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Term Papers on Religion

The Rise And Down Fall Of Major Beliefs
Number of words: 887 - Number of pages: 4

.... providence. They also denounce the church. Thomas Paine believed that the mind is the church. Deists also believed that the bible was hearsay. Thomas Paine thought that a revelation could only effect the person that it was directed to because after that the people that listen to the revelation have the right not to believe it because it can not be proven. The Deists also believe that through nature God is revealed. Puritanism is a religion and believe that god is active. They also believe in providence. They believe that god guides them through life. They .....

Religion Support And Education
Number of words: 1070 - Number of pages: 4

.... referred to by Aristotle, do not matter, when involving religion. Statistics tend to show a different result than what our present society feels. This paper is dealing with several different valid sources, which mesh together to make a collective statement. This statement is that the lack of religious support is one of the main reasons why society and its morals are decreasing. World Vision of Canada has published as of November 1993 statistics dealing with the attendance of church and youth, which states; Canada's church attendance, in all denominations .....

Nichiren Shoshu And Buddhism
Number of words: 410 - Number of pages: 2

.... abroad. Thus he sounded a nationalistic note that was new to Buddhism. More recently in 1930 Tsunesaburo Makiguchi founded the modern sect of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. Nichiren sects include the politically powerful Soka Gakkai Lay religious organization, but they have a much smaller following than that of the true land sects, which across with Nichiren as pat of the popular Faith movement of the Kamakura era. The people of this religion believe that chanting of Mantra, a Japanese phrase of devotion from the law of Karma or the law of the Lotus Sutra. Many B .....

Number of words: 1299 - Number of pages: 5

.... knowing the background. Hinduism is the worlds oldest religion, it dates back more than 3,000 years. Hinduism is unique in the fact that it has no founder. Its origins are lost in a very distant past. In 1500 BC the Indo-Aryan tribes invaded India and took over the Mahenjo-daro. From the combination of these two tribes came the worship of goddesses. The Hindus started practices such as bathing in temple tanks and the postures of yoga. Soon gods of war started being created and worshipped. Sakas then began invading the Hindus and made a large .....

Mayan Beliefs
Number of words: 1365 - Number of pages: 5

.... Mayans also had lived in Mexican states: Yucantan and Chiapas, British Honduras, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador (Burland 1770) By 1200 B.C., they had dominated trade routes. The trade routes extended from the modern Mexico state of Guerrero to Costa Rica (Miller "Maya" Grolier). The Mayans had constant cultural and commercial contact from other tribes such as the Aztecs. They were with the central and coastal Mexican civilization that had influenced them and influenced other cultures (Harrison "History of Latin America" Grolier). The Mayans worshipe .....

Who Is God?
Number of words: 746 - Number of pages: 3

.... the Yoruba Africans worked to keep there own conception of region intact. "Even under slavery, and under post slavery persecution in the late nineteenth century, the Yoruba of Cuba and Brazil managed to maintain sporadic but precious contact with Africa through networks of friends and traders. They sought the sacred cowries, seeds, and beads of Africa for their religion." This example of perseverance of their native ritual and worship practices, shows the magnitude that region held for many Yoruba Africans. They kept their own religion alive through man .....

Taoism And Buddhism
Number of words: 2239 - Number of pages: 9

.... to find the way. Tao is the ultimate reality, a presence that existed before the universe was formed and which continues to guide the world and everything in it. Tao is sometimes identified as the Mother, or the source of all things. That source is not a god or a supreme being, as Taoism is not monotheistic. The focus is not to worship one god, but instead on coming into harmony with tao (Hartz, 8). Tao is the essence of everything that is right, and complications exist only because people choose to complicate their own lives. Desire, ambition, fame, .....

The Life Of Jesus
Number of words: 514 - Number of pages: 2

.... Thomas, James, Thaddaeus, Simon and Judas. They all came from different backgrounds. Judas was the apostle who betrayed Jesus. It was time for the last supper. Jesus sat down with his disciples at the table to share the bread and wine. Jesus went to pray in Gethsemane with his disciples when Judas arrived with an armed crowd sent by the chief priests. They arrested him. Jesus was brought to Pilate and he sentenced him to death. Then he was crucified. When he died, a man named Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the body of Jesus and he repli .....

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