verse format provided the framework through which he expresses "both a brilliant character analysis of his fa .....

Mother And Child In Sylvia Plath Poems
Number of words: 2030 - Number of pages: 8

.... (mind, body, spirit,) and psychiatry (superconscious, conscious, subconscious) to name but a few, while nine is the number of months in a human pregnancy (divided into three trimesters). Sevens also occur frequently: there are seven cardinal virtues; seven deadly sins; seven ages of man; seven days in a week and seven seals in the book of revelation. Although the range of emotions is spread between the poems, they do seem to follow a linear course as the sequence progresses. You’re begins with the persona (whom we can assume to be an expectant mother) t .....

The Lost Trees
Number of words: 485 - Number of pages: 2

.... he is too weak to honor their promises. Levertov is implying there should be harmony between man and nature and the nature of how mankind conducts itself can have long-range effects on the course of nature. For example, we now know how the destruction of the rain forest in South America is affecting the percentage of oxygen available around the globe. Man's wholesale destruction of these areas for financial gain, despite the negative results, is a study of the nature of man's inhumanity to man. Do we not all breathe, even those who fell the trees? Man i .....

Number of words: 1512 - Number of pages: 6

.... his poem #79, Lesbius est pulcer. In that poem he accuses Lesbia of incestuous relations with her brother, Lesbius. The name Pulcer is a pun on the real name of Clodia’s brother, P. Clodius Pulcer. Pulcer was known not only for being a violent politician, but was also rumored to have had incestuous relations with one or more of his three sisters. All three sisters, including Clodia, were known to not have strong moral characters and acted out of the class they were born into. Although there is no real proof of Lesbia being a pseudonym for Clodia, critics h .....

Analysis Of The Poems Of William Wordsworth
Number of words: 2657 - Number of pages: 10

.... of him only as a burden. It has been pointed out by biographers that Wordsworth's unhappy early life contrasts with the idealized portrait of childhood that he presents in his writings (Wordsworth, William DISCovering). Wordsworth went to college at St. John's College in Cambridge and later wrote that the highlight of those years was his walking tour of France and Switzerland taken with his friend, Robert Jones (Watson 1421). He graduated in 1791 when the French revolution was in its third year, but, even though he had showed no prior interest, he quickly s .....

Nature Imagery In Adrienne Rich's "Twenty-One Love Poems"
Number of words: 2002 - Number of pages: 8

.... buried under the accumulating emergencies of our lives, the fabricated wants and needs we have had urged on us, have accepted as our own. It's not a philosophical or psychological blueprint; it's an instrument for embodied experience. But we seek that experience, or recognize it when it is offered to us, because it reminds us in some way of our need. After that rearousal of desire, the task of acting on that truth, or making love, or meeting other needs, is ours. (Smith 590) Thus, Rich highlights poetry's ability to connect with what many people believe .....

Critical Analysis Of "The Indifferent" By John Donne
Number of words: 1136 - Number of pages: 5

.... of people, w hile the last one looks back and refers to the first two stanzas as a "song." The audience to which this poem was intended is very important because it can drastically change the meaning of the poem, and has therefore been debated among the critics. While most critics believe that the audience changes from men, to women, then to a single woman, or something along those lines, Gregory Machacek believes that the audience remains throughout the poem as "two women who have discovered that they are both lovers of the speaker and have confronted him con .....

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