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The History Of Anti-Semitism Starting From The Bible To The Holocaust
Number of words: 1112 - Number of pages: 5

.... for the Jews . One of the first major anti-Semitic massacres took place during the Crusades. It was a period in which much of the civilized world lived under a feudalistic government. In such a system priests, bishops, and most of all, dukes, had power over the people (Rosenthal). In this time, many Christian authorities blamed Jews for killing Jesus and took the opportunity to use that allegation to gather money for their crusades. The Duke of Lorraine wanted to go on such a crusade, and to collect money he spread the rumor that he would kill the Je .....

Number of words: 615 - Number of pages: 3

.... other Christian relics. It is combinations like this that form religions such as Santeria, a blend of Voodoo and Spanish Catholicism, that proves what a malleable religion it is. Voodoo has spread throughout the world into major communities on Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans, Miami, and New York city. Vodoun has as many as 50 million followers throughout the world now. Although varieties of this religion occur in different regions there are some basic tenets common among them. They all believe that the pulse of life resides in nature's elements like fir .....

Thomas Aquinas And The Existence Of God
Number of words: 876 - Number of pages: 4

.... can be reduced from potentiality to actuality, except by something in a state of actuality.” Aquinas means that the change of state requires something in the state of actuality to actualize the potential. For example, in order for a house (which is in the state of actuality), to potentially become a pile of ashes something in the actual state (like a flame), has to cause the house to move from being actually a house and potentially a pile of ashes to actually a pile or ashes. In his third step Aquinas says, “Now it is not possible that the same thing should b .....

The Future Of Religion
Number of words: 1210 - Number of pages: 5

.... This comfort comes from the belief that if you worship this higher being you will be protected from the evils of this world (or the afterlife). "And God said to him, I am God, the Ruler of all: be fertile, and have increase; a nation, truly a group of nations, will come from you, and kings will be your offspring (Genesis 35:11)." In this verse of the Bible God entices his believers for the comfort of prosperity. Nonetheless, there still lies the question of the existence of a higher being. Freud might argue that the higher being exists only in men's minds. .....

The Roots Of Christianity
Number of words: 1515 - Number of pages: 6

.... to have founded the Christian religion. The Christian religion began with the ministry of Jesus Christ. He proclaimed himself to be the Messiah. Messiah is an Aramaic word which means "anointed king or deliverer." The name Christ is the Greek equivalent of Messiah. Jesus called Peter, James, John, and other disciples to assist him with his ministry. He taught his disciples that he was sent by God to do the work of the Father. The disciples testified that Jesus was the Christ. On one occasion, Peter replied to Jesus, "And we believe and are sur .....

Number of words: 1411 - Number of pages: 6

.... Charan where God made his first of a series of revelations to Abram. God spoke to Abram, and told him that he would promise to bless him and make a great nation of him. Abram willingly decided to follow God to the city of Canaan. Abram not only traveled with his wife on this journey, but he also picked up his nephew, Lot. He lived his life in Canaan as a Nomad. Famine eventually struck the land of Canaan , forcing Abram and his family to move on to Egypt. In Egypt, Abram was fearful that the Egyptians would kill him and take his wife Sarai if they were to disc .....

The Location Of The Ark Of The Covenant
Number of words: 839 - Number of pages: 4

.... nation. The construction of the Ark was nothing short of the finest piece of artwork on Earth. The Ark began as a select piece of acacia wood or Shittim wood by a man named Bezaleel (Exodus 37). He was the son of Uri’, of the tribe of Judah according to Exodus Chapter thirty-eight, verse twenty-two. The ark measured approximately1.15 meters long, 0.7 meters high, and 0.7 meters tall, which was carried along by long bars overlaid with gold. These bars slid through rings fastened to the Ark (Exodus36:37). There were two items placed on the lid of the .....

The Book Of Mark: An Essay For Humanities Courses That Treat The Bible As A Historical Document
Number of words: 1437 - Number of pages: 6

.... they are GREY in The Five Gospels anyway ... and probably didn't happen as Mark describes. This brings us to Mark's writing style. Mark seems to "tack-on" sentences to Jesus' teachings to make them more "Christian." This really changes the meaning more than any other tactic! Who knows what Mark may have edited-out to accomplish what he wanted to impress upon his readers? In this, he tries to interpret the meaning of Jesus' actions ... and does this in a misleading way. For example: Mark 2:19, Jesus regarding Fasting. Jesus makes a strong .....

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