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Term Papers on Book Reports

The Great Gatsby
Number of words: 1049 - Number of pages: 4

.... volumes of books.” (45) There is even a private beach on his property. He also has his own personal hydroplane. Gatsby also drives a highly imaginative, “circus wagon”, car that “everybody had seen. It is a rich cream color with nickel and has a three-noted horn.” (64) It has a “monstrous length with triumphant hat-boxes, supper-boxes, tool-boxes, and terraced with a labyrinth of windshields and a green leather conservatory.” (64) Amidst Gatsby’s possessions, he develops his personal self. His physical self appearance sets him apart form the other c .....

Grapes Of Wrath
Number of words: 664 - Number of pages: 3

.... to be supreme. Of her emotional strength Tom says. “Her hazel eyes seemed to know, to accept, to welcome her position, the citadel of the family, the strong place that could not be taken.” (95) The family felt what Ma felt and let her emotions be in control. “And since, when a joyful thing happened, they looked to see whether joy was on her.” (95) Because of this she kept strong. She always wants happiness for everyone in the family, that’s why she stays strong. Ma knew that if she were to weak the whole family would fall .....

Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes
Number of words: 712 - Number of pages: 3

.... It is October, the month of Halloween, and in this strange year Halloween came early. A lightning rod salesman, come to the town predicting a humongous storm that is coming this way. The clouds speak their own words, telling the same. Jim Nightshade and William Halloway, neighbors and best friends, one born a minute before October thirtieth and one born a minute after October thirtieth, both lay there in Jim's front yard. The salesman stopped and told them that the storm was coming and it was coming for them. One of their houses would get struck by lightn .....

The Perfect Storm
Number of words: 568 - Number of pages: 3

.... extremely well developed. It becomes unimportant whether or not Junger may have exaggerated a little about a character’s experiences. Readers sympathize with Christina Cotter and fear for Bobby Shatford. The thoughts and emotions of every character are stunningly real. The book does not neglect to include the women who fish. Linda Greenlaw is the captain of the Hannah Boden. The boat brings in the most fish on the coast. There is also Karen Stimpson, known to be one of the most experience sailors around. Sue Bylander is also a sailor and works with S .....

The Three Angles From Which The Adventures Huckleberry Finn Can Be Viewed
Number of words: 612 - Number of pages: 3

.... his death in order to get away from his abusive, alcoholic father. Huck did this just before he and Jim left on another adventure: the journey on the Mississippi River to help Jim acquire his freedom. If there was a main adventure in Huckleberry Finn, it would be Huck and Jim's journey down the Mississippi River. That journey even had a hidden adventure. The whole time Huck and Jim where travelling down the Mississippi River, they thought they were in fact travelling up the Mississippi River. The whole point of the journey on the Mississippi River was to help .....

David Copperfield: A Novel Of Hypocrisy, Sexual Degradation, Selfish Exploitation, And Fraud
Number of words: 1252 - Number of pages: 5

.... he wanted to show what life was to him: and what better way than a biography closely related to Dickens himself. We could call it a 'Novel of personal memory' but we have to keep in mind the full original title: 'The Personal History, Adventures, Experience, and Observation of David Copperfield, the Younger, of Bluderstone Rookery. (Which he never meant to published on any account.) This complete title strongly suggests that this is one man's story written for himself. It was also supposed to 'never have been published on any account.' Later in chap 42 this .....

The Great Gatsby: Typical Male Behavior
Number of words: 1230 - Number of pages: 5

.... Tom makes this affair public because it is just another way of showing-off, another of his possessions and thus boosting his ego. Tom does this without regard for the shame his affairs may bring onto his wife. Daisy comes to represent a treasured and sought possession for both Tom and Gatsby. Although on the surface it appears that Gatsby has an ever-lasting love for Daisy, I feel that his longing for Daisy stems from his need to recapture a possession which he lost during his youth. Nick comments "He talked a lot about the past and I gathered that he wan .....

A Rose For Emily By William Fa
Number of words: 854 - Number of pages: 4

.... she reacts towards them. One of the events that happened was when Emily received a tax notice in the mail telling her that she has to pay her taxes. At this point in time Colonel Sartoris had been dead and there was no recollection in the cities files of what he had told her. Because she had refused to send any money to pay her taxes an alderman had shown up at her door to settle the situation. When he told her she had to pay her taxes Emily simply said “I have no taxes in Jefferson.”(Faulkner, 142) The gentleman continued insisting that she pay her taxes. Emily .....

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